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    • 4 new mitchlen pilot sport 4 tyres fitter earlier in the week. And today fitted the Perrin radiator shroud and belt cover. Induction kit to be powder coated then also fitted (perrin cai) 
    • Nice one! .....enjoy!!!!
    • hi all, i have a 61 plate outback diesel, manual, 122k,  basically i bought it from our local auction and have since found out it wont idle when cold, it just cuts out all the time until its fully warmed up, then it drives like a dream,  in the paper work it recently had a new clutch, flywheel and exhaust inc a new dpf,  i did unplug the temp sensor and it did run a little longer when cold but it did still cut out , has anyone any ideas what it could be, ?
    • So yesterday I became a subaru owner, picking up a black 2004 WRX.  2 owners from new, last owner had for 7 years, and only has 83k on the clock. No mods added, even had original subaru strereo installed.  I've owned a few fast cars over the years, but I'm still left surprised when I feel that turbo kick in!  No sign of a cam belt change, so that will be done in next couple of weeks.  Looking forward to chatting on here, was part of a online community for my last car and the information gained was invaluable!   
    • Have to get new barrel and key the proper key from subaru, still keep looking about or sell car Car till starts so gonna just sell rather than break it, has load of nice aftermarket parts,18in motorsport wheels coilovers rear strut brace jndsr back seat, many nice add ons shame to break 
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