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  1. Many thanks I know what you mean about Derbyshire Weather! Shame about TomTom . I will call in to Colin Appleyard in Ashton it's only 45 mins from here , just for a closer look and feel for it.
  2. Hi many thanks yes Petrol is ok with me don't do a lot of miles , I know the 1.6 is a little short on power but probably ok for us. Good luck with the Ssangyong .
  3. Thanks for that really thorough review. I have just posted on here for the first time and your review has helped me a lot. Think a visit to my Dealer is on my list of things to do, just to have a closer look. Something i thought of is there a waiting list for a new XV ? Thanks
  4. Firstly a big Hello to all Members on Subaru Forums. Just joined to ask a few questions regarding my possible purchase of Subaru XV in around 7 Months time , plus need the time to get the Missus fully on board! Our present vehicle is an Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.4 Petrol Auto so almost as rare as seeing a Subaru on the road! We both Love the Car and it is our third one , and yes they have all been reliable . Don't do a lot of mileage say around 6000 a year bought new and will be 4 years old in October this year. Don't fancy the new Giulia/ Stelvio too big ; too expensive . I have been hankering after an XV for some time only ever seen one on the road and that was a long time ago . Used to have a Suzuki Vitara a few years ago and Loved it's go anywhere ability, One Winter following some heavy Snow went out to have a play and it and it took everything i threw at it still miss it to this day but don't miss the poor MPG. The XV has everything i am looking for ; unique , rugged, reliable and go anywhere ; [ bit like the Missus ! hope she doesn't read this] anyway i have a dealer quite close to me so thinking of getting a closer look , what questions should i ask , is reliability an issue? i note the 5 yr g/t but sure i read somewhere it only covers certain items after 3 yrs is that correct? Price wise it is a little expensive at 25 thow' but when you look at the kit it has it looks like a good deal. I had been looking at Hyundai Kona [ similar style] but wouldn't want to spend that amount on one of them , i think the Subaru is a much better vehicle. How is the space for the driver ? i am 6'4 and always struggle in any Car , would you buy another XV or other Subaru , size wise it is ideal for both of us Love the raised height / safety / looks / fit and finish and not many of them about , the other thing is servicing is it expensive? we would be looking at keeping for five years . Sorry for all the question but i like to do as much research as possible on any new Vehicle , it was a leap of faith getting the Alfa as many people said keep away but all 3 of them have been superb and if a new Giulietta model was due out i would definitely consider it , unfortunately nothing is on the horizon and i think i want a change. Many thanks.