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    Fitted some shiny new wheels to it πŸ‘€πŸ˜
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    Back to the bay 😊 After finding the best route for the fuel lines, new loom , oil breather pipework and best position for the catch can . I finally started to put her back together 😊 New throttle body /icv gaskets and inlet manifold spacer "o" rings , along with stainless steel bolts πŸ˜‰ The catch can is now in a similar area to where it used to be but much lower in the bay now. To help lessen the occasional whiff of oil and hopefully it will also drain the moisture in the breather pipes into the can better . Primed the oil system by pulling the ignition fuse , as it's not been started in nearly 6 weeks 😏 Then primed the fuel system , flicked the key and she sprung into life 😍 No leaks and revs up fine but it does seem to have a high hot idle of 1.2k , unfortunately I'll have to look into that at a later date but she lives 😊 You're all probably sick of seeing pics of the inlet and the bay does need a clean (water marks and dust on the ally) but here's a few more now it's finally fitted anyways πŸ€ͺ
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    Yeah I remember that poor p1 πŸ˜₯ I've worked with hydraulic and pneumatic systems that run much more pressure than the 3.5 bar these will be running , so just needed the right quality materials . New stuff has been a pleasure to work with and although rain (well SNOW actually lol) stopped play for a bit, the inlet manifold is almost ready to refit 😎 Finally I decided to fit the fuel lab fpr at the passenger side rear of the bay , so recut a few pipes and assembled it all to tripple check I'm happy . Blew the lines rails and inlet through with air and petrol , after all I've had the 565cc nissmo injectors cleaned , have a new fuel filter and the complete fuel system is being renewed ( So want everything clean ) I bought new o rings for the Injectors and phase 2 inlet adapters , gave them a light coat of oil before I fitted them. Although the new fuel lines have a stainless steel overbraid ,you still don't want them moving freely in the bay . As this puts stress on the joins and could eventually rub through the line and cause a leak . So I purposefully left a few "lugs" and bolt holes on the inlet ,too use to clamp down the lines . I test fitted the custom jtinovations loom and Once I offer the whole inlet up , I'll then find the best places to cable tie the loom to stop it rubbing too πŸ˜‰ I've got a few intake air pipes to cut , as I managed to put a Nick in the turbo inlet pipe πŸ™„ But replacement stuff from A.S.H is cheap enough , thankfully. Busy next Weekend next weekend, so still at least forgnight away from starting her up but getting there now
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    Filled up coolant and gearbox, took it down a "Private road" and she goes like the clappers again!! Tooth on the timing made all the difference! Got a minor coolant leak some where that I'll look at over the weekend, brakes are a bit meh after using other cars for a few months they really have shown them selves up, so need to look at them too. Best news tho, NO ENGINE KNOCK!!!!!! So much for a rebuild lol Loud pipes save lives
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    The hubs are back with new wheel bearings pressed in so spent the afternoon putting it all back together with all new parts.
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    Managed to spend a bit of time to try and work out the routes for the fuel lines and position for the fuel lab fpr . Started off trying to use the lengths of braided fuel lines that I bought already made , this ment the for would be near the fuel filter . Unfortunately the pipework would have to have some really tight turns in itπŸ€” So had a rethink and relocated the fpr to the gearbox stabilizer bracket (dog bone mount) in the center of the bay on the bulkhead. I've tried a few times to cut braided lines before and without the proppa equipment it's a Pita. So looks like I'm going to have to get 3 more lines made up , to finally get this fuel system up n running . Pics of first position , few of the rails in situ and some of the location I'll be eventually fitting it .
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    Got a busy weekend ahead and knew I wouldn't get any "scooby time " 😏 So managed to get my plastering jobs wrapped up and took today off ,to get stuck in . I made a start fitting the defi sensors, controller and gauges. relocated the aem afr gauge to the drivers side A post ,where the old 4 in 1 gauge used to be and hopefully the centre vent pod for the defi's will be here early next week 😎 First pic mid sparky shenanigans, second full swear tin n done job . Still haven't worked out where I'm gonna put the apexi f.c hand controller yet though πŸ€”
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    She’s finally seen the light of day. Washed and polished ready for a day out.
