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  1. I am selling my Outback if anyone is interested. For details please check out the "Member's Subarus for Sale" section.
  2. I am selling my Outback if anyone is interested. I have owned it from new and it is in absolutely immaculate condition. Only 25,700 miles. In addition to the highly spec'd features that come standard on this top-of-the range model, it is also fitted with LED DRL's/fog lights, front parking sensors, front & rear mud flaps, premium carpet mats, automatic folding mirrors, full size alloy spare wheel (never used), plastic boot tray & 12v socket in the boot. When I bought the car I had the original black leather changed by a leather specialist to light grey leather with blue contrasting stitching, making this a unique car. It has a full service history (by a Subaru dealer) and is MOT'd to September 2020. It has never carried children or pets and no-one has smoked in it. I am asking for £16,995. I am in Devon. Please let me know if you need any further information or additional photos.
  3. Hi Fast Pat and welcome to the forum. I have a 2015 SE Premium Lineartronic and I can't fault the gearbox. It is really smooth and doesn't feel like a CVT. At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference - some people like automatics and some prefer manuals. Personally I would go for the automatic every time. Of course with the Lineartronic you have the best of both worlds as you can drive it in manual mode if you want to, using the gearstick or the paddles. Whichever model you choose I am sure you won't be disappointed in the Outback. Mine is the best car I have ever owned.
  4. Yes it does. Pages 7 - 43 to 45 of the handbook explain how to set it. You can set three different modes - normal, loading or towing.
  5. Thanks all. Yes Moss, it certainly is a lovely car to drive. It's surprisingly quiet and has plenty of power. I used to think that no car would be better than my old Volvo V70, but I was wrong.
  6. Finally managed to take a few photos. Sorry for the delay.
  7. I don't have any photos yet. I'll take one and try to post on here as soon as the weather improves - which could be some time!
  8. I can't comment on previous models because I have never owned one, but in September I took delivery of a new Outback 2.5i SE Premium and apart from a few very minor niggles I can't fault it. The minor things are that the clock and outside temperature displays are small and not conveniently placed to see easily when driving, and the radio isn't DAB digital. Apart from that the car is perfect for me and is much better than the Volvo V70 I owned previously. It is surprisingly quiet and refined, and reasonably economical. I went for the petrol model because firstly I just can't stand diesels and it wouldn't make sense for me anyway because I don't do a very high mileage.
  9. I took a 2.5 petrol Lineartronic Outback for a test drive last month. I drove about 60 miles on a mixture of dual carriageways and country lanes, including some quite steep gradients. By the time I took it back the average mpg display was reading 36.3 which I was more than happy with. Obviously I don't know how accurate the display is, but on most cars I find they are reasonably accurate. Having never driven a car with a CVT gearbox I was a bit concerned that the Outback may have been a noisy car, particularly in view of some of the reviews I had read, but I needn't have worried as I found the car to be really quiet and refined. The only negative points I could find were the fact that the radio is not digital and also that there is no choice of colours for the interior trim - it only comes in black. There are loads of pictures on the internet showing the car with ivory leather, but apparently this is only available in the US. These are only minor points however, and I liked the car so much that I ordered one straight away. Delivery won't be until October at the earliest, which is quite a long wait but I'm sure it will be worth it.