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    • That's what I thought but he says he's checked the tax bracket and it's coming up 300 a year which is the lower tax, surely the 2.5 would be the higher one, strange
    • Hawk,   Blob  
    • if its a hawk it will be a 2.5, blob a 2.0. import it will be 2.0.
    • Hi guys just a quick question, my friend is looking at a 2006 WRX which is advertised as a 2.0,I told my friend I was sure that from that year the engine size should be a 2.5l engine, is this the last of the 2.0 engines? Thanks
    • Has anyone changing a diesel Forester's DPF experienced problems with a non-Subaru supplier part?  When changing out the DPF I removed the heat shields, pressure pipes & temperature probes from the old unit, refitted the pipes onto the new unit and when I screwed in the first temp probe at the front of the DPF I heard a crack.  I removed the probe and discovered that it had bent and broken.  I carefully screwed the other one into the same hole and as soon as I felt any resistance I looked inside the DPF with a torch and discovered that the tip of the probe was making contact with the core of the DPF before it was seating on the thread.