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  1. Alright folks I've just recently had my 2 fobs re-paired to my sigma alarm so the central locking and immobiliser is disabled. I want to install a head unit this weekend and will be disconnecting the battery. Will this unpair the fobs again or do I need to put it in a certain mode I.e unlock and immobiliser off then battery disconnected or something else. Cheers all!
  2. All sorted. 2 keys, new buttons, new transponder, re programmed and paired to my Sigma Module £70 for the win!
  3. Hi folks, 1st post so sorry if its in the wrong place. I've come into a problem where both keyfobs don't work. 1 is because the button has broken and the other I don't think worked when I bought it. So basically I can only use the keypad to punch in the pin in the sigma keypad. Basically could anyone offer advice on the cheapest way to get the keys repaired and re-linked to the alarm so I can use the fob too disarm and open the doors. I have a UK 2005 Sti EJ207 GD. Single button fobs. Luckily have the Sigma pin
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