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  1. So, been down and back to Manchester, from Newcastle. Noise still there, but nothing happened apart from a headlight bulb died in the rain/snow. Guess that means full front end Led conversion. Should I start a separate thread for this noise?
  2. Yeah from all accounts i can read and videos it seems to be "normal play" for the turbo. Always willing to learn otherwise though. Did you notice the oil in the bottom though? See below So, Yesterday the snow came and i caved into taking it to a garage. Low and behold the thermostat was indeed.... erm... well.. you decide. Now, I must say i have seen a LOT of bad things mechanically over the years, but i'm rarely speechless. There isn't a straight bit of metal on it and i have no idea how you could damge a thermostat like that, the fold over is particularly impressive. or indeed, WHY? I genuinely haven't a clue. Scary stuff! But thermostat out, new one in and heat was better but not great. Garage put a BIG vacuum pump on not my little handheld ebay one and boom, one blob of blockage out of the heater matrix and all is well in that regard, I have heat! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now I only have the issue of the noise from the turbo. I do have a gasket set here to go on the turbo as i've been suggested it as a fix from 3 different people now, however, when the mechanic removed the intercooler (to attach larger vacuum equipment) he noticed "a deposit of oil" and because of which he suggested one of two things: A) Replace entire turbo B) Leave as is to not disturb it, as it is still working. I always believed the entire air intake system on a turbo diesel would be oily due to recirculating gasses, and things like, the turbo intake would always have SOME in there from the pipe going upwards, when air flow stops, it will drip down inside the pipe. Intercooler again, would be subjected to this right down to the intake manifold, where, i've seen videos, the boxer turbos do develop some HEFTY waste build up. I believe my mechanic, whom i trust, was being cautious as these engines are naturally delicate, and fettling with a turbo may well upset it. But that noise is there, not quiet and it is annoying haha Thoughts for moving forward?
  3. Not a clue what is in at the minute. I have a thermostat which I got from import car parts sat waiting to be fitted. Just never stops raining when I have free time haha. I just hope I don't swap it out, all coolant etc to find it's the heater matrix all along lol.
  4. Vacuum kit arrived today, took a lot of pumping but i finally got the circulation going through all the pipes. Heaters are now no longer ICE cold, but aren't going warm. There is also no pressure build up in the pipes to the rad and no hiss as cap comes off, even when up to tempurature. Thermostat stuck open? Turbo assembly gasket kit in delivery
  5. Vacuum pump coming tomorrow. Pipe replacement came today, fitted, no difference. Still got the noise. A Facebook page has suggested that it could be the turbo assembly gaskets.
  6. Vacuum pump kit ordered! Couldn't get one today from local motor stores so due on Friday.
  7. Refitted as shown above, reshaped. Checked all clamps tight etc etc Noise still there Checked turbo shaft while I was down ther To my untrained eye play looks normal, no front to back at all and very little side to side. No taps of a bent vane or anything like that. So, any ideas of what noise could be that is not potentially that little slit in part 14462aa410 please do speak up. 🙂
  8. This part also has a split in, this is the connector pipe that fits onto this folded edge then direct onto turbo. This little slit in the seal is on the turbo side too. So... Will be getting replaced regardless
  9. Reshaped using the wife's tresemme "heat gun".
  10. So.. This is the pipe down from filter box into turboSo, this is the pipe down from air filter to turbo intake side. Has a nice crease in the end of it. Part A12AG05 All the ones I can see online for sale have no such crease. Suspect #1 for noise cause!
  11. Today I've gotten the video of the noise, for reference, noise when stationary as above. (no noise) Below as when moving (noise) Yep, thats 324miles since i bought the car... haha. The noise is definitely coming from the driverside of the engine bay. Also have a small oil leak what appears to be coming out of the intake on drivers side. Going to whip that off today and check Orings whilst checking all the platic and rubber pipework from air intake>turbo>intercooler>throttle then outwards. Will see if i can get a pair of small grips to give the turbo fan a wiggle to check for wear. ANY help, ideas etc are more than welcome and greatly appreciated.
  12. Yeah, see below So i did have it completely open, the screw in part completely out of the valve and nothing changed. I should have just removed the whole thing like you suggest though, see if theres actually anything goign through it. I did put my finger over the hole to see if there was suction or air escaping from it but felt neither.
  13. Two seperate issues then, thankfully. Need heat ASAP with the weather being as is and as expected. 😞 And then today i've got a squeal coming from the turbo, will get a video of somepoint. Doesn't happen when sat stationary and raising revs, only when the car is under load. bought a lemon? hahaha
  14. Haha, so many people have great stories in Newcastle, it's one hell of a town. Positively and negatively. 😄 Thank you for the welcomes!
  15. So I'm waiting for a bit of a weather break to get the job done and i realised i may aswell try and use the valve near the bulkhead to try and burp what's already in, get some heat on my windows etc with the bad weather... then i noticed something. Erm... yeah.. there's a pipe missing... Wait a second There's no sodding pipes for my AC! Dont buy at a distance. lmao. SOLD AS SEEN so, i'm stuck with it either way, now the question is, would the AC system being, well, MIA, cause cold air only? I had the valve loose to burp the coolant but nothing has changed. . . So, is this one issue, or two? What's the thoughts? Added: There's also no battery clamp. D'oh!