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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, It's my first post on here, was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or ideas on best steps to take with the situation I'm in. I have a 59' reg (2010) Outback with the 3.6 EZ36 engine and I live in Aviemore, Scotland. I bought the car a couple of years back with 67k miles, 5k later the coolant light began to illuminate intermittently, this got worse to the point where it was flashing (indicating to pull over let the engine cool). The local garage carried out a pressure test, which came back fine, I proceeded to take it to the Dealer in Inverness who told me it's likely that the head gasket has gone; the dealer's initial price estimate for HG replacement is roughly £4000! I've yet to enquire with the local garage to see if they're able to do this, yet alone come up with a price estimate (they had to order a pressure testing kit for their initial check). I'm thinking I ought to try some liquid Head Gasket Sealer to see if that works first, but assuming it doesn't work and the local garage can't do the job, I'll be left to decide whether I get rid of the car or stick £000s into it (I originally bought it for £13k) Just for context, the journey from Inverness back into Aviemore has left me feeling uncomfortable driving any distant more than a few miles at a time due to having to pull over so often to let the engine cool, so I'll probably have to organise transport for the car to take it anywhere in the future. If anyone can recommend a Subaru/Japanese Car specialist that's not too far away it would be greatly appreciated; also if anyone has any experience with these or other Subaru engines with HG issues any advice would also be terrific 🙂 Thanks, Sam
  2. Overview This report details the results of a build completed by Scoobyclinic. It illustrates that a combination of parts, which on correct assembly could result in an engine capable of a solid 440bhp but fail completely within a very short space of time (approx 6200 miles) due to a number of reasons - Head studs incorrectly fitted, head bolts not torqued down, machined faces scored, liners proud of block, poor honing and piston to cylinder gap intolerance History Built by ScoobyClinic for Mikee Singh Sold by M Singh to James Bastable Sold by J Bastable to Paul @ Midwest Performance Bought from Midwest Performance by me Advert from the Midwest site 2008 WRX STI,Massive Scooby Clinic Racing Spec, 5000 miles since forged engine rebuild, , 480 bhp and 500 ft lb pump fuel v power, 505 bhp & 525 ft lb on 20% meth, Mapped by Mark and pat at Subaru Specialists Scooby Clinic, , Syvecs S6 GP ECU with syvecs expander, , Toucan touch screen display, , 6 switchable maps, , Launch control, , Anti lag, , Engine:, SMG linered ej257 block, Built by mark Wilson at clinic, JDM Hatch Spec C Dual AVCS Heads, FIC 1100cc injectors, Spark plugs ngk 7, Mahle Forged pistons, Manley rods, ARP Studs, Cosworth Gasket, Twinscroll sump, New Billet SC46 (high flow turbine)…… The car was built by scooby clinic for one of there in house racing drivers as his daily car Kev @ Scoobyclinic has confirmed the spec as described in the advert and that the build was completed by Mark – quoted as being a “£12k build” by email. The engine numbers could not be confirmed as it was an internal project and that data is not retained by SC The parts listed have been confirmed on strip down which identifies the engine to be the original build unit: ARP Studs Mahle pistons Manley Rods Linered EJ 257 block Spec C heads Mileage on car when collected Circa 38000 (Online MOT history confirms this to be valid) Mileage when rebuild was completed Circa 32900 Current mileage 39064 Approximate mileage completed by myself 1000 Approximate mileage completed since rebuild 6160 Both J Bastable and Midwest Performance have stated no engine work or parts were replaced on the motor by them. The Report Leaking crank seal All cam pulley bolts were very loose except n/s exhaust pulley. It is suspected that was tightened up properly making the timing belt slip on that pulley hence the rest being dangerously loose, they would have continued to gradually loosen until falling out completely All clearances on timing guides were incorrect, these are fitted to ensure the timing belt does not jump teeth. How these were fitted it’s not possible they could do their job correctly. Damage from a tool under one of the cam seals. It looks like the seal may have been hammered too far in then a screwdriver used to pull it out damaging the head A single bearing timing belt small guide idler bearing fitted The 2.5l STI has a dual bearing type as standard due to the heat and load that can be generated in the bearing race The oil pump had inadequate sealant. Whilst it was not leaking at the point of engine failure it had the potential to fail in the near future This oil pump is a Cosworth modified Subaru 10mm oil pump & this engine is dual AVCS so should be fitted with a 12mm oil pump as standard. (OEM Part number: 15010-AA310) As it is an aftermarket oil pump with a smaller diameter but with the potential to generate increased pressure it is contentious as to the oil supply requirements, pressure vs flow rate capability. For a dual AVCS 2.5l unit there is a high probability this would be insufficient The specific mounting bolts which require three bond sealant on assembly had none applied resulting in eventual oil leakage Head studs fitted incorrectly. This potentially caused / contributed to the failure of the cylinder head gaskets. The head gaskets have definitely failed in several places. It cannot be ascertained 100% if there was the reuse of old head gaskets in this build. The damage on the gaskets could be attributed to either vibration caused by the head studs being incorrectly fitted - not being torqued as required or that old head gaskets have been used resulting in cylinder head gasket failure. Given the relatively low mileage since the rebuild (circa 6164 miles) and the damage to the gaskets themselves this would indicate the reuse of old gaskets. On removal of head studs from the block, grit was present in the threads. This means the head studs will not have been torqued down correctly The face of the head shows scoring. This will have been incurred either on assembly with the face being moved on a rough surface or during the machining process - blunt tool or material being picked up from the sleeve and dragged across the surface The sleeve itself is prominent above the deck not machined flush. There are signs of the engine burning excessive oil, evident by the burnt oil on the crown of all pistons The pistons have picked up in their bores. This could be down to incorrect piston / wall clearances or a poor quality build - not completing pre installation tolerance measurements. The bores have been honed incorrectly (too shallow an angle on the hone) This has contributed to oil usage due to oil bypassing the rings.