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Subaru Model

Found 25 results

  1. 205/50 R16 x 4 as per photos - you are welcome to come and see them Original and genuine alloy wheels for Subaru Impreza classic £200 0no
  2. Hello, I have seen Wolfrace 18" alloys and tyres 2nd hand, 5x100 from a 2016 Seat, would they fit my 2004 WRX wagon? Thank you. JohnDil.
  3. SELLING OR WILL SWAP FOR 5x100 Subaru Impreza STI Rims and tyres All rims in great condition, few scuffs and slight curbing on one (pictured) 2 front tyres are great condition and Firestone 2 Back slightly worn on inside but still completely legal 225/45/17R 91W 17” Rims, 5x112 PCD Only selling as they don’t fit my car £160 ono
  4. Here I am selling my pro drive rims. They are lovely rims but have a bit of wear and tear. Will still look good on any Subaru but could do with a refurb to restore them to their prime. I’m looking for 400 Ono as who ever buys them may want to refurbish them. If you are interested please message and we can see if we can come to some sort of arrangement. Thank you
  5. Anybody selling original Subaru STI wheels 18x8.5 5x114.3? Forged or standard models from 2008+
  6. Hi guys. Could anybody help me.....will 17x7.5 wheels go on my wagon. It has been lowered and is on standard rims which i am pressuming are 17x7. Will the wider wheels go on ok with out catchin on anything whilst turning? Is it possible to put 18s on are would they be too big?
  7. Anybody know if and where is possible to get the BBS wheels for WRX STI 2015+, ideally the black coloured ones that were sold in the States? Thanks
  8. I have a full set of 18 inch OZ Superturismo Alloy Wheels and Tyres on sale through ebay: The tyres are nearly new Michelin PS3. The wheels are 5x100 ET48. The wheels weigh approximately 9.5kg each.
  9. AME Tracer TM-02 for saleSet of 4 in light BronzeUsed goods in great condition17x7j, 5x100 +48Rare Lightweight wheel, Manufactured by Enkei for the Kyoho Corporation (owners of AME) Full set of center caps, all valve stems and caps present and intact Great fitment for Subaru Impreza, Legacy, Forester, BR-Z, Toyota Celica, GT-86, Prius, Lexus Ct200h and many more Price: €1050 / £830 / $1190 + shipping Price is in Euros, other currencies quoted were the equivalent rate at the time of posting and are subject to change with the market Location: Ireland Posts to: Worldwide
  10. Weds Sa-90 for saleSet of 4 in BronzeUsed goods in great condition17" X 7,5j, 5x100, +45Very popular discontinued wheel Made by Weds, Japanese manufacturer of high quality sport wheels made with advanced metal forming technology Full set of center caps. decals, all valve stems and caps present and intact Great fitment for Subaru Impreza, Legacy, Forester, BR-Z, Toyota Celica, GT-86, Prius, Lexus Ct200h and many more Price: €950 / £760 / $1075 + shipping Price is in Euros, other currencies quoted were the equivalent rate at the time of posting and are subject to change with the market Location: Ireland Posts to: Worldwide
  11. ive got a set of 17" wheels with virtually new tyres that took me from derby to southend on sea, 225x45 17 5x100 as ive just had an op, dragged them from my shed to the front door and really dont want to take them back out, he was going to pay me £100 for them but asking £80, im in southend on sea
  12. Ive got a set of Subaru WRX 17" rims for sale with no tyres. I used these rims while mine were getting refurbished. 3 are in good condition 1 has paint pealing of. They have no cracks and they are all straight! Center caps also included lol Collect from Ashford in Surrey or collect from Heston (near Heathrow) £100 ovno
  13. Selling my original 16" Alloy rims with new tyres. These do NOT need a refurb but could do with a clean. There is a fifth is someone wants it. £180 for 4 or £210 for all 5. PM, email or text ( Thanks Tim
  14. Hi all, I currently have winter tyres on my 2006 Legacy 2.0l R Sport Tourer and have a brand new set of tyres ready to go on come spring. Rather than swapping tyres twice a year, I'm thinking of buying a set of used alloys, refurbishing them and putting the "normal" tyres on so that I just swap wheels rather than tyres on the same set of alloys. Can anyone tell me what other car brands wheels will fit my Legacy please?
  15. 4 Wheels off my now replaced 2009 Legacy, 2 have cosmetic delamination (replaced with new by Subaru under warranty), 2 are in good condition. Photos of all. All 4 were run in last few years as winter wheels/tyres. Ignore the tyres as not much left on any of them. Northumberland/Newcastle. £150 ono.
