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    Looking good @JamesJDMwagon always found ash good quality stuff ,too πŸ‘ Decided to give the bug a "quick wash" . Soon evolved into touching up a few stone chips , polishing the headlight lenses and a coat of killer wax 😊
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    Fitted a new frp and intake hose. Intake hose was from ash doesn't crush like the first attempt. Just in case anyone is replacing the old rubber one it's a 57mm 120 degree bend then cut to size. Top tip use a Razer blade the put a hose clamp on where you want to cut and you'll get a perfectly straight cut. Here's a few pics after a bath.
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    A few pictures from a quick run out yesterday....got this beautiful place within 10 mins drive Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Had 2 days off work this week , be rude not to spend them doing something constructive. So I Fitted a new toilet yesterday morning which kept the mrs happy and earnt me some brownie points .. Promptly cashed them in yesterday afternoon and fitted a new dsr door on the bug ,as the old 1 had a large dent in it . Then spent some time adjusting the fuel pressure and tps voltage on the v1 sti .... Think I've finally sussed it and its running much better atm 🀞
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    Either Mbdevolpments or jdm solutions Suffolk (both on f.b) will probably have newage foglights in stock , much cheaper. I'm sure the loom will have the plugs at the dash and bumper ends but on some classics the foglight mounting brackets have to be removed to fit the covers . So check the mountings are under the covers and buy the switch at the same time , if you have a blank where the switch should be πŸ˜‰
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    Finally got around to sorting my exhaust out it was butchered where someone had tried to make it fit a 2.5inch system. So I cut it out and the resonator. Still one resonator further down didn't really effect the sound, but at least the whole thing is 3 inch all the way now.
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    Mine doesn't have the lights behind the covers, apparently you had to spec them when the car was new. I'm trying to find a pair as I prefer the look tbh. Rumour has it they're the same as the GC8 fogs but I can't find anyone that can confirm that 100%. I'll settle for a pair of UK spec lights as there's no way I'm paying Β£300 for the JDM ones .
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    Blue box exedy is standard equipment and good for high 300hp , fit a new spigot bearing and I'd recommend a new rear crank oil seal . As they do wear and are likely to need changing soon ,plus they're much easier to fit while the box and clutch are already off
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    Necrobump :D My current little project, a 1996 Toyota Glanza V. It was a right pile of poo when I got it, full of mouldy old food and other unidentifiable crud. It had been stacked into a kerb, had no oil in the sump and needed a thorough disinfecting. Shame really as it used to be a really really well looked after little car - my sister was the first UK owner, she then sold it to someone locally who ruined it. I had the chance to get it back so paid Β£500 for it last summer. Now it's almost ready to go back on the road, I just need to fit some new handbrake cables and it'll be booked in for the MOT. Then it'll be time for new paint, wheels, blah blah blah......it's already had a small fortune spent on it since I got it.
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    ahhhh really - right ill check that - cheers spent today giving the RX a clean plus the STI a first deep clean and some paint correction with my polisher - looking a good apart from one mirror which I corrected too harshly and now will need a blow over with paint and lacquer πŸ™„
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    That's the cosmetic work finished for nowπŸ™„πŸ˜‚ abw wide arch kit next i thinkπŸ‘πŸ˜
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    Hi everyone. After many years of dreaming I now am the proud owner of a 2018 Forester XT, pre registered but driven off the forecourt with 16 miles on the clock . For the last 15 years I have had VW Transporters as my donkeys and they have served me well. I carry out minor servicing and repairs like oil, fuel filter changes and brake pads. Keen to hear any tips for doing likewise on my new Forester. I am old school and believe in running engines, and power trains in. I have just completed 1000 miles and changed the origional oil and filter and will again at 5000 miles. What do people recommend as far as oil changes for engine, gear box (cvt) and diffs. I do tow quite a bit so would expect to do more frequent changes. Also any tips or recommendations on oils etc appreciated. D
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    If the cars standard or even just mapped and if it's a road car , I'd say save your money and buy a standard full belt kit with water pump from import car parts. If you're doing it yourself make sure you read up on it , buy genuine stuff, and get yourself a cam locking tool .As the left bank cam pulleys are under pressure (cam lobes pushing on valve train) and they'll spin when you remove the belt , possibly damaging valves .
