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    Fitted some shiny new wheels to it πŸ‘€πŸ˜
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    Managed to convince the better half she wanted a day out on Dartmoor... gave me a good excuse for a good spirited drive. She must’ve enjoyed it too though, I even got her to take a half decent picture for me.
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    Took the day off on Wednesday, washed n waxed it, then went out for some pics Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Went to my local cars and coffee meet at the museum of power near Maldo, Essex Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
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    Track day at Snetterton on Monday... great fun
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    Wash it. Hand polish and wax. Used a clay mitt for first time. You can feel the rough paint with the mitt.
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    So, where do i start? i guess, from the beginning....... I bought a 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STi with 84k on the clock, well looked after, clean in good condition, never raced or rallied, one middle aged owner......... and a couple of other owners that where not.... During my ownership i have cleaned the STi..... I have drove the STi..... i took it to TOTB.... i also took it to scoobyfest..... i also had some fun in the snow.... then things started to brake..... Got the new brakes on, new rad fitted, then the clutch started slipping so i threw in a paddle clutch, and just when i thought i may get a few miles of trouble free motoring... Knock Knock..... no its not a joke, there is something inside the engine that knocking to get out so ive decided that rather than wait for it to make its own door through the block ill pull the lump and find out whats going. so, this is where i leave the thread for now, 3(ish) years of ownership have brought us to this point...............
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    Back to the bay 😊 After finding the best route for the fuel lines, new loom , oil breather pipework and best position for the catch can . I finally started to put her back together 😊 New throttle body /icv gaskets and inlet manifold spacer "o" rings , along with stainless steel bolts πŸ˜‰ The catch can is now in a similar area to where it used to be but much lower in the bay now. To help lessen the occasional whiff of oil and hopefully it will also drain the moisture in the breather pipes into the can better . Primed the oil system by pulling the ignition fuse , as it's not been started in nearly 6 weeks 😏 Then primed the fuel system , flicked the key and she sprung into life 😍 No leaks and revs up fine but it does seem to have a high hot idle of 1.2k , unfortunately I'll have to look into that at a later date but she lives 😊 You're all probably sick of seeing pics of the inlet and the bay does need a clean (water marks and dust on the ally) but here's a few more now it's finally fitted anyways πŸ€ͺ
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    Yeah I remember that poor p1 πŸ˜₯ I've worked with hydraulic and pneumatic systems that run much more pressure than the 3.5 bar these will be running , so just needed the right quality materials . New stuff has been a pleasure to work with and although rain (well SNOW actually lol) stopped play for a bit, the inlet manifold is almost ready to refit 😎 Finally I decided to fit the fuel lab fpr at the passenger side rear of the bay , so recut a few pipes and assembled it all to tripple check I'm happy . Blew the lines rails and inlet through with air and petrol , after all I've had the 565cc nissmo injectors cleaned , have a new fuel filter and the complete fuel system is being renewed ( So want everything clean ) I bought new o rings for the Injectors and phase 2 inlet adapters , gave them a light coat of oil before I fitted them. Although the new fuel lines have a stainless steel overbraid ,you still don't want them moving freely in the bay . As this puts stress on the joins and could eventually rub through the line and cause a leak . So I purposefully left a few "lugs" and bolt holes on the inlet ,too use to clamp down the lines . I test fitted the custom jtinovations loom and Once I offer the whole inlet up , I'll then find the best places to cable tie the loom to stop it rubbing too πŸ˜‰ I've got a few intake air pipes to cut , as I managed to put a Nick in the turbo inlet pipe πŸ™„ But replacement stuff from A.S.H is cheap enough , thankfully. Busy next Weekend next weekend, so still at least forgnight away from starting her up but getting there now
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    Filled up coolant and gearbox, took it down a "Private road" and she goes like the clappers again!! Tooth on the timing made all the difference! Got a minor coolant leak some where that I'll look at over the weekend, brakes are a bit meh after using other cars for a few months they really have shown them selves up, so need to look at them too. Best news tho, NO ENGINE KNOCK!!!!!! So much for a rebuild lol Loud pipes save lives
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    The hubs are back with new wheel bearings pressed in so spent the afternoon putting it all back together with all new parts.
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    Managed to spend a bit of time to try and work out the routes for the fuel lines and position for the fuel lab fpr . Started off trying to use the lengths of braided fuel lines that I bought already made , this ment the for would be near the fuel filter . Unfortunately the pipework would have to have some really tight turns in itπŸ€” So had a rethink and relocated the fpr to the gearbox stabilizer bracket (dog bone mount) in the center of the bay on the bulkhead. I've tried a few times to cut braided lines before and without the proppa equipment it's a Pita. So looks like I'm going to have to get 3 more lines made up , to finally get this fuel system up n running . Pics of first position , few of the rails in situ and some of the location I'll be eventually fitting it .
