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  1. My rear bumper is tatty and I'd like to replace it - anyone got one in good condition, paint code 48w? I'm in Kent but happy to pay postage for a good one.
  2. A new addition to my family forces the sale of my beloved Impreza WRX-S Hatchback Special Edition. I have owned the car for coming up to 2 years and have loved every minute of it! It is quick, practical and safe. With all the mod cons that you need including cruise control, multi-function steering wheel and 6 disc cd changer. Subaru Impreza WRX-S Obsidian Black Pearl 2.5 turbo 4wd 108,000 Miles Full service history (Recent services carried out by myself a fully trained mechanic) Cam belt changed @ 77k (December 2012) Full Year MOT
  3. Hi guys i need help i have a 2005 blob tdo5 hybrid remap etc lovely car and runng great for 4 months since the map now i have a vibrating noise from the rhs litrally under the car not the engine sounds like loose exhaust so ive sorted that but still there no loss of power but did lose it at 70mph round a corner the rear end went first time ever sounds like a loose bolt knocking in the exhaust could it be a drive shaft ? Car is mint no leaks just serviced all belts etc im puzxled and would appreciate some help im near southport if anyones about cheers
  4. Rare and brilliant unmodified example of a Subaru Impreza WRX Turbo. Only 50650 miles, an absolute bargain. Best condition Blobeye for sale. So clean it could be concourse. Standard 17 inch alloy wheels, the odd paint blemish here or there, other than that the body work is perfect. Parrot Bluetooth phone kit fitted. Smooth drive and the turbo picks up perfectly after 3500rpm. No silly modifications. Car has KYB Ultra SR shock absorbers, so no suspension knock, which is a classic issue with the standard shocks, and it also has a new Exedy FJK2033 Clutch Kit with a nice, low biting point fi
  5. I have a little question that I'm sure I will get the answer to. I'm thinking about coilovers as I have found that my rear shock has started to leak so time to upgrade. How low shall I go but still be able to keep as a daily driver? I have been on YouTube and different forums but not come to a definitive answer. Hope to hear some good advice and thanks in advance.
  6. Hey guys! I'm a new owner of a V1 WRX (K Reg import). I have owned the car about two weeks, everything seems pretty good. I have a Subaru Specialist just down the road from me but he's away on holiday for 4 weeks so i can't get him to have a look for me. My problem is when i start my car from cold (the morning for example) i will let it run for 5 mins to warm up; (like I've been told to do) then I'm on my way. After 1/4 mile pretty much at the same point on the road each time on my journey to work it will start to missfire. I don't go taring off and never boost in the first co
  7. I'm new here, was wondering if someone can get a few parts for my Subaru wrx Sti 2012 I need Front tow eye cover part code - 57731FG330 also need passenger side bumper induct part code 57731FG160 image of my bumper down below thanks
  8. Now my mapping is all sorted I'm thinking whats next this won't be for a while but I'm just brain storming. The car seems to rattle about feels like a track car with a lot of road noise and vibrations I've heard that the foam matting is good for solving these issues just wanna know if any other classic owners have tried this or if they know what I'm saying. Secondly i think i may need a 6th gear as i do motorway journeys a fair bit and wouldn't mind a non boost cruising gear to help the mpg , my car was originally a 1994 WRX import so does anyone know how i would go about getting a 6 spee
  9. Hi guys, short sharp question for you all, I'm looking at putting the fog light covers on my wrx just wondering where the best place to get them is, checked flea bay and they all seem to be for bugeyes or blobs :( while on scoobyworld they're £90 each!?! Also if anyone else has done it how potchy is it? watched a few vids and looks easy but thought id ask! cheers for the help in advance :)
  10. Hi all, I've got a Blob eye WRX that has recently started developing problems whilst steering. From straight to a direction its a bit heavy, but back to almost straight is fine. Getting it to turn the other way is a real struggle but once turned, the same thing applies. Now I had my tracking done a week or two ago when I originally had this problem which seemed to fix it. Since then its been fine but as of Saturday it went again, but much worse than before. The weird thing however, is that this is intermittent. So on Saturday after I almost wrapped myself round a tree, I pulled over and got
  11. Hi all, My name is Rob and I have owned my first Scooby for just over a year now and I can honestly say I'm hooked. I have so many plans but first I need the cash and with 3 kids is not always easy. I first got hooked when I went for a little spin in a RA spec and ever since then I was craving to own one myself. i never get board of the Boxer rumble and as the one I brought was stock so I did not really hear that distinctive sound so i had to do the first mod and change the exhaust. Here is a couple of pics for you to see.
