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  1. Got the sill covers off, in great shape thankfully! Cleaned the crap off and sprayed with some wd40 and they came up nicely. So the only rot I have found so far is that small plague in the boot. Happy so far...
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  2. @Rocket Gold Star you’ve obviously gone to a great deal of trouble to source and find alternatives and reasonably priced. I figure the average car owner is not going to do that and will just have to rock up at the dealers and pay the man. Wheel bearings and front pads seem to be a feature that crops up regularly. I honestly can not remember having to think about issues such as these within the warranty period of the cars. (Apologies for going way off subject during this thread)
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  3. To continue with this subject of brake pads, and also an update on the my rear wheel bearings which I did in a previous posting. I sent for rear brake pads from Germany through Autodoc GMbh. They cost £33.20 including postage and 'safe order' return. Thing is I wasn't sure how many bits were in the kit. The make is Metelli, Italian, which is better than Chinese. They arrived today, and all there was in the package was 4 rear brake pads. although the inner shims were already fitted and maybe bonded on. Plus there was a general EU instruction how to safely fit brake pads in various language
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