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    Day8 progress: Absolutely chuffed, bar a few seized bolts on the old turbo and exhaust that I needed a hand getting off it's all my own work and it's now ready to go to Andy Forest for mapping! Over the moon it's all running ok. It's been a busy weeks work. Picture below of it stripped out last week and the end result!
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    So I finally got it, 2004 Forester Sti and I LOVE IT! Really happy with it and she sure shifts, got a few bits planned for it to tidy it up and looking the part and get the timing done, service and few other bit. Currently has few nice parts fitted including Tein coilovers, stage 1 remap , stage 1 clutch, some samco hoses and some others. Will get it in my workshop this week o have a good look under it and go from there.
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    Had a little wipe over under the bonnet if no where else Caution, gratifying engine bay picture....
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    Parked next to another scooby - thems the rules - whilst attending comic con at NEC :)
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    Finally got my GT1's fitted think it's transformed the car. -- I make Films and Website for people
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    Had wheel refurbished today, look much better. Pic 1 before pic 2&3 after
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    Age 43 and just picked up my 1st UKturbo2000... love it, love it, love it ....
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    Replaced the maf and the car is running completely perfect Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
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    Given her a new lip today she's been screaming at me for the sti front splitter for a while now and I just caved in :D Fitment was easy and straight forward with a jack and axle stands on my drive :) Painting a set of sti fog lights covers for it too as we speak!
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    I got my remap today :-) I'm so happy with race dynamics aka Duncan really nice bloke and top notch ,service my car runs sweet as a nut , producing roughly 330 ish at 1.4 bar , well happy fast as fook !!!! Pulls to the redline on the vf43 , don't run out of puff what so ever But he has sett it up to come in smoothly to help with my wrx gearbox , I got a few nice comments :-) aswell I got a really good strong engine and he said he could quite happily map cars like myn alday as I have set myn up really well :-) only downside is reckons if I had a sti tmic I could be pushing over 340 bhp , but he said that would be the safest limit on my wrx , chuffed Also good luck with the jdm import twinscroll legacy :-)
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    Big thanks to gambit. He put me in touch with perry of revolution wraps who has done my windows today. He's made a great job and am really happy. Having done one of my cars before i know how hard it is and he made the outback look ridiculously easy, always the mark of a true professional. On mine he didn't need to take the windows out but on normal cars he does so that it is a "proper job". Price was good i felt too. Based in lincoln so not that far from me. www.revolutionwraps.co.uk 07553 338885 Am going to get him to do the wifes audi as well :-) While i was there a chap in a range rover which perry had wrapped turned up. I honestly thought it had been painted as the quality was excellent. Cheers Alan
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    Went to my local cars and coffee meet at the museum of power near Maldo, Essex Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
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    More like yesterday, but attempted to fit my baffle plate. Pretty much got it done. Not as bad of a job as it's made out. Got to the fitting stage and ran out of light, patience and tools. Bottled it and put it in to a garage today. If anyone tells you a sump change can't be done on a drive, they just haven't got the bottle. Won't say it's an easy one but certainly doable.
