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    Wash it. Hand polish and wax. Used a clay mitt for first time. You can feel the rough paint with the mitt.
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    Postie has been , guess I'd better hurry up and get everything run through pats hot wash 1 evening this week [emoji848] Mind you i could always start rebuilding the heads after dinner done tonight [emoji4] Not the best pic but there's pretty much every subaru gasket and seal needed to rebuild a ej207 , new headstuds ,new nitraded crank ,new rings , king racing bearings and cossie stopper headgaskets [emoji6]
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    Block half faces have been checked over, bores have had a light hone (to bed the new rings in) and the pistons have come up well . Looks like im gonna have to start getting my shopping list together soon [emoji4]
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    Well that wasn't too bad [emoji4] It's now in kitchen table sized chunks , so at least i can work in the warm close to the kettle [emoji23]🤣
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    I'm still here and I don't have a subaru at the mo, Just like the people 🤣🤣 Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Thats my classic v1 been mapped at last after all my time and effort over the winter pulling the engine and replacing head gaskets and other stuff, got live mapped on esl and it managed 302.6bhp at 1.25 bar mapper said only thing holding it back is the intercooler as when trying to run higher boost it was starting to knock so had to peg it back, i'm chuffed as f**k and so is the wee man 😉👍
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    First stage of the running in is done 😊. This involves heat cycling the engine whilst stationary, which is basically starting it up , bringing the revs up n down , waiting for the fans to kick in a few times , shutting it off , waiting till the next day (for it to completely cool down) and then repeating the "cycle " again for 4 days . I left most of the plastics off the engine whilst doing this to make it easier to spot any leaks or issues ,Glad to say it's had none at all . So now the cycling is complete it's time for the first oil and filter change ,to get rid of and metal particles from the honed bores , rings and new bearings ect.. With the fresh running in oil and filter in its ready to hit the road (once I've got some insurance) so i refitted the bay plastics over the weekend . Before i started and current pics
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    I got sent a few pics today fronm Rick at Ipswich accident repair , they were taken yesterday, so she's currently being reassembled 😊
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    I am starting a new job with Fuchs at the beginning of June, I’ll raise your concerns with the lab - see what improvements can be made
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    Cheers chaps [emoji106] i do like to get stuck in [emoji6] Managed to a bit this evening on the right hand head too [emoji4] got the lash caps in , plastigauged the cam cap oil clearances and checked the valve clearances (both of which are spot on) . I've got new avcs banjo bolts and filters to fit but just put the old ones in to bung the holes for now and put the vapor blasted cam cover on . to keep any debris out until the engines sealed up properly. plus they cost me £30 to get em shiney and i like shiney scooby stuff [emoji4]
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    Wiped the block deck and freshly machined /refurbished heads free from oil . Soaked the new head bolts and washers in oil , fitted the Cossie stopper headgaskets and torqued the heads down according to the service manual instructions. Still got a good day or 2 to go , fitting the cams , pulleys , sump , cam covers , timing belt kit , manifolds, turbo ect but it's definitely taking shape now [emoji4]
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    Hi all I am new to this forum I have been directed over by one of your members i would like to say 1st a big hello to everyone and I hope you all had a good weekend up till 7 years ago I was very heavily into owning and taking part in the sidc but a life changing event saw me having to sell my other classic. i have now 7 years on got my self into a new classic project I took delivery of the car 2 weeks ago and have now taken the engine out to replace it due to the engine letting go on the old owner. the engine is now ready to go back in after some detailing work and cleaning of the engine bay I wanted to get the areas I can not reach with the engine in. i am looking to make this a long term project and I am in no rush I want to make the car look right. i have just got hold of some uk rear light to get rid of the old ones hope you like it
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    Second hand wheels bought and fitted so it’s original. Not bad for £130. Check the photo bomber on the second pic. Cheeky little tyke.
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    Made a fair bit of progress today , finished off fitting the valves into both heads . Then although I'm fitting a new crank and king race bearings i plastigauged all the crank bearings . Which turned out to be pointless as all the oil clearances were spot on but assumption can lead to fook ups and i feel better knowing its right . Gapped the new rings to smack bang in the middle of subaru factory tollerances , smeared graphogen builders paste over cylinder walls and bearings .then fitted 2 pistons and rods to 1 bank , to save using the piston wrist pin access holes to fit the new pin clips
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    Nice but ..... [emoji850][emoji8]
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    You need to look for a new Fella hahaha
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    Done all booked and paid for 😁😁😁😁
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    Keep your willies to yourself...
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    With the cams , pulleys and avcs solenoids out you can finally get to the head bolts and remove the heads . Its a semi closed deck block and the bores are in that good a condition that you can still see the original hone marks . Not that a visual check is enough to ok the bores but its good to see that it was obviously the original 77k fsh lump [emoji41]
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    Calipers painted red. Just need to choose a colour for the wheel nuts and freshen up the wheel cap cover
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    Brought it home after it's preface refit and paintwork 😁
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    Well after a few phone calls today flux and ERS seem to have realised that there has been a massive oversight with my valuation . So ERS (prompted by flux ) have verbally offered a cash settlement which should be enough to get my scoob back to how it was prior to the accident without being categorised (written off) Although i now feel like both flux and ERS are doing the best they can for me (their customer for the past 7 yrs with 20yrs no claims) , i won't be 100% happy until i have their approval in writing . So Fingers crossed she'll be back burbling soon now , thanks for all your comments and I'll keep you all posted on the final outcome 🤞
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    Standard Hawkeye WRX no mods. Green Panel filter replaced before tune.
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    5 hrs later , Not too bad seeing as I've never pulled a newage lump before [emoji6]

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