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    yeah nearly everything is done, hopefully have it back on monday, was a cracked head gasket. So now fitted with mls gaskets and uprated bolts, stage 2 clutch, new stainless steel UEL headers as the old one had a crack causing a blowing sound, fully decatted, remap to about 380HP.
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    Managed to convince the better half she wanted a day out on Dartmoor... gave me a good excuse for a good spirited drive. She must’ve enjoyed it too though, I even got her to take a half decent picture for me.
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    Picked up my reversed inlet manifold, injector caps and cusco H brace from the powder coaters 😊 Only gave them to "Suffolk stove enamelers" on Monday, 4 day turn around and made a lovely job of them 😎
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    I've turned a few 5 speeds into 4 speeds ,always been 3rd gear too 🙄 If £1.5k for a 6 speed is too much to spend atm ,you could fit a later ty54 or hawk 5 speed .as these have stronger casings and will generally run 360hp ( maybe a bit more) . Google your current ty52#### gearbox code to find out the final drive ratio. Then find a ty54 or 6 speed with the same ratio , that way you can keep your rear diff assembly and only change the box . You will have to swap the early mechanical speed sensor and reverse /neutral switch wiring to the new box but clutch ,fly,starter,driveshafts ECT are all compatable from ty52 to ty54 or 6 speed 😉
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    Plus you’ve got a great excuse to drop a 6 speed box in 😉
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    Just like to welcome Tidgy to the team. [emoji4] If anyone else like to join please feel free to add names. [emoji4] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Got the scoob fixed (non categorised ) still gotta go to court about the injury settlement though 🙄 Unfortunately I had to switch insurance companies as they wanted over £1.5k for both scoobs with a non fault claim ,even though I'd been with them for nearly a decade . I ended up insured through a classic car company for the v1sti and the v7 sti ,non fault incident , all mods declared, agreed value , recovery ect for £870 Which is about £200 more than I was paying just for the v1sti , the year before .
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    Try Luke at importcarparts.co.uk, they do near enough everyting for scoobs and most parts are OE but much cheaper than main stealer and fast delivery times aswell 😎👍
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    Not sure if the sti strutts are red ,you might have pedders replacements but either way you're probably better off finding out what shocks you have and matching springs to suit their dampening rates . Aftermarket arb definitely helps with body roll especially if you get a adjustable one . Rear camber bolts are also a good cheap addition if you're going to lower or get a 4 wheel alignment done, as gives whoever does the geo a better chance to set car up to your driving style /needs . I've got mostly whiteline stuff on the v1sti as it's relatively cheap and does the job , only thing I'd say is whiteline stuff doesn't tend to stay rust free and after a few yrs , the paint tends to crack . Unsure if elbaich ,cdf,perrin ECT last any better In our salty winters though tbh .
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    Happy days, cheers buddy Loud pipes save lives
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    Best one I've got on my phone
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    Just be carefull as the left bank cams are under pressure due to the cam lobe position at the timing Mark , so as you release the belt they'll spin . You can only turn them in 1 direction to 're align them when refitting the belt , or intake and exhaust valves will make contact (possibly damaging the valves) I'll see if I can find a pic to show you what I mean ,bud
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    Good luck matti, look forward to seeing your results. Need to look under mine when its not snowing or raining think ive got a rattling heat sheild.
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    So, got the front of the engine pulled down the other week, found the timing out a tooth, no reason why from what I can see, also can belt tensioner not looking overly great, have a cambelt kit with water pump that's been waiting to go on, so going to fit it all(tensioner included) and go from there, just need to find the time now todo it Loud pipes save lives
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    Jet washed the Tribeca again...and fitted a new wheel centre from the US,as one went AWOL after I had 4 new tyres fitted, and I obviously didn't fit it correctly, so £25.00 later !!!. Also fitted my new private number plates after taking them off my last Legacy 3.0R Spec B which i sold in Dec. Added some pics of the Spec B, I really loved that motor.😎
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    Tbh I wish I'd have got the inlet powdercoated instead of painting it myself 3yrs ago but I was getting quotes of £120 + just for the inlet and I got everything done for £80 . Couldn't tell you if the h brace makes any difference as , although I bought it for £20 about 5 yrs ago ,it's just been sat in the scooby scraps shed till now 😂 Seeing as I recently bought a whiteline anti lift kit and superpro front wishbone bushes, I thought I'd dust it off , get it powdercoated and fit it while the wishbones are off 😉 I've got whiteline arbs ,roll center correction kit and rear droplinks but the rear droplinks are the "pigtail type" and look more like (rusty) twiglets atm . So I'll be buying some solid c shape droplinks , new rear bushes and getting some other stuff powdercoated on the back end at a later stage .
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    Thanks savage I shall keep that in mind. Oh and your powder coating looks mint! Do you find much difference with the h-brace ? Also I fitted these today
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    No probs mate, always happy to help and share what I've learned along the way 👍 Just bear in mind that hatch onwards have "push type" clutches, so if you buy a hatch 5 speed you'll have to find out if they're compatable with "pull type" clutches. Think v5 onwards have ty54's but I'd say buy as new as you can afford /find , after all v5 is over 20 yrs old too . Personally I always replace both driveshaft and prop seals ,when fitting a second hand box .as the seals only cost about £20 from icp and are easy to change while the box is out . Try someone like Matt at mbdevelopments on f.b ,for a 5 speed box with the same ratio as your existing 4 speed . Feel free to tag or pm me if you're stuck , fella
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    As always savage you are life saver spent all night yesterday research and was left with a bigger headache then when I started. Thanks mate much appreciated 🙌
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    That looks like its just a little bracket to secure the pipe with the pipe running through it, it will be rubber lined so it doesn't rub through the pipe, is it wet as can't really tell from the pic 😎👍
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    Have you tried Green Light they insure modified cars I pay £360. Full cover
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    They're complete idiots, and deserve to have the suspension fall apart. They must think 'speed humps' is a phrase which means 'go as fast as you dare over that hump in the road' !! 'Oh no, my rear exhaust box has just been ripped off'.... with any luck.
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    Gave it a quick jet wash at the garage then set out trying to find somewhere to get some nice pics. Took a wrong turn and ended up back at home again so the drive will have to do 😂. Here she is complete with new black wheels fitted last week. Now im trying to decide whether to tint the rear windows and/or debadge the boot... 🤔
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    Looking better for it mate. [emoji4] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    So it's been a busy couple of weeks put a new engine in the Scoob and had an MOT with my fingers and everything else crossed 😅. Here's a few pics. Added some nice bits and bobs aerocathes, rad cap, forged header tank. But sadly need to take the gearbox out looks like I caught the rear main seal so slight oil leak. But she's coming along slowly.
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    Welcome! With regards your oil changes, if you’re in a good habit of doing it that often anyway, you’re best to stick to it! I tend to use Millers, Opie Oils have a club discount if you get it through them 👍
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    So as most of you know some **** hit my scoob almost 3 months ago 😠 If hitting my pride n joy and injuring me and my 2 kids wasn't enough I tried to insure the bug sti yesterday as I need to start running the freshly built engine in and get it mot'd ....... Apparently because I have a claim outstanding and he hasn't admitted liability yet , for slamming into the side of my car and not checking the lane he was changing into didn't have a car in it . Even though it blatantly wasn't my fault , I've never had a claim before and have over 20yrs no claims . I got a quote of nearly £900 😲 what the actual fook is that about ! this whole !Removed! storm is starting to really **** me off now , I really hope I don't bump into that shister walking down a dark ally . He's proppa waking the nasty bstard cockney in me that I put to sleep many years ago, cnut

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