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Found 25 results

  1. Hey all, New member here. Just posted on NASIOC and another sub-forum on here. Im just looking for some advice besides the usual nay-sayers that will always offer the usual buy a WRX. This is out of the question unfortunately. As the title suggests I just bought a 2005 Forester EJ20 XT and im looking to engine swap into my daily 2008 Impreza 1.5r Hatchback non turbo. I have both complete running and driving cars and aim to sell the rest of the forester and my 1.5 engine and gearbox to help fund the project as I go. I have space and some tools but will need to hire an engine cra
  2. Hey guys So as the title suggests I don’t own a scoobie but looking for any advice/tips/guides on what to look out for when buying a scoobie. I have always wanted to a classic sti scooby since I was a kid and now it’s time to actually get one. I really want a classic sti v5 or v6 and wanted to ask if I could get any advice/tips on what to look out for. My budget is around £6/7k and wanted to know if you guys think I could find a good example for around this price. Any thoughts/help is appreciated Thanks
  3. Hello everyone! My names Ken and i recently bought a used Subaru Legacy 2008 (Petrol Powered, 110Kw) Estate car a month ago as my first car! When i bought it it had about 241,000 KM done on it but i've been driving around it and testing its limits and its done quite well for me. I have a colleague who's driven all kinds of Subaru's and she told me - "Once you Subaru, it will take your hands and legs and never let go". That is certainly the case with mine, i never ever want to go back to anything else :) I live outside of the main city where i am, and to own a competant "4 Wheel driv
  4. Hi everyone ive just joined and am going crazy. I have spent months going round in circles looking for a company in the uk to send my subaru impreza 2002 wrx to for an engine build. i would like more power full engine build tuning ect. Please can i get some reputable recommended company`s thank you.
  5. Hi guys/galls, Looking to change my wheels quite soon but I'm having trouble choosing! 🤔 As she looks now. I'm gonna load some pics (numbered but not named) and I haven't yet chosen a make, so they're a guide only for now, I'd appreciate your feedback and comments. On my last Scooby, '09 WRX Hatch I went for the Wolfrace Asia-Tec in gunmetal. (#1) and they looked awesome. 😁 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, So far I'm leaning towards 4 &
  6. New to scoobies. 23 years old. No no claims discount. Insurance companies hate me. Hoping to find some good advice from wise subaru lovers to guide me through my first subaru journey. Picked up 03 Forester 2.0T import today, intend to love it more than my own family and build it up every so slowly. Thanks for creating such an interesting helpful forum! See you out there.
  7. I've just bought a new WRX STI and I'm absolutely buzzing.. it's so impressive and so friggen quick. What a car !! I bought it from a show room and it was used as a demo.. 5,000 miles only and came remapped and other trick bits. So I can't thank Subaru in Pershore enough.. great service. But back to the car.. if Heineken made midlife crises.. 😂 The build quality to the engine sound is phenomenal.. I work hard and so I spoilt myself.. and ain't I glad I did. Love the car
  8. Looking for a power steering pump for my 06 Impreza STi, EJ25 engine (not sure if Legacy/Outback/Fozzies with same engine will work?). Thanks!
  9. Hey! Just bought myself a nice Scooby! WRX, 300bhp, stage2 with lots of mods! Just thought i'd meet fellow Suabru owners/get ideas! Only things iv done to her so far is side lights..healthcheck..mudflap stickers.. small things make big difference ;)
  10. Hi guys! Long time lurker, first time poster. I've had a non turbo subaru for a while and have now recently bought a turbo 2000. Expect some fun technical questions from me in the future im sure. Looking forward to diagnosing a random leak and possible head gasket issue in my first 2 weeks of ownership. YAY.
  11. Hi realized i never introduced my self back in December 2015 i find it weird just saying hello haha. After alot of ummin and arrring final took the plung to say hello and buy premium membership and finally upgraded my bugeye gx to a bugeye wrx and loving the upgrade turbo noise it going to lead me into trouble. I hope to make a few friends and possible seek some advise on the problems my old 2002 wrx is displaying that probably been talked about already on the forums but if anyone has some advise onit that would be brill. Sorry about my grammer in pre advance i am one of those that has to get
  12. Hi everyone, I'm new to the here and new to subarus im looking at putting my bugeye on coilovers but don't really know which brand to buy? I don't want to be spending a lot of money yet as don't know what I'm going to think of coilovers yet? Any ideas?
  13. Getting some new number plates with carbon fibre lettering from Demon plates and you can add a slogan just wandering if anyone had any ideas for a good scooby slogan? Otherwise i was just going to have Impreza WRX STI this is the link if anyone is considering getting some they are really good quality.
  14. Just a quick one if anybody is interested. We have a workshop full of Brand New Genuine Subaru Parts that we need to clear out. These include the original packaging and have been sourced from Subaru Dealers. Due to us needing the space we are offering our vast selection of parts via our ebay shop for bargain prices. Remember, these are exactly the same parts you'd be buying from Subaru Dealers except we're selling them much cheaper. More are being added all the time as we have a full workshop of parts to upload so feel free to make requests and to keep checking our ebay shop. All these
  15. Hi All, I just thought I would introduce myself. My name is Connor and I live in Coventry. I own a 2008 Subaru Impreza RX Hatchback which is my first car and I love it. Unfortunately due to being young (19) and insurance being so much I could not afford to get a WRX but it is a great car for for my first. I have had it nearly a year now and I would appreciate some advice on things I could do to improve the car until I can afford to upgrade. thanks :)
  16. Hey everyone, I'm new to Subaru and loving it, look forward to chatting and getting opinions from yas all and I'll help back if I can haha
  17. Ok so I bought a new Subaru 94 import wrx Sti it's fast like 300bhp fast and now I'm not so sure what to do with my 1.5 hatch which I still have and love , any ideas how to choose ?
  18. Hi all, I've had my 2007 Legacy 2.0 RE for a while now, and I'm looking to change the exhaust to get a.. meatier.. sound. Nothing too deafening, just more of a rumble. Could you suggest anything or point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  19. Hi Guys, Im thinking of getting myself a STI 330s, i havnt owned a Subaru before but i have fallen in love with this car! Just wanting to know if you have any opinions or tips Thanks
  20. Hi pll I'm from Portugal and me new here on the site and forum. I don't have a subaru but i'm selling a real coat, travel gab and cap from the 98 rally of portugal from the team Subaru 555. Any interest ppl please send me e-mail to
  21. Hi everyone I'm currently looking at buying a v5-v6 impreza i've always wanted one and i like to think i'm pretty good with a pair of spanners but being unfamiliar with subaru and their boxer lay-out i just wanted to ask a few questions hopefully a few people know a bit about. .Do the classic imprezas (v5-v6) have any common faults to look out for? .How often is the cam belt in need of replacing? .what power are the standard internals good for? either red top or normal one? I'm going to look at a subaru soon and i want to be knowledged up on the main things to look out for, any hel
  22. new and need help, looking for hatchs breaking
  23. 2006 WRX STI brand NEW front&rear seats for sell in Lithuania. Price 800 pounds, contact via email: or +370 655 15510
  24. Brand new, mint condition 2006 WRX STI front&rear seats for sell in Lithuania. Price 800 pounds. Contact via
  25. Hey peeps. I'm looking to buy my first n wondering what should I be looking for on the 2nd hand market? I'd love a WRX STI or summit close to like but what should I be looking out for. Also what to look for wen test driving and looking round one. Any help would be sound. Thanks :)
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