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    Stuck the battery back on and awoke it from it's slumber ( first time out this year ) and gave it 30 squid worth of nice v power, taking it to work tomorrow to repair cracked turbo housing πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
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    yeah nearly everything is done, hopefully have it back on monday, was a cracked head gasket. So now fitted with mls gaskets and uprated bolts, stage 2 clutch, new stainless steel UEL headers as the old one had a crack causing a blowing sound, fully decatted, remap to about 380HP.
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    So it's been a busy couple of weeks put a new engine in the Scoob and had an MOT with my fingers and everything else crossed πŸ˜…. Here's a few pics. Added some nice bits and bobs aerocathes, rad cap, forged header tank. But sadly need to take the gearbox out looks like I caught the rear main seal so slight oil leak. But she's coming along slowly.
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    Actually drove it for the first time in a couple of weeks! Finally sorted all the little leaks in the cooling system and it’s running beautifully. Perfect day for a little spin!
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    Pulled the front knuckle assembly out ready for new wheel bearings and hubs, ABS bolts snapped both sides and a blackend finger but their out! So might as well do the ball joints, trackrod ends, drop links and new brake backing plates as well. Fortunes spent but still smiling.
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    Although at my level of power or type of usage, I don't really need to go "parallel" . I've over thought and engineered most of the car , so why not the fuel lines too. The oe fuel system runs a "series" set up , this means cylinder number 3 is the last in line to get fuel . a parallel fuel rail conversion allows the fuel to flow into the end of each "rail" and return out of the other end , so no particular injector is last in line to get fuel anymore. A few pics of me trying to work out which lugs to remove off the inlet, once the oe rails are gone and which way to flow and return the fuel lines.
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    Washed the bug again and thought I'd share a pic of the 3rd brake light ,as I haven't seen one like it before 😎
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    Erm well I just happened to notice a rathe nice WRX STI at the dealer and thought I'd go for a test drive. It is used and only slightly older than the BRZ being a 16 plate. The result of a couple of test drives proved more than enough to convince me and it now resides on my drive after trading in the BRZ.
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    Weather was fairly good Saturday, so decided to give the bug a clean and the v1sti's battery a maintenance top up charge. Unfortunately I had to give the daughters new car a wash n wax ,so didn't get chance to do any work. Took a few pic's anyways , as I'm starting to forget what she looks like πŸ˜•
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    Seeing as I'd bought a Whiteline anti lift kit and super pro wish bone bushes ,I decided it would be rude not to freshen up the rear bushes too 😊 So I bought a set of second hand rear trailing arms and lateral links for a tenner to clean up and fit new bushes in.I'd been putting off cleaning them for a while, as it's a gonna be a cack job to remove the "sti pink paint " that had been slapped over them . Well the wife said "seeing as you've got nothing to do till dinner time ,you can give me a hand with the housework today " πŸ€”....... So I decided to make a start on the "very important job in the shed" today πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚ Oh well took about 25 mins to prep the first one ,so that should take me till half past dinner to do the rest πŸ˜‰
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    Well, I’m back! Over 3 years since I had my last Subaru (my pain in the rear Legacy GTB, I’m sure a few of you will remember). Its taken me a while to get back, life seemed to get in the way a bit, but I decided I should treat myself. So here she is... my 2003 wrx wagon. Couple of paintwork issues but engine and box seem strong, no rust to be seen and seems to have been pretty loved through its life. Hope to get back out to some shows through the season and catch up with some old faces.
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    Little break in the sub zero temperatures, so chucked a sponge at the bug and took it for a spin dry 😊
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    That price is high . Low mileage never guarantees a good car, it just guarantees you pay too much . dealers in general are stingy as hell and never prep/repair cars well before sale . Either be sure it absolute A1 order, great set of tyres and extras and worth price to you or keep looking . Doubt they put much effort in a 90K service, I want belt replaced with all new idlers, expect they took that car for under 5K . Dealers are in business of making money from hot air sales, you always do fairer/better deals privately with decent folks .
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    Hi everyone couple weeks ago I've posted in here that I had the change to buy my first scooby. This is the second week with my 2000 gf8, love it love it love it! The sound, the grip the style, simply in love with this car. It does need some TLC but the engine is sound. As soon as the weather improves will start working on its body work and will post updates.