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    Bummer [emoji107] Here's a few snaps to make you feel better....great to meet you all [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Been busy again today fitting the remaining silicone pipes and fitted a shiny new mishimoto ally radiator too
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    Washed it yesterday [emoji41] Enjoyed it this morning on a 70 mile round trip [emoji5] Guess I'll be washing it again tomorrow [emoji57] [emoji23]
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    Hi guys Just want to say a massive thanks to Clive (Savage Bulldogs) for taking the time to change all my oils from front to back [emoji106][emoji41] This guy is an absolute gem and a top decent honest guy and this forum is lucky to have someone as knowledgable as Clive end of. I feel blinking privileged to have had Clive offer to change my oils as I wasn't sure what and wasn't done on the car as I've only got old old service history and just didn't feel right until it was done. Wasn't as straight forward as it seems (was it Clive [emoji849]) and I won't go into detail but to say it was fun especially the ride to go get some engine oil in Clive's chariot now that thing flies like the wind and oh the slight diversion via those flashing blue lights ha ha[emoji100][emoji3] Now I'm about to start making another (Clive to do) list lmao [emoji12][emoji41]
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    I used to do a lot of this on other forums and seeing as it`s becoming a wider problem nowadays i`ll post a bit of a heads up here. I`m sure a lot of you know the score but for those who don`t if this helps avoid paying these cockroaches then it`s all well and good. It`s exactly like you or me putting signs up in our road/street and charging people who park outside your house. Private parking firms typically operate in the car parks of supermarkets, NHS hospitals and train stations, and will often let motorists park for free for a certain amount of time, typically around 60 to 120 minutes. If someone overstays, the companies will issue charges ....they are not technically "fines" and cannot be imposed, unlike Penalty Charge Notices issued by local councils these so called charges are disproportionate to the losses the car park incurred by the vehicle having overstayed. If ever you see an un-barriered car park anywhere which is run by a private company you can park completely free....they usually work on the principle of putting signs up saying they have cameras or it`s monitored and that will work for most people, it`s a cheap way of scaring folk into believing they have no alternative to paying up. When you park in a car park the law says you are entering into a contract with the company which provides that parking space, fair enough. If you breach a contract then under contract law that company is only allowed to make a claim for the amount they have actually lost, but because these spaces are usually free to park in........the amount is actually nothing. Even when there is a ticket machine and the motorist stays too long, the "Charge" (it`s not a fine, no one can issue a fine except the police and local councils!) has to be proportionate. Except in Scotland, there is no legislation at all and you can just throw anything you get into the bin! It is normally a condition of the planning permission that parking in retail parks must be free. As such the rateable value of the car park is set at a lower rate than that for a 'pay for' car park/ the local council may be interested in making sure that the correct rates are paid for for the car park as it is revenue generating (as opposed to free) I have my own template letter to send back to them and which more often than not never gets replied to unless it`s to tell you your "charge" has been quashed. Available for free: claretsfan at gmail.com I don`t really want to paste it in a thread ;) Word Doc Info https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8TFZlCx15kTSE5FalJyVEhkNjQ/view?usp=sharing
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    Bookmarked a few wrx imprezas on the trader last night.....in the interests of research only of course my dear [emoji14] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Added a few Foz turbos this afternoon for good measure too [emoji6]
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    Just had my Scooby remapped by Duncan_Racedynamix. 279.8hp.
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    I've only ever used 3 reputable mappers First mapper was Duncan ,unfortunately my personal experience wasn't too good as a dyno a couple of months later showed it was seriously over fuelling. Which causes bore wash ,piston wear ,bad economy and drowns the power with fuel. I couldn't fault the fact that he gladly re tweeked my map twice for nothing but he was the only one who had to re tweek . However most of the newage scoobs on my local forum have been mapped by him without issue (so I assumed it was just my luck) Mind you both Simon roe (rip ) and my current mapper Clive attowe tend to get right first time and make sure I'm happy before paying them . Simon had got into mapping subarus after being involved in mapping the euro fighter aircraft. [emoji41] Clive attowe has won more awards for mapping than I care to remember and has been mapping from his own dyno for decades [emoji6] Forest ,Carr and Hepburn all seem to have a very good rep although I have no personal experience with them . Right now that can of worms is open why don't we have a little discussion about oil grades as well [emoji16]
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    Hi All, Have actually just posted in the Forester section about my exhaust, but will post here to introduce myself. This is my S-Turbo that I bought just before last Winter as a runaround: I got it for what I think was a bit of a bargain, and it's actually served me very well considering! So far I've only had to replace the clutch, unstick a sticking caliper, replace all discs and pads, and fit 4 new tyres. The backbox is now very much on it's last legs (question here: http://uk.subaruownersclub.com/forums/topic/16701-2001-s-turbo-exhaust-options/#entry107314) and on it's recent service they highlited the rear self levelling suspension springs are starting to look pretty corroded, the front diff is getting quite noisey and there's a couple of bushes that could do with replacing. Long term, if it serves me well this Winter and passes its next MOT, I may start to look at upgrading engine bits as despite it being fairly nippy as is, the temptation for more is there! Cheers, Rich
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    Yeah it allows you to set up the same boost in each gear .Which is better as when you get a remap they only set the boost parameters in one gear and you won't hit those targets in other gears due to the different vacuum pressure under different loads [emoji6] running the apexi map sensor lead add on gives the apexi fc ecu better control over the boost but not in every gear and I think I'll need a bit of help to get that bigger turbo spooling in the lower gears ..... So today I mostly be buying a avcr [emoji5]
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    All my Rally Day pix are here https://www.flickr.com/photos/neoquip/albums/72157656548103984 a selection of the better ones are here
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    Haha !Removed! security cameras.
