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    The 2.0 is in the blob sti aswell (EJ207) so up to 05 you will be on the 2.0 was the american blob that had the 2.5 (EJ257) im sure * might have they engine codes wrong ive got a wrx lol. The most important thing is a good service history with regular oil changes using good oil and of course timing belt cause regardless of miles a car that age should have had it changed at least once. Check for rust and what not. The bugeye stis are said to have forged pistons from the factory i dont know that for a fact bit if I had they money for an sti thats what id go for just cause i prefer the look of it. Theres a lot of small things to check but a quick google or youtbe search will give you all that info 👍
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    Took out the aftermarket "high flow stat " and took a couple of pics to compare it a oe stat shape and bore size . Surprisingly the one on the right is supposed to increase "flow" and the one on the left is oe . The oe one has more movement on the diaphragm and a bigger bore plunger, so to me it looks like the aftermarket one is more restrictive and would probably only increase pressure 🙄 This is to try and explain why I always use a stationary heat cycle process when running engines in , although a lot of "professional engine builders " dont . So I always use a magnetic sump plug to catch any small metal particles floating in the oil and after a few stationary cycles with mineral oil.... You can see the sump plug has a small amount of metal attached to it , from the honing burs and bearing coatings at first start up (normal) . This is after 250 miles at 55% and 0.6 bar max , hardly any metal particles on the plug So the first start metal particles are not running around the oilways during the running in period 😉 I've only done 30 miles on the new oe stat and fresh running in millers but so far ... no issues 🤞
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    It was front arms for recall but I do not recollect the SF forester had an issue or was included in the recall, SG was in the front control arm recall and done a few of them myself . . Best proper fix for that was alloy arms off the XT or a STI .
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    You”ll need to start bringing your car cover so you can get on with your work 😂🤣😂
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    I agree Turbos are not cheap for these cars at all I guess you could call it capitalism lol With the arashi turbo that you tried what was wrong with the actuator? Some of the Kinugawa Turbos have an option to choose from for instance depending upon the bar. 0.3bar, 0.5bar, 0.8bar, 1.0bar, 1.2bar, 1.5 bar etc they will fit the waste gate actuator to your spec, What do you think is best? I knew of people running 400BHP but they have disappeared or else I'd be asking them lol
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    We love the peaks and the lakes although initially we will be looking to do some very local sites. We aren't new to caravanning,we towed with a Freelander td4 and a Saab 93 ttid but the characteristics of the petrol xv are obviously different and it's been four years since we had the last caravan so I'm no doubt rusty. Very much looking forwards to getting away in it and hoping we have bought ahead of the curve. Hopefully you will be getting out to your family lodge at the same time too.
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    Hi Gareth, Thanks for your message, but the ad is 2 years old and I managed to sell the car not long after posting the ad. Funnily enough, I was just 'having a nose' at the current prices of RB320's a few weeks ago and noticed that 'my' car was back on Autotrader at £19,000..................but I've just had another look and it seems to have gone. Whether it sold or not, I don't know. Having said that, there are a few others on there. Good luck in your search. Regards, Pas
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    Turned the key to first stage a few times to prime the fuel system and check for fuel leaks . Cranked it over and ...... 😊😊🥳 Keeping a eye on coolant levels and checking for any fluid leaks for the first 5 mins , oil pressure and temps look good . I heat cycle my engines stationary for a few days and then drop the oil and refresh before driving anywhere. So seeing as it's only got 10 w 40 mineral oil in atm , it sounds quite quiet for a 2.1 forged bottom end on cold start 😎 Once up to temp on the first heat cycle , I noticed a slight coolant weap from near the thermostat. Tbh I forgot to buy a new thermostat 🙄 so due to lockdown postage being slower than usual I cleaned and refitted the thermostat and seal (or lack of seal lol) So as a whole I'm very happy with the build so far and have a new hi flow stat and seal on it's way 😊

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