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    Seeing as I'd bought a Whiteline anti lift kit and super pro wish bone bushes ,I decided it would be rude not to freshen up the rear bushes too šŸ˜Š So I bought a set of second hand rear trailing arms and lateral links for a tenner to clean up and fit new bushes in.I'd been putting off cleaning them for a while, as it's a gonna be a cack job to remove the "sti pink paint " that had been slapped over them . Well the wife said "seeing as you've got nothing to do till dinner time ,you can give me a hand with the housework today " šŸ¤”....... So I decided to make a start on the "very important job in the shed" today šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜‚ Oh well took about 25 mins to prep the first one ,so that should take me till half past dinner to do the rest šŸ˜‰
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    So, where do i start? i guess, from the beginning....... I bought a 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STi with 84k on the clock, well looked after, clean in good condition, never raced or rallied, one middle aged owner......... and a couple of other owners that where not.... During my ownership i have cleaned the STi..... I have drove the STi..... i took it to TOTB.... i also took it to scoobyfest..... i also had some fun in the snow.... then things started to brake..... Got the new brakes on, new rad fitted, then the clutch started slipping so i threw in a paddle clutch, and just when i thought i may get a few miles of trouble free motoring... Knock Knock..... no its not a joke, there is something inside the engine that knocking to get out so ive decided that rather than wait for it to make its own door through the block ill pull the lump and find out whats going. so, this is where i leave the thread for now, 3(ish) years of ownership have brought us to this point...............
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    Well, Iā€™m back! Over 3 years since I had my last Subaru (my pain in the rear Legacy GTB, Iā€™m sure a few of you will remember). Its taken me a while to get back, life seemed to get in the way a bit, but I decided I should treat myself. So here she is... my 2003 wrx wagon. Couple of paintwork issues but engine and box seem strong, no rust to be seen and seems to have been pretty loved through its life. Hope to get back out to some shows through the season and catch up with some old faces.
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    Little break in the sub zero temperatures, so chucked a sponge at the bug and took it for a spin dry šŸ˜Š
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    That price is high . Low mileage never guarantees a good car, it just guarantees you pay too much . dealers in general are stingy as hell and never prep/repair cars well before sale . Either be sure it absolute A1 order, great set of tyres and extras and worth price to you or keep looking . Doubt they put much effort in a 90K service, I want belt replaced with all new idlers, expect they took that car for under 5K . Dealers are in business of making money from hot air sales, you always do fairer/better deals privately with decent folks .
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    Hi have just inherited a 1999 legacy estate only done 88000 miles but been standing outside for 12 months. Put a boost pack on it and it fired up 2nd turn of the key . Will clean it up check it over for mot and let you all know how it goes.
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    Just bring your puma mate, we can just hide it at the back like the Ka šŸ˜‚
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    Cheers sam , it seems to be a never ending but there's always something scooby to do šŸ˜Š As it used to be my daily driver and could never be off the road for too long .Some of the painted bits under the bonnet are looking better on camera than in the flesh now .So I want to go back and tidy up the bit's I'm not happy with . She'll never be a trailer queen, cars are meant for driving imo .... in saying that once I'm happy with how it looks and run out of things to do, I might build another engine for her though šŸ¤”šŸ˜Š
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    Decided it was too cold to mess about with the coolant today, so topped it up and replaced the radiator caps. All seems well, got her up to temp and took her for a spin, temp gauge sits bang on. Love this thing
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    Probably going to build it myself, not overly keen on paying other people to do stuff lol Loud pipes save lives
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    Seeing as she's been sleeping for a while and the weather's been in the plus degrees, I decided to start her up and run it up to temp . Gotta say I'm impressed with the car cover ,cos she's proppa shiny still underneath it šŸ˜Ž Although it's still a bit too cold to strip the inlet manifold off ,it's spurred me on to start the ball rolling on getting the old engine loom replacement lined up. Due to the custom reversed inlet manifold I'm running a v3/v4 throttle body ,cable and tps . I've also done a newage coilpack conversion, so decided to get "jt innovation " to make a custom made loom .As not only would a second hand loom be 25yrs old ,with insulation just as brittle as the original one ,it would need to have the newage coil pack pigtails and v3 tps plug spliced in again šŸ™„. So no pics or real updates , just thought seeing as I woke her up I'd do the same to the thread šŸ˜‰
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    Forum just quiet Hopefully wheel bearing, try rocking vehicle left to right and see if noise goes away and note direction you rocking it . also after longer drive feel wheel hubs for heat or use a infra red heat gun if got one . If a manual you can dip clutch and see if noises change speed or stat same to road speed . If is wheel bearing not to big a concern but be sure no other surprises and be sure price reflects faults you find. Hope you buy a nice one, best of luck ...