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    This is mine it's all genuine and standard I just wanna change the wheels on it I think Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    paying someone else for work done for a change, next to ash again !
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    okay decided im going to float around the forum for a while learn everything i need to know about them and buy one when there more affordable. ill just stick with the saxo for a lil while as i have put alot of money into it tbh here she is just after i had the bumpers colour coded for anyone thats interested in the white french !Removed!.
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    Just want to say merry christmas to all on here :) Ive just gotta say ive never come across a forum so friendly and funny and with lots of good advice and its a pleasure being on here...and long may the subaru mark continue,so wishing all of you a very merry christmas... :) Had a few to drink by the way......
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    Me being the missus who has the better scoobie ;) hehe
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    A wanted section and also a spotted section if we spot follow forum members out and about :)
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    Well I've had a busy fortnight but have done everything I can do ,till I get the helicoiled water pump and exhaust manifold studs /nuts turn up . Everything is cleaned, prepped and ready to fit , so just the turbo core to sort . Obviously you can't go unbolting the turbine wheels from the shaft ,the expect to just simply bolt them back on and be balanced correctly but the cores come pre balanced , so this is simply me swapping the balanced cores over . After undoing the vband and actuator, I removed the hotside ,soaked it in white Sprit, then petrol and finally brake cleaner to remove the oil . once oil free I gave the exterior of the hotside a few coats of hi temp paint ,then removed the oil /water feeds and undid the circlip to remove the compressor housing. As I'd badly fitted a 0.6 bar spring with hardly any pre tension, I decided to fit a 1.1 bar spring with a bit more pre tension (properly ) this time but will back off the boost target and duty before I drive it anywhere 😉 once everything was clean , I brought it indoors and started assembly by fitting the compressor housing to the core . I Made sure the alignment Mark's were correct and fitted the compressor housing retaining circlip (very strongly sprung) Refitted the water feed /return hard pipes and banjo bolts , then the oil drain pipe with a new gasket . I aligned the painted hotside Mark's and fitted that to the other side of the core with the vband connector. Actuator on and job done , one tdo5 20g billet wheeled turbo with a upgraded ball bearing core 😎
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    Well, I’m back! Over 3 years since I had my last Subaru (my pain in the rear Legacy GTB, I’m sure a few of you will remember). Its taken me a while to get back, life seemed to get in the way a bit, but I decided I should treat myself. So here she is... my 2003 wrx wagon. Couple of paintwork issues but engine and box seem strong, no rust to be seen and seems to have been pretty loved through its life. Hope to get back out to some shows through the season and catch up with some old faces.
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    Got her back earlier today :) got a full vehicle check over, full service including gearbox, engine and diff oil cambelt, waterpump and thermostat news pads and discs and a load of other random niggley bits but still left with a little list of things like sorting out poorly routed wires etc, a bit of paint work on the outside from previous stickers that have been removed. still need to put the stickers on but I'm going to wait for the boss kit to arrive so I can stick the steering wheel and stickers on to get some more pictures for everyone :) one thing is though the idle is still playing up and dipping along with rising so I'm hoping it's just the iacv needing a clean up, gonna order a gasket it in the next couple days and get that sorted but it's causing the oil pressure to dip and sometimes cut out so I'm slightly worried but the cars keeping a lot cooler than it was, also the guy in the garage said the cars remapped to let the fan kick in a bit to late which is something I need to sort, really want it perfect so I can happily take it to shows and meets etc and feel confident. i do have a video of the idle if anyone's interested in having a look let me know, cheers guys.