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    I had adjusted tps and fuel pressure and it was running bang on yesterday 😎 Took it out today and the afr is all over the place again πŸ˜’ I've got quite a few ECU pin voltage differences between the car and oe v1 schematics but it's a phase 1 car running a phase 1.5 tps . So it might have always had different voltages and was mapped that way in the first place . So after numerous chats with Tim at jtinnovations and Clive attowe the only thing we all think it could be , is that the old loom was giving wrong voltages and was mapped with them . Now the looms not faulty the ECU is receiving different voltages πŸ€” It was running fine for 2yrs and Tbh I've only changed the rails and regulator. It's' starting to do my Swede in now ,as I've tried n tested everything I can think of and I'm almost ready to flick a match at it . So I'm going to run it up to attowes Monday week ,so he can check sensors, vac/intake leaks and see if a tweek can resolve it . In the meantime I'll have to show the bug some love and ......
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    Had the same thing in the bug , alarm going off randomly. Me being me , got all technical testing wires and fuses and couldn't find a fault πŸ€” Turned out during the sunny weather I'd been leaving the sun visors down and they were blocking the signal to the movement sensors, I assume as the car cooled down inside it set the alarm off πŸ™„
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    I see u chose a pic that hides the spoiler on it Simon πŸ˜‚ NAh defo looks minted motor like πŸ‘
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    I had this issue a couple of weeks ago. I would recommend speaking to TDRacing in Warwick. Cost me Β£75 to have it mapped out.
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    Hi All, I have had my eye on a forester for a while. I am tempted to snap up a Subaru Forester STI 2004 SG9 2.5i JDM fresh import (2004) from Ace Imports in reading. I am a first time Subaru buyer. Any advice on things to look out for? I am also wondering if I can find someone in the Reading area to take a look for me and report before I mission down from Leeds. https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/subaru/forester/subaru-forester-sti-2004-sg9-2-5i-jdm-fresh-import/9692092 Is this a smart buy? Any advice would be much appreciated. Many Thanks.
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    I'm not really up to date with the newage stuff mate but i think most folk just get it mapped out coz like you say it's the cheapest option πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
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    Aye mate pretty busy haha, will be worth it once it's finished lol hoping for medium/high 12s maybe, never took the sti down the track but had the wagon down a few times lol that was in the 14s.
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    Aye mate that's mine aswell! Haha aye cool mate nae worries I'm in all day anyways lol
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    Just bought that one thanks again. Can start putting it back together and getting it back on the road πŸ‘πŸ‘
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    Adjusted hand brake Found fog light bulb broken and when removed the unit as well found the little bit of fly eye sticker was hiding a broken lens. Bulb replaced with MTEC items and will try and source a unit from a breaker end of month Also confirmed issue with CV boot which I will get booked in to do - have done them before but it is so much easier with a ramp so will happily pay someone to do this job for me
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    Good evening well I Finally bit the bullet and bought myself a scooby. Picked the hawkeye up last Thursday night and I’m over the moon with itπŸ˜†. Got some nice little extras too. Running 350bhp fully forged engine 37k on the clock. It’s going to be my new daily drive. Windows getting tinted Tuesday and privet plate to go on soon as log book back through the post. I will upload some better pictures once the windows are done.
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    Any good? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Subaru-Impreza-V1-2-Ignition-Cowling/223195076937?hash=item33f7769949:g:MBgAAOSwutlbyQ6m Oh and welcome along πŸ‘
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    Changed the rear speakers. While I was in there, I noticed this, which made me chuckle.
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    She’s basking in the camp field at Thruxton after a 120 run up.... looking dirty 😬
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    I've had my first problem with the car, the aftermarket alarm so not really the cars fault. It decided to disconnect the fob and the immobiliser was active, and guess who didnt have the manual override code. Me, the previous owner and the numb nut who installed it. But in his infinate wisdom during the install he left the code on the back of the unit. Lucky me, it's the equivalent of writing your pin number on the back of your credit card. Changed it now all sorted. On a positive note I got myself a dual action polisher to improve the imperfections on the paint.
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    Fitted a fire extinguisher to the passenger seat Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
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    Got my new to me turbo in boost feels really laggy but hit pretty hard. Problem is the apexi seems to be wanting all the boost 25+psi and can't seem to turn it down on the hand held. Finished the car at 3am now at work for the day. So not really had a chance to look into it.
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    I'd recommend TDR in Warwick. They haven't done any work on the car other than remapping it, but they seemed to know there stuff and had several Scoobies in for work at the time.

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