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    Just signed up and hope to find useful info. Owned 4 Impreza's 2x Classic sport model, 1x (terrible) Hawkeye 1.5R wagon. Needed a car but didn't want to blend in. Looked good but gutless. If ever a car needed a turbo! Finally got the car I wanted 2.5 WRX Hawkeye. Standard car but thats how I like it.
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    Hey guys, new to the forum, signed up to ask for peoples Experience with certain parts ect, but will offer help if i can give it currently got a SG9 fsti, Have owned a 2010 Impreza sti, and a 2004 wrx previously nice to meet you all πŸ˜„ also sorry for bad photo quality my camera is currently a potato
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    Seeing as I'm hopefully not touching the bottom end I'm gonna be stripping the engine down in the scooby scraps shed. So I don't want to have inlet and oilways open for long , as the shed is nowhere near as clean as the wifes kitchen table 😊 First impressions is that it's not got any major leaks ,just a p.s fluid leak and small amount of cam cover weapage, which isn't bad for 8yrs and 60k miles 😎 It took a good 3 hrs to remove the inner 2 exhaust manifold nuts but the grouppe headers were second hand when my brother fitted them 9 years ago , so hopefully they'll clean up with a grinder . I'll be using the original v1 metal cam pulleys on the v4sti heads and fitting them with rcm headgaskets, full early timing belt kit (hydraulic tensioner), new water pump and new oe gaskets. So I stripped the long block back but have left the old inlet manifold on to keep the engine sealed , which left it looking like this at sunday lunchtime . Although I was a bit miffed about the turbo popping its seals, as it was performing well for a 20g on a 2ltr . It's possible that I was sent a less restrictive banjo bolt and that's what caused the oil to blow by the core . Sometimes I think you never know how much a company values it's customer's until something goes wrong and fair play to arashi ... they're sending a brand new billet wheeled 20g core and correct size oil feed free of charge πŸ‘ Guess I'm gonna be busy next weekend too then πŸ˜‰
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    I've only ever owned 1 scooby with the original clutch and that started slipping at 95k when I had a remap . At 116k the clutch is probably near the end of its life , if you do decide to get a new one fitted . Make sure they skim the flywheel and replace the rear crank oil seal and spigot bearing. As a tramlined flywheel wheel cause the new clutch to wear unevenly and the oil seal makes sense to change while the clutch and box are off
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    Got more done this evening new panel now welded in place, its all coming together nicely πŸ‘
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    Just bought my first car -- a Subaru XV 2.0i SE. Got a good deal on a preregistered car so it was about the same price as a mid-spec Suzuki Vitara, and quite a bit cheaper than other cars on the shortlist like a T-Roc even taking dealer discounts & PCP contributions into account. It's probably a way more capable a car than I need (weekend driving only probably, short trips away, occasional longer ones to explore the country a bit) but I wanted a super-safe car, fuel efficiency is not such a big issue as we'll probably only do 5-6k miles per year so meh why not πŸ™‚. First question to all -- I want to get a steering wheel lock as my XV has keyless entry, but I'm aware the steering wheel has quite a pronounced boss presumably containing the airbag, so many locks likely won't fit. Can anyone point me to a decent lock model that definitely fits? Thanks in advance
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    I'm still running side feeds atm Jay , there's a few sub Β£500 options but they're either unknown or cheap ish brands . Think I'll eventually get some phase 2 440cc's and get them re sized but for now my Β£120 565cc nissan injectors (with the tab filled off so they fit ) will do lol
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    You probably know this but the 1000cc fuji racing injectors are 399 https://www.importcarparts.co.uk/parts-info?id=14275&cat=3678&sub=0&sec=0&var=0&dc=&gen=0&searchKey=&searchPart=
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    My 565cc injectors will probably hold it back a bit but hopefully the cams/valvetrain will help spool and allow me to raise the rev limit to 8k . My cars never been about big numbers as I'm to tight to spend Β£2k + on injectors and turbo but the journal core billet 20g surprised both me and Clive attowe how well it spooled . So hopefully it will be a bit more responsive.
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    Engine up on the stand Loud pipes save lives
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    Looks like my turbo core might take a little longer to get here πŸ˜₯ , through no fault of arashi ...... but because I decided to upgrade the core to a tdo5 20g billet wheeled ball bearing core . Which will make the same (if not more ) power but spool much quicker. Can't wait to see what difference the more aggressive cams and better spooling core will make . Just hope the wife doesn't spot all the boxes of car parts turning up πŸ˜‚ ...