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    I'll be there in my new white JDM hawkeye thanks all Haha
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    Just had a silver sti new saloon shape only way I no how to describe it lol behind me for few miles down various roads n it's most fun av had all week n well happy when he cudnt get past on dual carriageway lol damn nice car tho Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    Hi Everyone. Please pass this warning round to other forums if you use them. Some of you may remember I bought a 2008 model Legacy 2.0i RE Auto estate recently and after a couple of days found I had problems. The car was a dark blue metallic nice looking estate sold by Pumphill Car Centre in Clacton. It had done around 127k and I paid £2995 for it with a warranty for another £275. I found I had what's known as torque wind or lock up and had my main dealers look at it. They drained the auto fluid and found metal filings in the box and suggested basically it was knackered. The gearbox ECU was having issues as well. The cost of re-build was £3600 or a new box fitted by dealers for £4600. I told Pumphill garage this and that it needed repairs under the warranty etc.................after several goes they collected it to check and get it repaired it I had said it had to be done properly and not some quick fix and said if not I would invoke Section 75 of the Consume Credit Act as I had paid £200 deposit on credit card. After 3 weeks or arguing they agreed to take the car back and give refund plus £100 expenses................ I have since now been out and with the absence of any nice Legacies about have gone for a different mark. Now this is the scary part the car is back on their forecourt for sale http://www.pumphillcarcentre.co.uk.razsor.autotrader.co.uk/used-cars/subaru-legacy-2-0-re-5dr-clacton-on-sea-201507115108623 at £4290. I do know the guy that did some repairs on the gearbox but he said steer clear as they only wanted minimum repairs and he wouldn't guarantee it. The car will also need a complete exhaust right through and 4 new tyres (they are different front to back in make and loading rate). The audio had some issues and sometimes didn't bring up correct radio station.......................... I should have looked at their reviews first as they are terrible bunch to deal with - beware
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    At Uxbridge Autoshow with the MSOC. A strong turnout with over 20 cars! Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
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    Here's some links to previous threads and tips. http://uk.subaruownersclub.com/forums/topic/6846-get-your-engine-bays-out-for-the-ladsgirls/?hl=%2Bengine+%2Bclean http://uk.subaruownersclub.com/forums/topic/9179-engine-bay-cleaning/?hl=%2Bengine+%2Bclean
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    hi , i have attached the STI rear diffuser in my gc8 on the front side of the diffuser I used 2 "P" clips I am attached to the rear sway bar on the back of the diffuser I used two threaded screws on the bumper
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    It's probably in the wrong place but I'm sure someone will move it if it is.:) Well, we made it to the end of Route 66 and what a drive! It wasn't in Subarus as we deliberately went out of our way to try an American motor. To that end we hired these bad boys. We flew in to Dallas so couldn't pass up the chance of visiting the gas monkey bar and garage. (Fast and loud show on TV). A good night at the bar with live music. Then we did Amarillo, Cadillac Ranch, Albuquerque, loads of Route 66 specific things. Once we got to Williams: We gave the cars a rest and went by train to the Grand Canyon. Back at the cars the following day, we ate at the famous roadkill cafe. Thankfully they have stopped grilling actual roadkill these days:). Then on to Hoover Dam and Las Vegas. That's a bit of an eye opener. We rejoined the 66 at Barstow and made it to the end which is the pier at Santa Monica. We even dipped our toes in the Pacific. We then drove along the Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco and spent 3 days and managed to take in a baseball game (looked like rounders to me :)). We dropped the cars off in San Francisco once we had driven over the Golden Gate Bridge and driven down the zig zag road that is Lombard Street. After the 3 days we flew to New York for 24 hours. We managed to see Times Square by night and day, go to the top of the Empire State Building and visit Ground Zero. From there, we came home. A totally amazing action packed holiday. I need a holiday now to get over it. Oh, and the cars? V6 3.6L Camaros. They don't rent out the V8 versions for one way hire. :(
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    Yeah I got three of them ,half the reason I got the subaru lol family car lol
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    PISTONS AND RODS ARE ON THE WAY!!!!! Forged pistons and rods are on the way, bum is stinging abit from the price, but apparently got them £400 under retail :) only going for the rated 450bhp ones as im fully building the block up from scratch, should be on the road next month :)
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    sorry not a Subaru and just a Samsung hand camera and still on YouTube censored by Google+ here is one of my videos in my prevoius Kia Sorento playing with my friends from the HPOC forum http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTvjp-W3bY8&feature=share&list=UUgiVCdd7JLzX1uaCqVGlnOw&index=8
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    Well spotted fella I generally only take pics when I've added something to the scoob , hence first pic with the standard front clear lights (new splitter) second pic with the new crystals headlights. As far as other exterior mods go it's got tinted rear lights and front indicators and debadged bootlid (quess I need a few recent ones lol) I've got loads of the build (almost step by step) just in case I ever wanted to sell the engine on at a later date

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