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  1. Ask to see the V5. It should show the date first registered in the UK. It will be different to the age of the car. Your other option is to pay the minimum subscription to access an HPI enquiry website to get full details on the car.
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  2. Hi all. I got my white 2014 WRX STi in June this year. Thought I'd join the group to show ones project & get updates on when meets are happening as I don't use any kind of social media. Looking forward to seeing what others have done too & maybe get some advice in the future. The car started off with the standard white with the black wheels but there were too many holes in it to keep cleaning so my first change was to put some Bola B1 6 Spokes on in Candy Red. Next the sound system came as I like me tunes with a good bit of bass. Then I changed the rear light to LED's with sequential indicators. I did a full brake disc & pad change and added some tasty red rally flaps. And not so long ago got some vinyl work done which is part 1 at the moment. Part 2 will be to get the door handles, aerial & the strip along the sideskirts done in red too. Also coming this week I'm having a custom Powerflow exhaust done from cat back with resonator & custom red 4.5 Inch red tips. I'm also hoping to get the replacement Mishimoto ancillary hoses in red done soon but looking to know if any of you know a good trusted garage near the Portsmouth area that will change them at reasonable price. I haven't got round to getting decent pics yet but these will give you an idea of what it looks like so far. Oh yeah and I got a private plate too.
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  3. Wotcha and welcome - let us know how you get on, if you are not happy walk away as prices are high currently so it should be the right motor for you
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  4. Thanks Jay. Sent email for quote.
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