  12. Got my car back from Eurospec performance garage today i was told it was all fixed and it didn't have a misfiring problem anymore. The car is producing 300bhp as he mapped it with the engine age in mind but I'm very happy with 300. The car seemed fine on the drive home but as soon as i got on a dual carriageway and thought i would test out my new power i got to 80mph and the car started to misfire, i couldn't believe it i have been without the car for a month and spent over £1200 and yet it still has the problem. This is the list of things the garage done to fix the misfiring probl
  13. Hi, started having idle issues with my non-turbo classic scoob, basically would start and stall within 10 seconds, threw up MAF error code (23) bought an identical one on eBay (same colour [green], same serial 22680 AA160) however this one is from a WRX - it seems to have fixed that problem but now I'm getting error code 24 and 31 (idle control valve & throttle position sensor), and issues with stalling at low revs. So basically my question is: Do MAF sensors differ between turbo/non-turbo models? These two are exactly the same but I am unsure if these are genuine e
  15. Hi everyone we are selling are beloved Impreza WRX in World Rally Blue 81,000 Miles Full service history Just had a cam belt service and mot done Just been remapped by Andrew Carr to approx 280bhp, with 50% more torque Milltek catback exhaust BC BR adjustable coilers fitted, Sensibly lowered and wheel alignment done afterwards - You can manually adjust the stiffness of the suspension. Chrome front grills Most of the services and work has been done by Adam @ Autotechnica (Great guy) A few scratches but generally in very good condition for its age.
  16. Hi, Looking for some information on the bonnet scoop on my car, I can't think off the top of my head but I'm sure most Impreza's I've seen have some sort of mesh covering the intake on the bonnet which mines seems to be missing?! (Pictures attached.) I'm not sure whether this is normal and other cars I've seen have modded the intake or whether I'm just missing one?! Sorry if this is a stupid question haha! Thanks for your help in advance! :)
  17. Hi all! Subaru noob here... Brought myself a 09 Subaru Impreza WRX STi 330s, picked it up last Saturday! I haven't stopped grinning since I picked it up (unusual for me as I'm usually miserable) I'm just astounded by the performance! Acceleration is just insane... Then again I'm not surprised, the only other car I ever owned to this point was a 1.2 Fiesta zetec... Here it is: I look forward to speaking and maybe meeting some of you guys at some point...
  18. Hi All, Hopefully someone can give me some pointers. I am looking at getting the scooped WRX bonnet and fitting it to my RX Hatchback. I have been informed that it should fit. My main question is obviously there is no inter cooler under the scoop. Will this cause any issues especially in regards to rain water etc getting in to the engine bay? Any information or any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Connor
  19. here we have a 4 peace team Heko set of wind deflectors to fit the 07 on hatchback.these are the type that fit inside your window runner so their is no sticking stuff to your paint or anything,had them on my hatch for about 4months but decided their not for me,fit in 5 mins ,these look sleek dont stick out like wings like the other type do,no scratchs on them their like new, £20 collect from barnsley or will post for £10 extra thanks for looking
  20. Dear Sir/Mam, We are looking for parts for a Subaru Impreza 4WD standard of WRX, preference goes out to a WRX (NO STI !!). Construction year must be from 2002 untill 2007. We are also capable to buy complete damaged cars. We would like to have information (construction year, type, miles etc.) and pricing of the parts that are listed below (if you have them) • Front spindles with full brakes and front lower control arms • Rear spindles with brakes and e-brake handle/cables • Steering rack, tie rod ends, and upper steering column assembly • Pedal box and throttle pedal • Master cylinder and
  21. So I'm going to scooby clinic for a alcatek ECU fitted and mapped and while I'm there I'm upgrading my injectors they are standard at the moment and I've bee told to get yellow 440's. Scooby clinic are charging me 400 quid plus vat to supply and fit new injectors so am i better off buying some second hand ones or paying for new? So when i come to buying second hand yellows is there just the one kind? just want to be certain i turn up with the right injectors to be fitted before the mapping Ive got a WRX classic 94 3.5 inch exhaust front mounted intercooler new spark plugs AEM in
  22. set 4 Bk racing eclipse alloy wheels with 215/40/17 tyres 5x100 stud pattern,fit bug,blob,hawk and hatch wrx,not sti 2 tyres are toyo proxes4 with 4mm tread 2 tyres are ovation VI-388 performace with 4mm tread collect from barnsley £250
  23. Hi All, I am trying to find somewhere that sells the Front Lip/Spoiler/Splitter for an 08 - 10 RX/WRX. Can anyone help?
  24. Apologies if already posted elsewhere but saw this on SUBARU RECALL NOTICE: IMPREZA MODELS (2004 – 2007) As part of its quality processes Fuji Heavy Industries, parent company to Subaru Automobile has issued an official recall campaign relating to possible front passenger air bag SPI inflator failure.The recall notice applies only to Impreza models (including WRX and STI) built between 2004 and 2007. The recall does not affect any other models in the Subaru range. The vehicles affected are equipped with front passenger air bag SPI inflators manufactured by air-bag maker Taka
  25. Hi guys, I've got a 2003 WRX and i'm looking at replacing the exhaust for something with a little more of a voice! Its currently got the prodrive exhaust on which give a nice sound but not quite the burble i'm after! I want something that will roar when you give it some but nothing silly like the nur-spec. The cars a daily so i would like to keep my ear drums un-perforated... Cheers!
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