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    Good Afternoon All I've had previously 2 x GB270 wagons (loved 'em 😅) and a Forester XT that was mapped & tweeked back in 2004 Currently an owner of an 06 Forester STI that's in the process of having its EJ255 pulled to bits for a rebuild/new turbo/remap (not thru choice 😶) 100k on the car when the turbo died, thought it would be straightforward hahaha! Needing some advice regarding scored cam journals on the EJ255 heads, so i'll post in the relevant section. Cheers
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    Wotcha and welcome - Nice to see Fozzies in their natural habitat 😁
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    So, started stripping the Donor S-Turbo finally, getting ready for the manual swap - much learning ahead I think ...
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    Hey guys, Thought i'd best update this thread as there have been, shall we say, developments :). I'm now the (very) proud owner of a 2005 WRX! Snagged a great car in great condition at a great price - can't complain! Already started to spend money on a few bits and bobs for it, needed a new wheel arch liner for front driver side, and will need a new clear fog light cover for front passenger side although I might get the blue fog light covers for those yet anyway. Would like to get a nice touch screen system and tidy up the interior but overall it's tidy, and most importantly, i'm very happy! Have a great new year, and look forward to sharing progress with the car and hopefully learning from you guys. Timmy
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    Hello! I've had My 05 JDM Legacy GT Spec B tuned by STI for about 8 months now, sadly my joining here is not all innocent as I have a problem I just cant solve, but that's for another thread. Hopefully I can be a valuable part of the community in future however! Are there any other tbSTI owners around? For those that don't know, this is a special legacy over the Normal JDM GT, however it is not a "Legacy STI", that moniker is reserved for the s402, but you will need a fat wallet for one of them. The spec over a Normal GT Spec B includes STI "quad tip" backboxes - full system has been changed in Japan for a HKS super turbo muffler system with 100cel sports cat however STI pink springs - changed for Wangan springs in Japan Pillowball bushes on the rear control arms Front strut brace Front Splitter 18" STI alloy wheels Brembos Stainless Braided brake hoses STI half leather half alcantara interior No engine enhancements however, Just a plain old EJ20X with an open deck block! Looks ever so slightly different now, i need some updated pictures, It's had a front badge put back on, JDM plates, a full detail with machine polish and the headlights have been polished too.
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    After 3 Impreza’s ive now gone for a BRZ. & im loving it! Yes it’s down massively on power compared to my tuned Scoobies, but I’m having a great time in it, especially on the current wet roads :) Only got the ad pics at the minute thanks to the weather but she’s a beaut! Nice having something a bit more modern and refined for a change too. Mostly though I’m enjoying not having to worry about it rusting or worry about the engine deciding to randomly blow up on me at some random time, or driving it on salty roads. Can just drive and enjoy it :) just hope I don’t get bored of the low power too quickly. First job though is to get a UEL manifold put on it to get that burble back!
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    Hi, cleaned the maf sensor as it did have a code spring up for that. Also a couple more relating to vss,hand brake switch and neutral switch. Not used in a VW camper conversion. Also threw up coolant temperature sensor code. A mate had a spare sensor. Fitted it and it cured it. Hallelujah. Cheers for the reply and help fella 👍🏼🙂
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    Recently picked up. Details and plans will follow ;)
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    My 04 2.0XLN Forester doing what she likes doing best, unbelievable grip and control in snow. Last winter, 17/18, we hit a four foot high snow drift across the middle of a country lane, basically I couldn't see it in the driving snow. The Roo went straight through it, I'm just glad there was nothing in it...
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    947 Japanese cars of every variety joined Beaulieu’s Simply Japanese on Sunday July 29th, as 2099 rally participants shrugged off rainy weather to celebrate the machines from the land of the rising sun The varied display in the grounds of the National Motor Museum spanned all manner of Japanese car marques, including Mazda, Subaru, Honda, Mitsubishi, Lexus, Toyota, Nissan and more. From high-performance sports cars and showroom-fresh models, to city runabouts and rare classics, there was something to please every Japanese car fan. Throughout the day, show-goers voted for their favourite car of the show in the People’s Choice Award. The winner was Kyle Miller from Hayling Island with his modified 1990 Mazda MX-5. Although he had only owned it for one year, Kyle had worked hard to transform the car into his ideal MX-5. “I’ve done a lot of work to the car, as it was green with a beige interior when I bought it. I love the new grey paintwork and black upholstery, while I also converted it from an automatic to a manual gearbox and fitted air suspension,” said Kyle. He was presented with a trophy and an Autoglym car care pack by Beaulieu’s Financial Director Phil Johnson. Runners up in the People’s Choice Awards were Kevin Curtis from Holbury and Savontharam Jeganathan from Gosport. Kevin’s 1981 Datsun Bluebird GL was an incredibly original example of a rarely-seen saloon. “I got in touch with the car’s first owner listed on the logbook, who sent me all of the car’s original paperwork, including old warranty certificates and tax discs,” said Kevin. Savontharam’s 2008 Nissan GT-R was a recent import from Japan, with its carbon fibre bodywork making it significantly lighter than standard. Both runners up were presented with special Autogylm prizes. Club stands were at the heart of the show, with the Celica Club showcasing different incarnations of the popular Toyota Celica coupe, while a selection of Nissan ‘Z’ sports cars could be found on the Z Club of Great Britain stand. The Mazda Bongo Owners’ Club turned out in force with an impressive line-up of these popular campers, while the Herts Scooby Crewparked up in their Subarus. Other Japanese cars on show ranged from coveted Mitsubishi Evolution sports saloons and eye-catching Nissan Cubes and Figaros, to classics such as a luxurious 1973 Toyota Crown 2600 and a first generation Mazda RX-7 in yellow and red racing colours.
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