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  1. I have a 2009 Subaru WRX. And I believe I have blown the turbo, can anyone confirm this sound is a blown turbo or something else potentially more serious? Please see attached video. https://1drv.ms/f/s!ACxQA9_LJuplgTc Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey team, I have just signed up, seen similar posts regarding this but I have done some extra things unlike others. I have recently converted to a front mount intercooler and upgraded to a Td05 20g turbo, I have also put in a DW200 fuel pump and still have STI Pink injectors to go in..I have put these in and I am now having what seems to be a misfire issue. I believe it is from a vaccum leak but I am stumped on where it could be coming from. I have it at a shop but it is there on a pay first basis and it is there to get other work carried out too so I am doing most of the work myself as much as I can. The list is as follows as to everything I have replaced and what I have done to try find this issue: TD05 20G - New gaskets, studs, nuts etc. All secure and tight. Oil feed is tight, oil return is on but needs clamped. Water feed is tight, water return needs tightend (Wastegate actuator is in the way, cant get anything in there till I put my external on.) K&N Pod filter connecting to a silicone Induction pipe - Revirculating bov hose has been blocked off with a plug and the PCV hose has been replaced and fitted with clamps. (I am also running a boost tap, I know slap me now but it is locked on 8psi and only temporary.) So the front to hoses are blocked off. Front mount intercooler - All the joiners are if anything extra tight and have all been clamped down with think boy clamps. Blow off valve is mounted on the pipin and has an adapter and has been clamped on with hose clamps and a circlip. Breather hoses on the metal rail running across the top of the intake manifold - friend of mine snapped one so I replaced them both with silicone 10mm hose and they are clamped with zip ties and fit fine. Spark plugs - These are a fit the vehicle standard and the car starts up fine (The motor was flooded so replacement was necessary.) They unflooded the car real quick but as stated there is a misfire/rough idle. Coils were all fine when I looked at them. Oil change and oil filter - Using oem parts and I believe 5/30 is what i put in it, fully synthetic stuff. Oem fuel filter - Just standard fuel filter change with the fuel pump fit in snug and the hoses are all fine. Oil pressure gauge - I have installed a 60mm boost gauge, AFR gauge and Oil Pressure gauge, the oil pressure sensor sits behind the alternator nice and snug but it sill isn't reading any pressure (Probably my dumb **** not soldering the wires to the sensor) the boot gauge is fine that was easy as and the AFR hasn't been wired in yet. As far as I can remember that is all I have done motor wise etc. Now we get to the juicy part. I start the car and for a second it is fine it goes up to about 1500 to 1800 rpm as it is a cold start but it drops down to about 800 to 500 and the motor shakes, actually makes a horrible noise from the intercooler piping rubbing on the guard from its little fit. I feather the throttle and I get up to 2k rpm and it sounds normal but it instantly drops down every time I lift off and continues to throw a tantrum. The car was running fine before I did all the work. Now I have not checked the fault codes, I am assuming the shop will do that if the smoke machine doesn't show a vacuum leak. I have squeezed, pulled and twisted every vacuum line but there are no splits, holes, brittleness or anything on any of them. I can only think the worst at this point and I would rather not think it if I can help it. Hence why I am reaching out. I am absolutely stumped. Feel free to ask any questions and provide any ideas, I will probably try most of your ideas on Monday when I can get the keys back to open the car. I have had the battery out for more than long enough for the ecu to reset and still the same issue.
  3. Hi Guys so long story short.. I am in the process of getting more power out of my car which is currently on a IHI VF28. I am on a budget so bare with me. I know the billets and garrets etc are quiet pricey so I am looking at alternatives. I know of some guys who have used the ebay TD05 20g Turbos and managed to get 400+Plus after some alterations to fit a 99 subaru and there going strong after 2 years. I think the cost is around £200 for them. You then have the Kinugawa option which are in the £780 Region which produce similar power. I know the general stigma attached to the Chinese Turbo are negative simply because its unbranded and from China so people think cheap. Having said that some people have bought them and their cars are running fine. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge and or Turbo Options?