  16. Alloy wheels and tyres came from Subaru Classic but will fit other cars. Tyres are Accelera Alpha 205 / 55ZR16 94W XL. £220
  17. I just found out that one of my ProDrive wheels is bent and needs replacing. If anyone can point me in the following I'd be eternally grateful. And if I have to buy a set of four I'll be cool with that. ProDrive Style: P1 Color: Anthracite Size 17 inch I live in Texas and will obviously pay for shipping, etc. Cheers.
  18. Hi I'm after some new wheels for my Forester. I'm not sure exactly what i want yet so if you have a set in good condition then shoot me a picture. Cheers
  19. Hi all, I am looking for a set of Enkei RPF1 wheels: PCD 5x100 17" No: Kerbed,cracked etc Yes: Original or with small scratches Best regards Snoopy
  20. Hi guys, I'm brand new here and this is my first post so bear with me! I bought a 06 2.5 STI it has since been great but just run into a problem in the last day or so, There seems to be a clicking/rubbing noise coming from the top end of the front divers side wheel but only when turning right, at any angle not just full lock, even slightly but only if accelerating whilst turning right... However you can accelerate through a left hand corner at any speed quite happily, but if you coast round right handers with no throttle at all no matter how hard there's no noise, I got the wheel off tonight and checked over the track rod end, ball joint, the drive shaft and cv boot and the wheel bearing and they were all fine no play in them at all, We did a bounce test by jumping up and down on the door sill whilst the steering was turned right and found that the clicking noise was there slightly however much quieter than when accelerating right on the road, The noise seems to be coming from the top of the wheel area which only leads me to believe that it could be the top mount/top mount bearing which is causing the slight play for the strut to be knocking/clicking or maybe the bearing itself is making the noise I am unsure, Do you have any advice before I go ahead and buy some group N replacement top mounts? Don't want to go ahead and buy them if they are not necessary, Thanks guys, Jamwah
  21. They don't look to bad and I wouldn't be scared to damage them plus they would be fore winter use, but, will they fit? I will be buying second hand ones as buying them new would be a bit ridiculous
  22. Hi guys I'm looking at the size wheels above for the fozzy. I havent been able to come across another subaru on google that has this offset (I'm aware its aggressive!) Does anyone know anybody that has run this size wheel??? If so, is there any photo's about? problems?? The wheels I'm looking at are only available with an et23 offset otherwise i would choose something like an et38 and use spacers if required. I would fit 225/40R18's which would help arch clearance somewhat but I'm aware the rims would be sticking out of the arch. I will also have the arches rolled if necessary. I think it would give the fozzy a good aggressive stance and would be different but I'm concerned whether its worth the risk! I'm on coilovers (AST) which will make life easier. Also, Is there any suspension strut clearance issues with 9.5J's? it seems to be the width of choice for scooby's! Cheers for any help guys - sorry if this has been discussed before!!
  23. Hello everybody.I have another question for you.I hope that you can help me now :D . I want to change my OEM 16" wheels with some bigger wheels (17" or 18" ).I own a 2006 Forester 2.0 X.I know that the bolt pattern for this model is 5*100 ,and the ET sizes are between 38-50(I am not sure). I don't want to spend a lot of money on brand-new wheels.I have around (350-450 pounds to spend).I think that I won't keep this car more than 2 years,but I think that bigger rims are good upgrades for my car.And i also need and want new tires...which are pretty expensive. I don't know if Volkswagen Golf 4 rims match with my car.I have found some nice and cheap Wolfrace wheels,but their ET=35.I am not sure if I can mount them on my car :( ,or mounting them will affect something..
  24. Hi everyone, Recently bought a diesel Forester XC with 17 inch wheels and Yokohama Geolanders. These are OK for most purposes but I prefer to have a spare set of rims with M&S tyres for winter, when we go ski-ing several times and the roads get very muddy out here in the country. This poses two problems:- 1. Replacement rims these days raise issues for insurers. New Subaru alloys are prohibitively expensive, and there are very few around second hand that I am sure would fit and have the right offset (48, I think). And even if I got lucky and found good used ones at a sensible price, the right M&S tyres for 17 inch rims are horribly expensive too; 2. New Subaru steels are slightly cheaper but only available in 16 inch rims (as on the Forester X). Taller M&S tyres to suit 16 inch rims are available and a bit cheaper, but the whole package would still cost me the thick end of £1000! Second hand steels seem not to exist on eBay. I have considered just buying the M&S tyres and getting them switched according to the season, but that's quite an expensive option too. Anyone got a bright idea to solve this? All help gratefully received! Jimbo47 in the Berkshire Downs