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    Best thing I've done joining this owners club πŸ™‚ everyone is very helpful for people like myself new to the Subaru seen, thanks guys πŸ™‚
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    I've always driven the v1sti all year round but seing as i have the bug sti and the 24yr old sti has recently had a full respray, i thought I'd take it off the road for the salty season. I finally found a seemly decent 5 ply breathable car cover for Β£50 😎 I gave the old girl its last bath of the year and took her for a "spin dry" to drive the moisture out the panel gaps and get the surface rust off the discs. Being a scooby fanatic, you'll probably be surprised to hear i quite like the look of evos 😢 but I'm not keen on being tailgated through town . Hit the sliplane and by by 08 plate evo 😊 well up to 70 mph when i dumped it 6th and backed off the throttle and he flew past looking unhappy that my 24yr old sti rinsed him from 0 to 70 mph πŸ˜‚ Soapy pic and one of it's current hibernation situation πŸ˜₯ So this thread will go quite for a bit ..... Well until spring when the scooby modding season begins πŸ˜‰
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    Been driving the bug sti a lot recently, which is no slouch and a pleasure to drive 😎 But the v1sti will be coming off the road for the salty winter period soon πŸ™ as she's looking good with her fresh coat of paint and I'd like to keep her that way πŸ˜‰. So i decided to fire her up and take it for a spin to blow the cobwebs off before hibernation time . Eldest daughter doesn't often let me go out in the v1sti , without her ,as i think she loves the scoob more than me πŸ™„ Hit the slip lane and she turns to me grinning "Dad this thing you've created is absolutely savage , compared to bluebaru" πŸ˜‚ Bug does sound nice with the haywood n scott turbo back and hks d.v but i will miss the rawness of the v1sti and the savage soundtrack of the fluttering gt28 and old skool Bailey's d.v 😊
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    I painted my wheels Gold as per the Colin McRae given right of every Subaru owner. Its like it was always suppose to be πŸ™‚ BEFORE >>>> AFTER >>>
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    Took the v1sti to it's last meet of the year before she goes into hibernation for the salty winter this year . Was a local f.b group called east coast Japanese, loads of different motors there but mine was the oldest scoob 😊 Only took a few pics but here they are anyways πŸ˜‰
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    Washed it and went to a local retro meet upset a middle aged man in a Porsche on the slip lane on the way home . Don't think he expected my 24yr old scooby to leave him for dust in 3rd and 4th 😊 He didn't look happy with his expensive mid life crisis purchase, When he over took me, as i stopped accelerating at 70 . Old scoobys never die .... they just get quicker πŸ˜‰
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    My scoob was proppa filthy by the time we got there, glad i spent about 10hrs cleaning it 😏 Still enjoyed it and good to meet the few i spoke too and sorry too the one's i didn't get chance too chat with . Took a couple of "hurried" pics of the stand , so sorry if i didn't get everyone's scoob in . I'll try to make the effort to get too a few more s.o.c show stands next year though πŸ˜‰
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    Been cleaning up my spare engine and inspecting it
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    I fitted some coilovers and totally ruined the way it drives. Looks allot better though
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    And breathe.....celebrated with a little run out [emoji7] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    traffic on here can be a bit slow at times and you're unlikely to get fast answers but at least you'll get the correct advice ! afaik there's a lot of rubbish spouted on FB by eejits and trolls, but then again i don't do FB...work of the devil imo !!! long live proper forums..πŸ™‚
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    Ship docked at 10pm last night, car had cleared customs by 12.30pm today, collecting it first thing Friday morning 😁
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    I'm still here and I don't have a subaru at the mo, Just like the people 🀣🀣 Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Thats my classic v1 been mapped at last after all my time and effort over the winter pulling the engine and replacing head gaskets and other stuff, got live mapped on esl and it managed 302.6bhp at 1.25 bar mapper said only thing holding it back is the intercooler as when trying to run higher boost it was starting to knock so had to peg it back, i'm chuffed as f**k and so is the wee man πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
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    First stage of the running in is done 😊. This involves heat cycling the engine whilst stationary, which is basically starting it up , bringing the revs up n down , waiting for the fans to kick in a few times , shutting it off , waiting till the next day (for it to completely cool down) and then repeating the "cycle " again for 4 days . I left most of the plastics off the engine whilst doing this to make it easier to spot any leaks or issues ,Glad to say it's had none at all . So now the cycling is complete it's time for the first oil and filter change ,to get rid of and metal particles from the honed bores , rings and new bearings ect.. With the fresh running in oil and filter in its ready to hit the road (once I've got some insurance) so i refitted the bay plastics over the weekend . Before i started and current pics
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    I got sent a few pics today fronm Rick at Ipswich accident repair , they were taken yesterday, so she's currently being reassembled 😊
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    I am starting a new job with Fuchs at the beginning of June, I’ll raise your concerns with the lab - see what improvements can be made
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    Cheers chaps [emoji106] i do like to get stuck in [emoji6] Managed to a bit this evening on the right hand head too [emoji4] got the lash caps in , plastigauged the cam cap oil clearances and checked the valve clearances (both of which are spot on) . I've got new avcs banjo bolts and filters to fit but just put the old ones in to bung the holes for now and put the vapor blasted cam cover on . to keep any debris out until the engines sealed up properly. plus they cost me Β£30 to get em shiney and i like shiney scooby stuff [emoji4]
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    Just bring your puma mate, we can just hide it at the back like the Ka πŸ˜‚
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    I’d defo recommend a pro to do it for you. If you can get Krown Rustproofing in Birmingham are brilliant. They basically strip the car, and they get into all the cavities. The stuff they use is like a permanent WD40 which works it’s way into all spaces. Only needs a slight touch up every 3 years and all good. It’s clear too so looks standard still nd doesn’t hide any rust which may be forming without you knowing like some of the others do. If you really want to do it yourself get in touch with them I’m sure they’ll sell you the stuff if you want. I know you can get little spray cans but not sure about enough to do a car

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