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Found 12 results

  1. Hi All, I've posted this on the UK Legacy forum, posting here to see if anyone has any ideas. Taken a couple of videos of the noise. Its pretty clear and loud on the first (when the engine is warm). more difficult to hear when engine is cold when I took the aux belt off but its still there. Doesn't sound like its coming from the front of the engine (Timing Chain), sounds more valvey, but its strange that a valve would be loose since as they wear they should get tighter? Any ideas would be awesome. Engine has done 143k miles, so part of me is thinking it would be easy to buy a second hand engine and put that in, rather than pull the one I have apart (especially if i'm paying a garage) Aux Belt on - Warm Engine: Aux Belt off - Cold Engine: Thanks
  2. Hello - new to this forum - all looks good so far. Need some advice please: 2007 2.5 SE manual outback making a real werring noise from the back (my wife describes its as having a motor bike behind you the whole time). Starts in around 30mph the gets louder as you go faster and its slowly getting worse. So far I have tried: 1. Checking the centre bearing on the prop shaft: Turns freely - not that 2. Changing the passenger side rear wheel bearing (hub assembly) - where the it sounded like it was coming from if you sat in the back - not that. Now wondering if it is A. Other rear wheel bearing, B. one of the drive shaft joints (unlikely - all 4 CV rubber boots like fine) or C. The differential. Tempted just to swap out the diff. as a precaution BUT not sure if the many diffs from gen 3 outback diesels listed on Ebay are correct for this 2.5 SE manual.Is there a listing anywhere for diff. part numbers to model / year? Is there a fool proof way of sorting out a noisy differential form a failing wheel bearing ? Don't want to start a 'money pit' round of swapping out parts needlessly but do need to get this fixed. So any advice or guidance would be much appreciated. PS: Generally well impressed by the elegance of the design of these cars.
  3. Hi All, It has been a while since I have been on the forums. I finally decided to upgrade from 2008 impreza RX to a 2011 WRX STI (Saloon). Anyway eventually I upgraded the exhaust and started to notice a loud whine noise when hitting boost. It has been to a local garage and they couldn't find any exhaust or boost leaks. The garage said that they think it is just turbo spool noise resonating through the exhaust but I am just not sure. It sounds louder than what I would expect turbo noise to be. Does anyone have any ideas what could be making the noise? Any help would be appreciated :)
  4. Hello again everyone, I was wondering if you could assist me in figuring out the source of a knocking noise and what could possibly be causing it. I have a 2006 impreza 1.5 R, when I am releasing the clutch to move off from a stand still a knocking noise appears, as though the engine is tapping something in the bay. I haven't been able to pinpoint the problem and recreate it everytime without fail. But if I am pulling off from a stand still then the noise could happen once quite loudly or 2 or 3 times consecutively but rather quiet. I usually move off at around 1,500 - 2,500 rpm (tis a baby 1.5 ) Dropping the clutch or doing my best to make the car jerk back and forth does not seem to produce the noise so I'm a tad confused to the analogy of a loose engine. As odd an explanation as this is, would anyone have any insight as to a common problem associated with such a noise? thank you
  5. Seminole81

