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    • Definitely do this but check for any vacuum leaks and possible wastage actuator issues out of interest how are you getting these boost readings?
    • So I have 2 payments so far @Sclark01 @scottrobo23 Still need to make a payment 
    • Well, I passed the 90k mark this week and thought I’d share my experiences over the last 45K since Feb 2016. It started a bit rough with a burned out clutch, luckily replaced under warranty (around 49K). As it’s a manual, i started driving more clutch-wary, putting it in manual during stops etc. So far no problems. Other than the clutch, both brakes have been replaced (front around 60k, rear around 80k) and new tyres fitted (at 52k) and serviced at the dealer a bit ahead of the schedule. I am extremely pleased with this now nearly 6 year old car, both on the road and occasional off road. I drove a CRV the other day and, albeit newer and fancier, it just didn’t feel as planted as the XV. Mileage remains at 54 on highway, lower 40 on B roads.  I usually drive my cars until up to high mileage (last car did 300K km), so let’s see how far the scoobie will go!  Wishing all fellow XV’ers many happy miles!      
    • Sorry for the delayed response. All have been inspected and all are in good condition. One possibility has been mentioned. A friend had a similar problem with a Kia Sorento fitted with Michelin tyres. Never occurred to me it could be my tyres, she had Vredestein fitted before the Michelins that I put on about a year ago. Could this be a possibility?
    • Could do with some more information. Does it do it at particular times? What car is it?
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