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  1. Sorry late reply, no you definitely can't can you 😊
  2. Just had my Subaru impreza STI serviced at Richard Henry Autos in Bradford 😊 very much recommended runs sweet 😊
  3. Late reply but okay, thanks for the advice guys 😊
  4. Ah okay mate, and doesn't invalidate you're insurance? Didn't know it could tbh
  5. I'm thinking about getting a HKS turbo timer for my Subaru STI, it's a bit of a farse cooling it down all the time, and I was thinking also with a turbo time I can have the time set so it's exact every time isn't it? Would it be recommended for that reason? Also I do always warm it up before I go out also. Thanks.
  6. Best thing I've done joining this owners club 🙂 everyone is very helpful for people like myself new to the Subaru seen, thanks guys 🙂
  7. Okay, and that doesn't sound too bad? Hopefully it may of sorted itself out now. I will keep an eye on it, thank you for you're input and help guys 🙂
  8. Last week the radiator went on my subaru sti, so I've had a new one. I looked under the bonnet today and my coolant resovoir is completely empty once again? Could it be because the engine was so starved? I have topped it up and now it seems fine and the coolant level hasn't moved?
  9. Sorry to bother everyone again. The chap I bought my Subaru impreza sti of told me he was using Red coolant, so I went and bought some Red coolant today, once opening the resovoir it blatantly had Blue coolant in, I can't put the Red coolant in with that can I, what is the difference between the coolant? I am going to purchase some blue tomorrow. Any advice grateful 😊
  10. Hello I just use it in general on the roads, it has been mapped to 320bhp on the standard engine, would do you reckon to Castrol edge professional 5w - 30? That is what a garage has just recommended.
  11. In my paper work it says the car has been running on 10w 50 But on Opie oils it's saying use 5w 40. Will it ruin my car if I put a different oil in? Or does the oil need to be dropped and that put in altogether? All I am doing is topping up? Thank you.
  12. Thank you, and Opie oils? Don't mean to sound stupid but all this is a completely different language to me mate..