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  1. Today I've gotten the video of the noise, for reference, noise when stationary as above. (no noise) Below as when moving (noise) Yep, thats 324miles since i bought the car... haha. The noise is definitely coming from the driverside of the engine bay. Also have a small oil leak what appears to be coming out of the intake on drivers side. Going to whip that off today and check Orings whilst checking all the platic and rubber pipework from air intake>turbo>intercooler>throttle then outwards. Will see if i can get a pair of small grips to give the turbo fan a wiggle to check for wear. ANY help, ideas etc are more than welcome and greatly appreciated.
  2. Yeah, see below So i did have it completely open, the screw in part completely out of the valve and nothing changed. I should have just removed the whole thing like you suggest though, see if theres actually anything goign through it. I did put my finger over the hole to see if there was suction or air escaping from it but felt neither.
  3. Two seperate issues then, thankfully. Need heat ASAP with the weather being as is and as expected. 😞 And then today i've got a squeal coming from the turbo, will get a video of somepoint. Doesn't happen when sat stationary and raising revs, only when the car is under load. bought a lemon? hahaha
  4. Haha, so many people have great stories in Newcastle, it's one hell of a town. Positively and negatively. 😄 Thank you for the welcomes!
  5. So I'm waiting for a bit of a weather break to get the job done and i realised i may aswell try and use the valve near the bulkhead to try and burp what's already in, get some heat on my windows etc with the bad weather... then i noticed something. Erm... yeah.. there's a pipe missing... Wait a second There's no sodding pipes for my AC! Dont buy at a distance. lmao. SOLD AS SEEN so, i'm stuck with it either way, now the question is, would the AC system being, well, MIA, cause cold air only? I had the valve loose to burp the coolant but nothing has changed. . . So, is this one issue, or two? What's the thoughts? Added: There's also no battery clamp. D'oh!
  6. Hey Folks, Recently purchased a 2.0d hatchback. It only has one issue thus far which is that it only blows cold air with or without AC on, with the engine hot AND cold. It's a strange one, i presumed at first it would be a thermostat issue, however, the pipes to the rad are warm as they should be and, although the engine takes a long time to heat up, it does eventually. The pipes going into the bulkhead towards the heater are stone cold, no matter how hot the engine gets. As it's now a 10 year old car i'm going to swap the thermostat and flush the coolant anyway, replacing with some nice red longlife stuff but.. I'm gonna be stuck if that doesn't solve the issue. Any guesses, folks?
  7. Hello all! I've always loved Impreza's and never really gelled with the hatchback. Like most, when they came out i really wasn't a fan but 10 year later, here i am with one under my ownership. Cars have always been a hobby of mine and in particular classic minis. This of course means i know a way around a few engine bays. I've also worked as a driver for numerous companies and have drove many, many variants of cars and i also have experience in mechanical engineering. Just the usual hello on ANOTHER owners forum, so long as the diesel lasts, i'll be here. haha Wish me luck!