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    Finally finished my gearbox swap the forester box is heavier and thicker you do need the forester cradle mount but otherwise pretty straightforward. Had to take the box out one too many times as the clutch wasn't engaging the clip one the TOB wasn't seated right but all sorted now. Also replaced the rear main seal with a BGA one as opposed to a subaru one went in much better after an hour in the freezer and a liberal coating of gear oil.
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    It's a massive shame mate but lack of space moving on means most likely won't have space for 3. I wasn't even planning on selling till spring but chap turned up for 2 alloys I'd sold and basically said he wanted the Leggy having seen it in the garage! I couldn't say no really. If I do have space you can be your life it's prob going to be a hatch most likely.
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    So these arrived at the start of the week, along with a new stat, gonna try get it together Monday/Tue night fingers crossed Loud pipes save lives
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    My pride n joy sti
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    Hi I just joined today πŸ‘ got Impreza sti and from fife, thought I’d say hello lol
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    Chilled day in the sun decided to paint my rocker covers. Pictures don't do it justice the red paint I used was from eBay honestly one of the best spray cans I've ever used. Camera doesn't show up the pearl in it
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    Cheers chap πŸ‘ Admittedly I'd be much happier if it just ran right atm tbh πŸ™„ Had a little bit of time to try n suss it but I've still got a high 1.3k hot idle atm 😏 Sure I'll find out why at some point but for the moment it's still just a pretty garden ornament πŸ˜‚
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    Engine bay cleaned. No comments about no mods lol Only got the car delivered on Monday πŸ‘
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    1600 for ma daughter on a 1 litre but 1300 if I pay it at once so am just gonna do that,, looks like no holiday for me this year 😭 Thailand will have to wait πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    Am defo up for it , long As it’s no a night av got ma wee boy then am defo game like
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    And so it begins.....Tidying up the bay is a very Slippery slope . "Oh I'll just fit this shiney bit " 😎 "Oh that shiney bit has made the rest of the bay look shoddy" 😏 "Must Buy more shiney bits now " πŸ˜‹
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    Sorted! Subaru customer services came back. to the right of the steering wheel is a pull down panel with a keypad. switch ignition on, press 7 on the keypad and switch ignition off within 5 seconds. I got it wrong first time, but second time it worked? Result!
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    Dunno about thermals, Thought i was gonna need snow shoes to make it to the scooby scraps shed πŸ˜‚ Bi polar weather's changed , so I'm gonna make a start on it now ,bud 😊
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    Result , always good to see something go from major worries to a cheap fix 😎
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    Thanks for the input I am considering keeping it stock, and just replacing the items that have faded and deteriorated over time. Or some subtle upgrades like turbo refurbishment, and the other things mentioned. Do you know any good turbo rebuilders? It is rare but holds no real value at the moment. I can find a few stockists for parts like ICP. It's only been in the UK 2 years and clean enough to eat off the underside.
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    Fairly productive afternoon, scoobie is rebuilt, off to filler her up with coolant and water after my tea, also sorted my gearbox oil leak, snap ring on the shaft hadnt seated correctly when I put my shaft back in(giggerdy), 10min job and hey presto, at this rate she will be back on the open road tonight Loud pipes save lives
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    Rad had expired - new one in now and car back home πŸ™‚
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    If u have there names then get them on Facebook and ask them about the car, can’t do any harm ,, if your getting it serviced at a tuning shop they’ll prob have a gd idea what’s been done,, I think most folk map hatch’s straight away Cos seemingly can get the map help to prevent ringland, am no car expert though lol I just drive mine fast and take it to motorsport shop when it needs summing lol
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    Ah cool, thanks Ross, mind put at ease. It’s one of those odd things that I was sure it dimmed more before I blew the fuse, but just the mind playing tricks. Have a good weekend, I’ll continue to tinker with some other bits...
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    Today hasn't been very productive got the old box out swapped over the parts cut the casing on the old box to get the plastic Speedo out. The new rear main went in deep and crooked really bad so that stop the day it's the second time that's happened to me. Anyway I'll have to wait for a new one. Here's a few pics off the old box and to glitter plug.
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    Hi, all you fine people! Newbie from Norway want to join you...with hope to get and give some tricks 'n tips to keep a Forester diesel running for some more years. Excited to see what the main focus for the forum is... :-) -Bengt-
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    After stripping 3rd gear decided to go with a forester gearbox, apparently stronger but also has provision for an oil cooler. So I've been sat in the barn cleaning it up also got a lightweight fly that needs to go in.