  4. I have installed a front mount inter-cooler on my99 turbo 2000 and a cone filter. The car is mafless however upon starting its idling and not running properly and putting out white smoke through the exhaust. It is hesitant to rev. What could this potentially be down to? Could it be the dumpy valve? Could it be that it needs a map again? Could it be anything else?
  5. Hi there I own a 97 subaru impreza wrx. I inherited from my dad who passed. He always wanted to put a bigger turbo on it and get it mapped. So I'm going to do it. Just wondering what is a safe power to go to. I've heard people mention that gearboxes can go on them. It's decated. Got an intercooler, uprated cold air feed and walbro 255 pump. Im getting 550cc injectors and a bigger turbo. I was thinking hybrid my td04 or getting a 20g td05. If anyone else has other turbo ideas I'm happy to hear them. Just dont want to be spending a £1000 just on a turbo lol. Not that rich. Just looking for general advice on safe bph and things I should be checking out for when doing these upgrades. Thank you in advance.
  6. Hello everyone. I have just joined and I hope someone can help me. So I have a 2008 legacy 2.0 diesel saloon. While driving last week I lost all turbo boost. I got home and checked the turbo, its toast, huge play in the shaft, I'm lucky it didn't come apart. Oil pick up was jammed with carbon, I'm blessed that I didnt break the crank! Anyway, im now looking for a turbo replacement and I have located one locally. The turbo I have found is from a 2011 car and I'm just wondering if anyone knows if this will fit my 2008 car. Thanks in advance guys, I appreciate any input. Regards, John.
  7. Hi Guys My brakes are sparking and need changing does anyone know what size the disc pads on the front and back are as I they come in different sizes? Car is a uk turbo 2000 year 1999.. Cheers
  8. Hello all, I purchased myself a 2006 Subaru Forester XT. It is absolutely beautiful. 111,000 miles on it (for £3200, I'm happy). 😁 Today whilst I was driving it back from town, I pulled off the roundabout, chucked it in 2nd and put my foot to the floor. It hit 3000revs and then I felt the turbo kick in hard, then it sort of briefly stopped giving me power, for like <0.5 a second. This was immediately followed by a sudden lunch of all the power at once and it quickly got up to redline and that was that. 😨 The trade seller had told me the throttle body was recently replaced and I am wondering whether this could be at fault? This is my first turbo car, so unsure where to begin diagnosing. The only last tidbit of info I can give is that if you rev it hard, there is a smell of petrol that gets into the cabin. Does anyone have some suggestions? 😟 thank you :)
  9. Hello all I have removed the turbo charger from my fathers 2003 Forester XT (TF035 HM 49135-04500) in an attempt to troubleshoot a performance issue On inspection there is significant play in the shaft in all directions. I have no previous experience with turbo charged engines Is anyone able to offer any recommendations for the next steps? I have attempted to source a replacement CHRA but suppliers have replied stating that a suitable replacement is not available. I have also had separate advice stating that balancing would be required after a new CHRA was installed anyway Do any particular turbo repair companies stand out for their service and value for money based on people's experience? Thanks in advance Steven
  10. Just had the engine out of my 2006 impreza Sti to do the head gaskets (shock). It is now refitted to the car and I'm experiencing a reeeee sounding noise at about 0.4 Bar, getting louder up to 1.1 Bar where the boost limit is hit. I also have code P2021 "Intake runner position sensor/switch low bank 2 c" showing but disappears and stays off for the duration of the drive when reset, but the reeee noise was there from the moment the engine was boosted the first time, where as the code didn't appear until after the MOT last weekend. As far as I'm aware the garage didn't touch the engine. Previously it was showing the same code but on bank 2 a, but this was sorted by installing the sensor correctly as I hadnt previously. Anyone have any ideas on what the noise could be and if its related to the code, and if there is a sensor c on the ej257 intake runners/TGVs? All hoses are tight and ftted correctly around the intercooler and turbo.
