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    Collected this gem from the port on Friday to add to my JDM stable.... Now sitting at my garage of choice where the following is getting done over Monday and Tuesday: Undersealed Fog light into rear cluster Oil and filter change Air filter change Cambelt, water pump, thermostat and aux belts all changed Spark plugs changed New brake discs and pads all round Pre-MOT check MOT Then home to wait for the DVLA to do their thang 😎
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    Think I may have found solution to my problem. You can import a Hawkeye (comes with the 2ltr) for less than you can buy a uk Hawkeye. Win win, gunna see how it plays out though
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    Piston slap is the noise you get before the forged pistons warm up and expand to fill the bores with a closer tolerance - it should go when the engine is up to temperature
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    Had both geo’s and Cross Climate +. The latter is a bit softer and less noisy. Haven’t had the chance to test in snow. Geo’s lasted nearly 40K! good luck
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    I’ve got Cross Climates SUV on my XV, brilliant in a word.
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    Doh got broken off for my dinner come back and sav's answered so ignore my waffling on !
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    I'm no expert & maybe someone can answer better than me, but when you decat a remap is needed otherwise it can cause issues, if the air filter is standard it may be ok but if both are changed it will deffo need one as the air/fuel mix will change, Unless you have some paperwork determining this will be hard as the 97/98 cars are a ball ache (I'm in the same boat) subaru decided to make the ecu virtually impossible to crack so you need an aftermarket stand alone ecu or a duaghterboard inserted into the original subaru ecu to be able to map, easiest way to check is lift the carpet in the passenger foot well and see what you have, the esl daughterboard won't be visible but an aftermarket one will stand out, Is scooby bits located in your part of the world ? Maybe worth popping by and having a word,
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    Glad it was a easy fix fella [emoji41] Did you do a ecu reset ? ( think the code check guide covers it) Early classic's (pre 96) have the o2 sensor just before the upipe , are you sure it's not been relocated to there or further down the downpipe ? I think standard boost shouldn't be anymore than 0.9 bar on a 97 sti . if it's more than that and there's no sign of a manual boost controller, it's probably been remapped. I'd get on a local rolling road as for the sake of £50 it will let you know everything's running ok .
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    Great news mate [emoji16] glad it was an easy fix, looks like the previous owner was a complete muppet when it came to car maintenance ! Why you'd cut corners is beyond me, Has the car been remapped ? Not sure how it's running right without the sensor, least things are looking up

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