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    Engine Although STis have uprated engine internals they still need to be cared after in the same manner as the WRX motors. Oil changes should be carried out every 5,000 miles for Classics or 7,000 miles for newage, although more regular changes are not a bad thing, new spark plugs, brake fluid, transmission and diff oil should be changed every couple of years or 24,000 miles and the cambelt should be changed every 45,000 miles. Listen for knocking coming from the engine as this could indicate piston slap or bottom end damage and the turbo should run quite quietly if the cat is still in place. And last but not least, smoke free. Turbos must also be allowed to cool down after hard driving - ask the seller what he does for the shutdown procedure. Watch for a fluctuating idle which could be a symptom of a blown mass air flow sensor or sticking wastegate solenoids. If a boost gauge has been fitted, check that the boost pressure is not exceeding 17–18psi. Exhaust The standard exhausts are fairly long lasting but most owners will have probably have replaced the original exhaust with a stainless steel aftermarket performance exhaust system, due to their performance and their very reasonable prices. Hayward and Scott to name just one. If the cat is removed on the Impreza you are looking at buying make sure to get the old cat from the seller, if it’s not available budget this into the price, as you will need one come MOT time. Transmission A powerful car with 4wd is always going to punish the gearbox especially so if it has been modified. It’s not uncommon for a clutch to last as little as 40,000 miles. Clutch judder is common on Classic’s when the car is cold. The Subaru gearbox is extremely tough but when the gearbox is warm do the usual checks to ensure that all gears engage easily with no crunching, listen out for any whining at all whether it be from the gearbox itself or from the diffs. Popping out of gear is almost unheard of, but accelerate hard from low revs in each of the gears to make absolutely sure. Brakes The OE brakes and pads are not amazing and most owners uprate the pads, discs, lines and fluid to uprated items. DOT 5.1 fluid is common, especially if your going to take the car on track. As with any car brake hard from speed to ensure the car pulls up straight and smooth with no judder. Rear brakes can seize if a car is left standing. Bodywork Accident damage is a real possibility on these cars, vulnerable areas include the front end, front and rear wings. Check the underbody thoroughly for rust as a lot of car will not have been under sealed. The bonnet is also vulnerable to stone chips, budget the repair of this into the purchase price. Interior The electrics are general sound although the cheap interior plastics can look tatty over time. The newage cars have better interiors however the seats become less ‘buckety’. Suspension Worn anti roll bar bushes can be diagnosed by knocking coming front the front suspension. It has been said that the best suspension available for the STi is it the original STi set up. So replacing does necessarily mean having to go down the performance suspension route although this may work out to be the cheapest option. If buying the older Classic shapes check the rear strut's more so if it's a UK car as they seem to rot/rust at the top around the bolts. Feel free to add anything that might have been missed I will updated the post :)
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    Little drive out with our Scoobys
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    was making way back home just taking my time &this 200 sx behind me was egar to get past, so he overtakes but gives me this sarky grin, so I speeded up he looked in the mirror & waved bye ,oh yeah I dont think so, I droped the auto power switch on & was on his tail he chickind out comeing uo to a bend slowed down far to early, I tuck him well befor the bend speeded away, & waved bye to him he banged his steering wheel with shame, ha,ha just thought he was taking on an old subaru est
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    Hi my name is Martin and i am here to admit my problem. It started 8 or so years ago, drooling over the offbeat warble of imprezas driving past. I vowed to myself-one day i would have one. Several years passed and i kept putting off buying one, saying I'd wait til i earn more etc... this year i thought sod it, I'm having one. So now I've got a 2003 wrx, i spend all my spare time and cash cleaning, fettling, looking or buying new parts, hiding them in the boot til they get fitted. My missus thinks i love Suzy (the car) more than her. I do. It gives me less grief and I'm more likely to get lucky with it. And we love getting dirty together before washing all of her curves and caressing her intimate parts, covering her in thick gloopy liquid before massaging it in. My name is Martin, I'm an addict in love with my Impreza, what's your story? Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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    Finally found a low mileage (58000) standard WRX STI Wide Track, will add more pic's soon.
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    Decided to go blue today da ba dee da ba die, next up is to replace the clock with a nice triple set of blue gauges in a pod but not very confident with doing that by myself
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    Had a little wipe over under the bonnet if no where else Caution, gratifying engine bay picture....
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    Subaru convoy over to the M-SOC meet
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    Parked next to another scooby - thems the rules - whilst attending comic con at NEC :)
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    It's alive!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Couldn't hear the audio on this vid so don't know what's being said but if you fast forward to 2 mins I'm sure gambit makes a appearance [emoji23] https://youtu.be/uH7yK4KmGCU
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    Done a cuple of mods to day fitted my diffuser and a cuple of wing stiffis think they finish the back off tbh Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    Finally got my GT1's fitted think it's transformed the car. -- I make Films and Website for people
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    Had a bit of rain this morning, naturally I didn't miss an opportunity for water beading pics! :D
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    Here's my lady, hope these upload OK.
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    Today I have been busy [emoji5] Just gotta do the front drop links and give it a whirl
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    Not all today, but fitted Japspeed rearbox and very happy with it, looks and sounds great. Sti front grille badge and a recent coat of MER polish and quick simoniz wax. The exhaust also had a polish over with Brasso before fitting, (was clean but thought may aswell as it was off and easy enough). Took it for an approx 200 mile round trip to center parcs (Sherwood), very enjoyable drive.
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    Today I just smiled to myself when walking back to my car from the chippy [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got my spoiler fitted today an car mopped. The body shop done a great job.
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    I have a Stiffy-ies too the new spoiler and Debadge :D
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    I got my remap today :-) I'm so happy with race dynamics aka Duncan really nice bloke and top notch ,service my car runs sweet as a nut , producing roughly 330 ish at 1.4 bar , well happy fast as fook !!!! Pulls to the redline on the vf43 , don't run out of puff what so ever But he has sett it up to come in smoothly to help with my wrx gearbox , I got a few nice comments :-) aswell I got a really good strong engine and he said he could quite happily map cars like myn alday as I have set myn up really well :-) only downside is reckons if I had a sti tmic I could be pushing over 340 bhp , but he said that would be the safest limit on my wrx , chuffed Also good luck with the jdm import twinscroll legacy :-)
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    Stuff to be fitted on Saturday Question about the rear strut brace, can you keep the parcel shelf in?

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