    Car Noises

    this is ridiculously good haha. Anyone else do this sometimes? 😂
  6. Started hearing a strange whining noise when i put my foot down now its been doing it for a few months now and not going away but doesn't seem to have got any louder. Ive thought it could be the clutch going but i had that replaced only a year ago or some say its a sign of a turbo going but I've also had that replaced under a year ago with a healthy second hand TD05. The noise speeds up and slows down with the accelerator , any guesses?
  7. I have a 3' exhaust with no cat and no silencers in the downpipe or exhaust so its really loud. I wouldnt mind it being abit quiter ( i know strange thing to say ). Anyway to reduce the noise without loosing power? I have looked into soundproofing has anyone tried this?
  8. So recently my car has developed a sort of rattle noise its hard to explain but the noise is on when the engine is idling and speeds up and slows down when you rev it. I popped the bonnet and had a listen doesn't sound at all like its coming from the engine bay. It sounds like its maybe coming from the gearbox or mid exhaust area :S it sounds its loudest from outside the car. any ideas? should i be worried?
  9. It seems my car is just dying at the moment fix one problem and get 3 more. First one- The central locking goes crazy sometimes when I'm stopped like turning itself on and off?? second issue-The speed guadge and suddenly just died no matter what speed I'm going it is just unresponsive but the rest of the clocks are working fine third issue-Strange ticking sound like the sound of an indicator but quieter can be heard from the drivers side and the sound speeds up and slows as the car does. All of these problems happened today just from driving from my house to the shop and for petrol!
  10. Hi, My 2006 SpecD Wrx Sti has just started making a lot of noise and vibration on braking. Pads of unknown brand fitted by previous owner about 22,00miles ago. Local dealer says that they are OK and says it is disk corrosion but does not improve with repeated braking. Car passed recent MOT without comment. Rear Pads have a lot of life in them, fronts I measure (without pulling them out) at about 5mm. Disks are grooved and dimpled, no apparent excessive wear or scoring. Car pulls up Ok and straight Problem has only started recently. Advice appreciated before I lash out on new pads Thanks
  11. Firstly I apologise if this is in the wrong section, I did see others asking for the knowledge of the group here hence my post location but I am new to the forum and I don't really have many other places to turn. I can move the post if its in the wrong place but anyone's help/knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Now I should add I have tried reading up on the problem else where and I am at a point of either thinking its transmission related or turbo related, the local garage are stumped as well but they aren't scooby specialists and due to my location in the county it may have to go to Plymouth but I am worried about the drive up there because of distance, however I don't have a great knowledge of turbo cars, nor 4 wheel drive transmission systems. I'm not a complete novice either with most things maniacal and have changed complete engines and gear boxes in the past but this has me a bit stumped, I should add that I was a BMW man from the age of 19 and in January this year I saw the light so to speak :). Now my problem is with my first generation Subaru Impreza 2.0L (1997 UK) has this very strange noise whilst the engine is under load and only when under load, its fine at low speeds,l no noise and out of gear the noise stops straight away, so soon as you pass 30 MPH it starts and I can get the car to 70 with this noise whirring away quite high then as soon as I engage the clutch to disengage the gear, the turbo dunps and the noise stops, so its not brake related, nor steering and I lean away from transmission because its aright in gear at lower speeds, but then the car is under far less load at lower speeds to do things, that being said, me and four wheel drive cars don't have a lot of experience. The noise itself only appears above say 30 MPH and the more the load on the engine the higher the pitch of the noise. I will add I have had the clocks off and driven around with out them in place and still the noise was there as the noise itself sounds and feels like its bang in front of me when I drive, like in the dash board speedo area, it could of course be in the engine bay but I cant stick someone in there and drive around with them on the bonnet. I also blanked/blocked off the boost gauge breather pipe as I then thought it was my piping to the boost gauge in my alpha post but I still have this noise when the boost gauge is disconnected. I also cleaned the DV out which was stinking dirty inside but I still have the noise. Its like a whirring noise, like a doctors drill, it increases under load in tone. I'm not wanting to drive her to much at the moment but I took it out last night to get a good description in my head of what to write here today and after 30 miles it got louder, and more persistent, so it may be heat related, like the car has got hotter and then the noise increased, became more constant. I will add, prior to the noise, on rare occasions on the dual cartridge way hills at speeds of say 80-90 mph before this noise began I used to get an ECU light indication warning come up, (RED on the dash) this would only happen when if I was going up hill but not punching though the gears, like at a constant speed up the hill, sat at 80, the ECU red light would indicate, the first time this happened I stopped straight away, (along with my heart) and it cleared off with the engine being turned off, its happened more and more now with this noise happening (I have to go over 70-80MPH to get it up) but every time it does it will clear with the engine being turned off. I have also videoed the problem which can be watched here on youtube video titeled = WRX STI First Generation engine noise whilst under load. Video uploaded for purpose of diagnostics. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again Richie.
  12. Tried an exhaust bung today assuming might just knock a few decibels of the jap can but whilst i think it appeared better with some back pressure couldnt ever live with the exhaust note maybe that cracking n popping on over run needs to stay hence bung taken out and forgotten about forever Any one any input on bungs ?