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  1. Hi in spite of having the phone connection on max (38) volume, when someone calls and I answer I can hardly hear the caller. Yet when the phone rings, the ring is quite loud. CaN anyone shed some light on this, as all other cars I have had with phone connectivity have all been fine. cheers David
  2. Me again Does anyone know the best position to fit a dash cam on my 2018 XV with eyesight function Thanks
  3. Hi Can anyone advise me if I can use a space saver wheel on my 2018 XV and if so which size is it please. Thanks
  4. Hi I have just bought my very first Scooby, a 2018 XV 2000i Premier I absolutely love the car but am struggling with a couple of things. 1st. How an I turn off the internal alarm detection, as I need to leave my dog in my car occasionally And secondly, How can I get safety camera warnings up on my sat nav. I would be grateful for any help. Thanks David