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    The middle third from front to back had a thin layer of oil. Mechanic and I suspect that maybe the underside was sprayed with oil to stop corrosion as it it is uniform, not dripping, and in areas where a leak wouldn't reach. Just wish they'd sprayed the left and right side as well. Sills needing welded, everything structural seems solid which is the best news I could have hoped for.
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    Welcome! That’s a stunner
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    Cheers πŸ˜€
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    Yeah I’m always slightly concerned about that cat destroying itself and my turbo with it. Decat up-pipes are pretty cheap too... Stop making me spend money!! πŸ˜‚
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    Looking good πŸ‘. My last (and only) attempt at fitting a sunstrip ended with me needing a new windscreen πŸ˜‚
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    Welcome to the slippery slope of modding scoobys πŸ˜‹
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    It's many years since i used them, and in both cases it was Mercedes ECU problems, well known for wiring loom/coil issues shorting back and blowing the ecu, keep in mind that these MB ecus were around Β£1500 from the dealer at the time, dread to think what a new one would cost now, programmed to individual vehicle so used not an option with the immobiliser/unlocking system fitted to my model. I used http://www.avilec.co.uk/about/ based on the isle of wight, not especially cheap but the repair was sound The second ecu failure, another car different issue, i thought i could save some money by using a different repairer (do not repeat my mistake, i won't), so sent the ecu off, came back no fault found, still faulty, sent it off to another repairer who could talk the talk, he informed me the unit was scrap so should he just bin it for me to save the return postage...yes my dirty dealing antenna sprang up (the parts in these ecus are both rare valuable) so of course i had it back, and once again sent it off to Avilec, who returned it repaired no problem and it's still doing sterling service on my 23 year old MB. Not saying they can help you necessarily but if they can do it the job will be right. What i discovered being a cheapskate is that a fancy website (which the other two jokers had) means diddly, and you'd think at my age i would have learned that good quality work just isn't cheap, well i did know this but obviously needed a reminder.
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    I've decided to try Tomei springs for EJ20/EJ25 motors. They are rated at same dimensions, and are slightly stiffer in order to avoid high RPM vale float. I'll come back, posting pictures and videos of taking them apart, cleaning them and rebuilding them, mostly for my records but also in case it helps someone else. For the engine, I'll make a cast of the water jackets with wax, and then try to design in CAD the inserts, have them CNC and then get a nearby machinist to press them in. The block needs a few minor fixes (helicoil a water pump bolt hole, decking and skimming, boring, etc). I'll try to document that too. Not sure if I should start a new topic.
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    I just made a ridiculous impulse purchase of a 1997 2.5L AWD Legacy. Good points: The interior is lovely, black leather, good condition. It has an aerial that goes up and down when you press a button and this works. The sunroof works. There is above legal minimum tread on the tyres. It has a red kangaroo bottle opener key ring because the lady who drove it was an Australian. Comical gear lever that says "POWER" and this looks to be original. It's mine, I don't have to share. Bad points: Bit of rust on both back wheel arches I don't know how long the bumper will stay attached to the vehicle Bit of paint damage on the rear bumper I think I lost one of the keys between buying it and driving it home. Is the boot supposed to be able to hold itself open? It's very very heavy. Boot release broken. The climate controls and the stereo are in the wrong place. Front brakes binding needs pads immediately. Weirdly the bolt at the front of the front seat is massively rusty. So I thought I would join the forum to ask daft questions that have probably been asked before and to also let you laugh at my ridiculous money pit. Apparently less than 40 of these left on the roads of the UK.
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    Looking fantastic as always buddy πŸ‘πŸ‘
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    It's a busy but functional bay, I like it!!! Loud pipes save lives
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    Took the day off on Wednesday, washed n waxed it, then went out for some pics Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Me too it was good last year
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    And breathe.....celebrated with a little run out [emoji7] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Another thing to look out for is wear in the front CV joints. Easy way to tell is to open the windows and pull away from stationary on full lock with a bit of welly. Do this in both directions a few times. If they are starting to wear you will hear a distinct clicking noise. If they do it at low throttle then they need changing urgently.

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