  11. Hello all. So I am about to upgrade my stock TD04L 13t turbo on my 2006 WRX. I waiting on my 19t conersion kit and 11 blade turbine wheel arriving. Any way I'm going to send the turbo down to Turbo Dymamic to get it rebuild and have the new parts fitted. I will of course get the car mapped however I was planning on getting the remap done a month or 2 after I've had the upgraded turbo fitted. My question is will the car to ok to drive prior to getting the car mapped? I know the performance will be affected but is there any other concerns regarding this? I wouldn't be thrashing it or anything Inbetween the new upgraded turbo being installed and the tune.
  12. Afternoon all, so I have a 2006 Blobeye Impreza WRX. I had a full rebuild around 8k ago now, and things have been fine up until the last two months or so. I now have the following issues that any advice would be greatly appreciated on: 1 - My car boosts fine following an oil and filter change, but after around 1.5-2k it starts to make a strange noise after around 5-7psi of boost. After an oil and filter change it then boosts up to 19psi with no issues or noise. 2 - My car is using oil - a lot! Every week I seem to be topping up oil levels. I have took the filler cap of whilst running and no puffs of smoke, since owing the car (one year in January2018) it has had 5 oil changes, with magnetic sump plug fitter after the first. Which when I change has a small amount of what I can only describe as magnetic sludge on it. No metal partials, just a very fine dust like sludge. This scares me! But reading around I have read that it could be the new bearings wearing in??? I have also read about the PCV valve and that this can increase oil use. Is this true? and where do you find this part in the UK I've looked everywhere! I have part numbers 11819AA001 and 11810AA000 and can only find and import from America - what! My car is also not smoking at all on start up. Condensation yes, but no blue smoke, and when I try and rev or boost higher than just normal driving I don't get clouds of smoke either. Turbo and seals okay I believe? 3 - If i drive at a constant speed/engine load (by this I mean RPM) of above 3k in any gear I get a flashing engine management light - the worst! I've researched and found that this is a misfire. Specifically on an OBD reader is cylinder one. I have done the following to try and rectify it with no success: 1) New set of NGK Iridium Plugs. I've gone for PFR7 (standard STI plugs) as I have a few mods including a ECUtek map that is only running 275bhp, with approximately 19psi of boost. Now I gaped these plugs to 0.65, but then now read that they are 0.7 as standard. Could this be the fault? I have also changed the coil for another one that I had from an STI Intake that I bought, and has not resolved the issue, or changed the cylinder. 4 - when idling from a cold start it idles very well and consistently. When driving if I drop my clutch, the engine speed drops and nearly stalls (<300rpm approx) and then catches itself and increases, it never actually does stall. I have had my MAF sensor out and cleaned this, but made no difference. Now I am no mechanic at all, but I am handy with a spanner and willing to learn, so I hope I haven't embarrassed myself here. This is my first Subaru, and first performance car so please be nice guys. Any advice is greatly appreciated. This is also my daily driver and does around 150-170 miles per week. Thanks in advance, Trev P.S. list of mods: -Rebuilt short block with V7 Pistons, new rings and V10 rods. Honed block and built to a tolerance of "two thou" (so I am told). Re-skimmed heads and pressure tested before fitting. All usual gaskets and seals replaced and including Crank and big end bearings. -Full decat exhaust with ninja two backbox -inner wing induction system - with clean K&N filter -ECUTek remap at 275bhp (tested at Corten Miller - Lincolnshire) after run in of new build - BC Coilovers - hard ride! - Standard Recirculation valve - Silicone hoses all round except turbo intake - doing when I next work on the car Exedy Stage two organic clutch fitted with rebuild Using Subaru Black JDM Oil filter and 5-40 Fully Synthetic Castrol Titanium oil - Planned mods: JDM STI intake with Subaru TGV deletes and STI Pink injectors (bought), and maybe a rebuilt turbo expenses and fiancee permitting lol, and then remap to suit.
