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    Its been a while since posted here, car developed ringland few weeks ago with 1 cracked ringland. The amount of time and effort I have put in getting her like I want I decided to rebuild. Its currently with Andy Williams at WMS being forged. Along with a few other mods: Forged Build Scoobyworx 3 port boost solenoid Omni 4 Bar map sensor Precision turbo 5530 Sti intercooler Exedy Pink Box Stage1 Clutch cant wait to get it back, next on the list will be 6 speed upgrade
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    Removed the headlights on the Legacy and polished them up. Some sanding then compound followed by few coats of wax. Gave this and the missus motor a good scrub up. Excuse the colour differences as taken on two different cameras. Need to get the front grill altered/painted and see if I cant do something with that paint scuff, been on there since I bought the motor.
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    I haven't got a clue what spec it is and have never seen it in the flesh .Afaik Darren at abw did the work to, showcase his parts and he makes some quality stuff . someone fairly local used to own it and Think its changed hands a few times since being built , so not sure how good it is now . Don't let that put you off though, if you like it go and see it for yourself to find out if it's still in good condition.
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    So he wasn't able to, and my Subaru dealer wasn't much help either today when it was in for 2 more recalls ( thats 3 this year) I've found a company called Accutek in Winchester who I spoke to today and they reckon they can order the cables in for me..So I've placed the order and should have them by next friday
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    Manifold is unequal and it does give the burble - this will be retained 👍 Ill follow up with Alyn - cheers
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    Have you got any service history with it ? If a shock or bearing had been replaced for maintenance it might not have been re aligned? Although there's plenty of tread is there any difference in the amount of tread on the inner or outer edges ? I had a full corner weighted geo set up done to my spec for £150 , so a 4 wheel alignment check should be a lot cheaper. At least you'd be able to rule out alignment issues too . Either way it doesn't sound right as these cars normally feel more planted than most other cars , due to the awd and low center of gravity boxer layout .
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    Yeah slip joints do blow until they've become hot enough for the metal to expand and seal . They're good though ,as they allow movement during heat cycles, which in turn reduces stress on welds and flanges 😉 As for you jay...... Unequal length manifold (get her burbling like a scooby should) . Harvey trick up pipe matched to the size of your headers and turbo , too increase spool 😉 Speak to Alyn at Asperformance as he has the rights to "Harvey up pipes" and info on what size you'd need . If you need anymore help spending your money on scooby parts .... I'll gladly help you as my wife can't moan at me for spending YOUR money 😊
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    I had a slip jointed up pipe on my WRX, bought it from @savage bulldogs. Put some fresh heat wrap on it and it worked perfectly fine. Could hear it ever so slightly blowing on really cold days but stops after a minute or so.
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    check for play in joints as suggested then get an alignment check done - check tyre pressures also - too high and this will cause them to slide and spin up easier
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    @savage bulldogs @gemlp82 @Sclark01 @scottrobo23 if you want to come i am taking payments now to book the stand as soon as i get some payments i will book it for anyone else that wants to come let me know and i will add you to the list
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    Bung above cylinder no 3 ,is definitely the best place for oil temp readings, the one behind the alternator is normally where oil pressure sensor is fitted bud
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    I think my old 5zigen jasma system was the loudest and dirtiest sounding set up I've heard. All my mates loved it and 1 said that "if my car was a film star it would be a spit roasted buxom blonde on !Removed! tube " Still Dunno if that's a complement or not but I have changed for something a little bit more subtle now anyways.
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    Today in an effort to get more access to the top of the block to remove oil I poured this from my reservoir tank - not happy And dropped the fluid from the radiator

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