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    Bjeesus that's a big snail lol , bay look much better too bud πŸ‘
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    So it's been a slow few days due to been away and various other things going on, but did manage to steal a couple of hours to give the bay a spruce up a little, wipe round with a cloth an some degreaser Whilst I was potting around I found the spare turbo for the drift car and just thought I'd share it with you (VF35 on left) (Gt45 with a 98mm compressor wheel and a 77.5mm exhaust wheel) Loud pipes save lives
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    Don't get me wrong, it would've been nice if the first one hadn't popped it's seals but you can't moan at getting a new replacement core , without having to ask 😎 Had a big box of oe and rcm goodies turn up today , big thanks to Alyn at Asperformance for taking the time to go through my order on the phone and posting it all out so quickly πŸ‘ Looks like another busy weekend ahead in the scooby scraps shed 😊
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    That snaking would give me the fear as clarckson would say β€œsome poos come out” lol
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    Wotcha and welcome - that model and colour was one if the first I test drove prior to making my first purchase, nice amount of grunt but nicely understated. Feel free to get stuck in post photos etc all friendly on here 😊
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    Stopped worrying about my notchy gearbox.
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    Snow = try Scotland later today!
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    As I'm hopefully not refurbishing the bottom end , plan A is to fit the v4sti heads with new rcm headgaskets ,using the existing arp studs. Removed the downpipe and any other remaining bolts on the underside of the scoob . Removed the reversed inlet ,fuel lines and engine loom , as I didn't want to contaminate the almost new fuel system or scratch the shiny red powdercoat .I fitted a old spare inlet to pull the engine with and keep the engine "sealed" ,while I strip and prep it in the shed this time . after 8yrs and 60k everything looks good with the cam cover off and the only oily bit seems to have come from the power steering pump or reservoir . A couple of the head exhaust manifold nuts look like they're gonna be a mare to get off (well rusty) but they've been on there 5 hrs or so . The block paintwork has held up fairly well but well see if I get chance to tidy that up , once I've popped the heads off and know how much I've got to do internally. Unfortunately There's a issue with my new turbo but its still under warranty and I'll wait to see what they say before posting any details on here .
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    If ain't broke don't fix it springs to mind. There was a stand at Goodwood FOS and we spoke to the guys. As soon as I mentioned WRX they eye lite up and they were not interested in my dads diesel anymore. They said they have really good results with Subarus. Hmmm I guess they thought, oh WRX guy with some money blah blah. Remember they are salesmen and they will tell you what you want to hear.
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    Managed to squeeze in 2 hrs this morning , before being dragged out prom dress shopping ,for my daughter not me 😘 It's ready to pull apart from engine mount nuts and downpipe to center section . I'd normally have the engine out by now but I've disconnected everything between inlet manifold and engine too . As I will fit a spare bare old inlet to pull the engine out with ,so I dont scratch the shiny one πŸ˜‰ Hopefully I'll be left to it tomorrow, get the engine out ,on the stand in the shed and start the teardown 🀞
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    Cheers pal i'm trying to do my best to get in back on the road for the sunshine coming, got a bit more done tonight New metal just tacked in place after we made up a new edge for the inner wing, it's really coming along now πŸ‘
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    eBay here an example for 1 key sigma 30 type alarm > https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Repair-Service-For-1-button-Remote-Key-Fob-Forester-Impreza-Legacy-Outback/192366029811?hash=item2cc9e8abf3:g:6lgAAOSwZB9aDW57 ** Do check your keyfob matches service you buy ** If you on the sigma alarm be sure you have known working 4 digit pin code to manually control alarm via keypad . ** If you don't have a PIN you can easily reset PIN while have a working remote ** With a working remote or working PIN these alarms easy deal with at low cost, break all the keyfobs and have no working PIN and cost esculate as does hassle/stress . Also realise it easy buy a used good keyfob and put circuit board into your keyfob housing and program it to alram module (as long as have a working PIN or 1 working keyfob) should yours be none repairable .. Be proactive now for the easy fix/solutions and easy life .... too many people ignore alarm issues until it too late ...
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    Reshaped using the wife's tresemme "heat gun".
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    I think with oil coolers they are all much of a muchness. Ok so perhaps the hoses are better quality on a Named make but the oil cooler itself will be of similar quality. As long as it has a thermos switch to allow the oil to get to temperature, I think any cooler can only be beneficial to a performance car. Been on the spanners this afternoon. All fitted and lock wired
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    Hi guys, the good old XV has been retired! A shiny blue outback is now sitting on our driveway! bye bye
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    Hello All, Clue here !! struggling to write this ...Tags !!! what the ??? Ole' guy, past cars you name it but never Subaru, always had the urge to get one. Well I did it late Oct. 2018, new XV Premium and well pleased with it, 2,400 mls so far. I guess my age and driving style (done the on the edge stuff and loved it) may not engage with the all. I absolutely love my Subaru, have booked a 6 month oil and filter renew at month end...don't like a 12 month stint. Tempted to get brake callipers sorted as (in my opinion) unacceptable "corrosion". How's about Orange colour to match the front Orange winglet (extra) ? Thanks for reading, Chiles
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    Nice one, I would update mine but sadly the new XV won’t pull our caravan. There is a lot of tech in the new ones, but they’re a great drive. Not seen a red one like that before.
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    Collected today the dealer transferred my plate without any issues and went through all the controls etc., did a really great job. I drove home best part of 20miles. What a great car, soooooooo pleased. πŸ˜€ just a quick photo. It’s going to take a little time to get used to the technology.

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