  13. Hi all, I am after a TD05 16G Subaru Turbo. Does any one have one there would like to sell? Give me a shout if so. Charlie_north89@hotmail.co.uk
  14. Hi, 23 years old newbie. Attached pics of my first ever subaru bought yesterday :D Excited to navigate this site and learn new things :) Just bought 2003 2.0T but dont know what turbo is in it could anybody tell me please? For now I'm assuming a TD04 15g? Someone said TD04 19T but I don't think it is? Completely new to Subarus though so I could be way off. Thanks
  15. Hi all. I'm looking for a TD04L-13T for my MX5 project. If anyone has one they're willing to sell then please let me know.
  16. So just a quick question to confirm. I own a 2006 WRX, am I right in saying the stock turbo on one of these is the TD04L? I kniw the USDM verson has the TD04L, but wasn't sure if that's the case in the UK as some people state the WRX having just the TD04.
  17. So just a quick question to confirm. I own a 2006 WRX, am I right in saying the stock turbo on one of these is the TD04L? I kniw the USDM verson has the TD04L, but wasn't sure if that's the case in the UK as some people state the WRX having just the TD04.
  18. Hello Up for sale a used condition TD04L for sale in good working order. 440CC Yellow injectors x 4 Top mount inter cooler with Y Pipe. For sale individually or together message me for more information Cheers.
  19. Hello Up for sale a used condition TD04L for sale in good working order. 440CC Yellow injectors x 4 Top mount inter cooler with Y Pipe. For sale individually or together message me for more information Cheers.
  20. Hello I need an Actuator for a VF28 turbo does anyone have one or know where i can get a good one for a decent price. Cheers.
  21. Hello people I took my car impreza classic out today and was giving it a fair bit of acceleration. However upon doing this the car hesitated to accelerate and appeared to have more of a lag/juddering feeling not a major judder no sounds of grinding from under or back or the front of the car just abit of lag then acceleration then lag again and i stress it was hesitant. Has this happened to anyone before and does anyone know what it can potentially be? Cheers
  22. Hello people I took my car impreza classic out today and was giving it a fair bit of acceleration. However upon doing this the car hesitated to accelerate and appeared to have more of a lag/juddering feeling not a major judder no sounds of grinding from under or back or the front of the car just abit of lag then acceleration then lag again and i stress it was hesitant. Has this happened to anyone before and does anyone know what it can potentially be? Cheers
  23. SUBARU WRX TURBO This beast of a car is like none other on the road and is a clean well-modified example of the iconic WRX Impreza in the awesome world rally blue/gold colour combo. This has to be one of the best looked after Subaru’s out there from a genuine car enthusiast! Washed and waxed 1-2 times a week! I got this car because I fancied a change from my previous VW however I’m just a VW guy at heart therefore reverting back. MOT until 07/01/2018 – All previous MOTS included Service History with a heap of paperwork and original books Runs fantastic, had no issues with her during my ownership. Paintwork is in very good condition for age although it is a 14 year old car so please don’t expect it to be perfect – there is stone chips etc as you’d expect THE SPECS: Engine: · Full engine rebuild at 82,704 with full, detailed receipt · Brand new clutch at 115,633 miles · HKS Dump Valve · Various Silicone Hoses · Afterburner 3’’ Centre Pipe · Afterburner Raptor Performance 3’’ Back Box · Stage 2 remap by Avon Tuning · Turbo Timer Chassis: · XXR 527 alloys in Gold brand new January this year · 4 x Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres with tonnes of tread · STI Brembo front brakes · Grooved front discs, drilled rear discs Cosmetic: · STI Rear Spoiler · STI Bonnet Scoop Viewings welcomed but test drives only with proof of fully comprehensive insurance – otherwise, I’m more than happy to take you out for an extended test drive to show you what she can do! £5750 or very near offers considered! Call Harry on 07816 220 278 or 01453 860 928 (please leave a message if no answer and I will get back to you asap!)
  24. Hello all. I am trying to find a VF35 turbo or alternatively I will get a used VF34. I can't find any VF35 on the market, was hoping to may be get a used one of Ebay. Got out bided on one at the weekend, gutted. Not planning on tuning my wrx Hawkeye wagon till late next year so will be keeping an eye out for a VF35. Anyone got one to sell or know a source PM me or email charlie_north89@hotmail.co.uk.
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