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    • It doesn't completely overheat, it gets to what could be called 3 quarters and drops back down, sometimes goes over and drops down,sometimes it's when i drive it hard, then I can drive it hard and it's fine, and it will get hot just cruising , I am seriously gettin fukked off with it ! Had the thermostat replaced and it seems to be slightly better if not the same! It's the first decent expensive car i have owned (always had 500 quid bangers) and it I just want someone to have it and sort it the !Removed! out! The mechanic I use seems to make excuses sayin aslong as it's not hitting the red its ok, and the other garage I use which specialise and tune alot of rally /track cars just say HG straight away! 
    • Neither the good lady or myself would want to go back to 2WD, especially with a motor with some poke. The weather we are about to experience is what makes full time 4WD the best thing since Y fronts, slippery wet cold roads at junctions roundabouts bends no problem, these drivetrains just sort it all out for you, no embarrassing wheelspins, no struggling to put down grip, that grip is worth a hell of a lot of bhp when so much of it can't be used because of grip issues. My tuppenceworth is if you must sell find something that drives all the wheels.
    • To be honest I’ve been leaning most to the 350Z. It’s Jap for a start, close on power to my scoob (if a lot heavier!) and always liked them. Plus who knows how long I could own a 2 seat car for. Surprised they’re not much to tune up a bit though always assumed they would be since it’s a big N/A 6 cylinder lump. Might have to look into that. Know where there might be some info on that project?

      Went to see a GT86 today too, got to say very nice car. Think the power might be a issue though. But seen a UE length manifold For it I could get to retain that Subaru burble... which is a MAJOR plus point. Couldn’t test drive it though, going back tomorrow.

      Will try and get to see a Z too. No local 330’s as yet.
    • It’s not even a daily... . Gets used usually once a week, sometimes 2 weeks and that’s usually to keep fluids moving, battery charged and stop anything seizing up lol. Like I say my main issue is it’s a 20+ year old scoob sat outside (admittedly with a cover and £100’s spent on rustproofing) and a lot of my money is in it. It’s just not getting the use it deserves and hasn’t got the garage queen life it needs for its lack of use.

      Afraid I find most of the VW car group boring as !Removed!. Sorry. Thanks for the input though .

      I’d be interested in the V7, especially after I’ve seen how much you’ve put into it but thinking of getting something different for time being. Had 2 blobs before the Scoob Type R so may as well see what else is out there.
    • Sorry to hear you're thinking of selling, but know what it's like trying to keep a daily mint 😏 Not that any of my input will help you shorten your list but .... After owning my 2011 caddy for a couple of years , I'd probably buy something audi Quattro or vw 4motion 😶 .   My v dub bud has a 2014 golf r ,with just a remap and downpipe it's making a responsive 370 hp . But I'd prefer his 480hp 4wd 3.3 ltr v5 turbo mk1 golf any day 🙂 You could always buy my v7sti type uk  in the summer next year 😉