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    Fitted my rear anti roll bar on my Impreza hatch and I must say it is the best thing I have ever done. The grip is night and day difference, really am very impressed. Just using the standard drop links but I am enjoying the new level of grip Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Standard pistons and rods in a ej207 are supposed to be good for 450hp ,so a standard spec rebuild would be plenty power for most . I dare say it really depends on your target power and budget . Although you'd probably be better off buying a new crank ,the standard x drilled nitrated crank is good for 700 hp (so probably not worth upgrading) Unfortunately you won't know how much damage has been done to the pistons and bores/block untill it's stripped. Just bear in mind that the semi closed deck is rated to 450hp, so if you do need new pistons and /or block ,that it's not worth buying 750hp rated internals unless you upgrade the deck type šŸ˜‰. Best of luck , bud
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    Fixed it, You can read the how to thread here.
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    I was scoob'less for a few of the spring and early summer months last year ,so sorta know what your saying šŸ™„ But today I just took the bug out instead šŸ¤šŸ˜Š
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    Yeah mate i got extremely lucky and was just a re-timing required.
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    Ok mate will do. I'll be more active nkw got a pc up and running massive thanks to Jay on here for the pc parts. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Stopping here with work, won't name the place exactly, but good looking classic Loud pipes save lives
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    I can't really help with any local recommendations but RM performance and A.s performance are probably the only 2 companies I'd use (if I couldn't do the work myself ) . If nothing else, they'd be worth a call to discuss your options and get a rough idea of costing. I can tell you that icp supplied new nitraided crank, king bearings, cossie headgaskets, new head bolts and all the oe gaskets needed for a rebuild for about Ā£1.3k but you'd have to add machine costs and labour on top of that. Possibly second hand block casings if it's a fubar'd a cylinder liner or maybe oversized pistons, if a 0.5mm over bore is needed to machine damaged bores within tollarances . Other option would be a second hand engine from the likes of mb developments, I'm pretty sure he's got a couple of sti ej207's in stock atm . You'd have to contact matt for a price and add fitting costs too . Best of luck, bud
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    Looks like it's the day for washing šŸ˜„
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    So cars done and i picked it up šŸ˜„ Managed 330bhp 360ftlb. Pull really strong all the way throught he rev range šŸ˜„ Forgot to pick up the graph so shall get that next time im up lol Turbo is maxed and injectors are at 95% so next step in a few motnhs is prob gonna be swap those out and remap to see what it gets too
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    2 things that can be done. 1, Line hone the journals (assuming conditions/tolerances allow for it) . 2, machine journals to take bearing shells (good but expensive) You need a good machine shop and they hard to find, we have many local but still take parts 160 mile round trip for proper decent machine work .
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    Been driving the bug sti a lot recently, which is no slouch and a pleasure to drive šŸ˜Ž But the v1sti will be coming off the road for the salty winter period soon šŸ™ as she's looking good with her fresh coat of paint and I'd like to keep her that way šŸ˜‰. So i decided to fire her up and take it for a spin to blow the cobwebs off before hibernation time . Eldest daughter doesn't often let me go out in the v1sti , without her ,as i think she loves the scoob more than me šŸ™„ Hit the slip lane and she turns to me grinning "Dad this thing you've created is absolutely savage , compared to bluebaru" šŸ˜‚ Bug does sound nice with the haywood n scott turbo back and hks d.v but i will miss the rawness of the v1sti and the savage soundtrack of the fluttering gt28 and old skool Bailey's d.v šŸ˜Š
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    First ever subaru and I absolutely love it , would like to lower it a bit though

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