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  1. My replacement battery is a Bosch - seems to be just fine.
  2. Nice idea but at the moment the garage won't do that, and I'm well past the days when I'd tackle it myself..
  3. My 6 year old Forester has lately developed intermittent starting problems with no apparent cause (i.e. one day it won't start, next day its fine. Once it has decided to start it then runs perfectly normally.) I've made copious use of the AA's services including full recovery (I congratulate the AA for always turning up quickly, and being very helpful.) Just had the news from my dealer that the car needs a replacement throttle unit. OK, but - the cost of that will likely be "well over £500". Even worse is that apparently the throttle is one of those parts that 'never go wrong' and consequently there's no stock immediately available. It's been placed on back order but it could be weeks before the part turns up. In the meantime I'm reduced to slumming it in my wife's Suzuki Swift (actually it's not a bad car really)
  4. When i purchased my 2015 Forester i was told that Subaru did not issue a service record book as all records were held electronically. Now time has come to sell on the car i'm beginning to doubt that. I do have a print out of the service history - will this satisfy any potential buyer do you think.
  5. And i thought it was just me 3 year old car and battery died on me. Fitted new battery and along came Covid and only driving short distances this battery goes flat if not driven at least twice a week. Bought battery charger and used that to top up once a week. Used like that for a while and its now ok provided i drive every week at least 50 miles even if i don't need to. No way will I buy an e-forester
  6. I see from my 2015 Forester service book that at 6 years something called a 'body retreatment' is required in order to comply with the 12 year anticorrosion warranty. I just had the mechanical service and MOT done but the dealer didn't mention anything about retreatment. It looks like a very expensive thing to do so I'm wondering whether any of you bothers with this, or do you just let the warranty lapse - doesn't that reduce the value of the car if not done ? Your thoughts please
  7. Would you believe I've had no more problems (well not the alarm anyway) since end of October. I have had battery problems as indicated above - does the alarm sound if it detects a voltage drop maybe ?
  8. Thanks for the tip - my big difficulty now is keeping the battery charged enough to start the car. AA man suggested run at idle for 10 minutes twice a week, but there's been a few worrying times when the starter only just turns. ( and by the way it's a fairly new battery) My wife's Suzuki on the other hand only needs running once a week to keep the battery going
  9. I think I've answered my own query. Although it never used to work this way, I now find that locking the drivers door with the key will indeed leave the alarm switched off. (maybe it was a previous car I was thinking of) Problem solved..
  10. I have a bit of a problem - the alarm on my 07MY Forester is going off apparently randomly once or twice a day. Going by the led codes it's the 'tilt sensor' that the car seems to think is setting it off (and I'm pretty sure there's no legitimate cause) I can't get a service appointment for a couple of weeks, so in the meantime, to avoid annoying the neighbours and me: 1. Is there any way to lock the car without automatically arming the alarm ? You would think so but locking just with the key (i.e.not using the remote) doesn't seem to be possible - it still seems to arm the whole system OR 2. Is there any way to set the alarm to 'flash only' i.e. no sound.
  11. the battery in my MY06 Forester went completely dead after only a couple of weeks - new one was fitted but that has drained after only a few weeks. I bought a charger (RAC 'approved') but dismayed to see the first line of the user guide 'battery must be removed from the car before charging'. I don't want to take the battery out ever time - have I bought the wrong sort of charger or are the user instructions just over-cautious ? By the way, the only thing I had to reset after a flat battery was the radio tuning.
  12. All sorted - turned out the battery was on its last legs, and the last straw was that I had left an interior light on. Kudos to AA assistance who turned up 10 minutes early and has now set off on a 50 mile round trip to get a new battery (being Subaru they're apparently not very common so none of my local tyre&battery shops have one). ..and to answer my original question, the electrics powered up normally when he connected a charger, including sounding the alarm.
  13. Thanks - the car battery is almost completely dead (voltmeter reading 0.1v) so too late to do a backup.. I'm guessing the car battery may not recover from that low so a new one seems in order..
  14. Just suffered a completely flat battery. Car is only 4.5 years old so I didn't expect it. No problem to buy and install a new battery but niggling my mind is whether it's as easy as it sounds. In particular, when the new battery is in, is there any process needed to reboot the ECM electronics or will it all just start up by itself. Ditto to the alarm system and anything else I might not have thought of. Sorry to post such a basic question but last time I had to change a car battery ECM's hadn't been invented (yes that long ago)
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