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  1. Thanks for the replies. No wet inside the windows, nor in the spare wheel well. I think it's because of the cold nights and then some sun during the day causing the dampness.
  2. I've started having a problem with condensation build up recently. Both front and rear seats are getting damp and a white powdery mould is forming on the fabric. I can't find any leaks, all the seals are fine, the carpets are dry too. I don't use the car every day so was thinking perhaps the dampness was due to the sun warming the car during the day and then the temperature dropping overnight causing condensation..... Has anyone had this problem at all? I have a 55 plate wrx station wagon...
  3. Hi.... does anyone know of a wrx service specialist in north Yorkshire?
  4. Cheers... I got an extra 70 torques, so not too bad... still lots of fun.. apparently the turbos getting a tad tired...
  5. I had my 2005 wrx remapped a couple of months ago and they only managed 260bhp... I thought I'd be getting similar...
  6. I recently took my wrx for a stage 1 remap.... a wire had to be ordered in order to do the work, something to do with arking wires to get into the ECU..... anyway, to cut a long story short, they couldn't do the remap, kept coming up with an error code. Is there any way round this or is it a problem with certain models? As far as I know the car is original bar a scorpion end can. Any advice would be great....
  7. Hi I've recently bought a 2005 wrx and am thinking of adding a K&N cold air intake system.... is it worth £195.00 or should I just replace the standard filter? Be grateful for any feedback Cheers
  8. Hi.... I've just joined up! I'm going to look at a 2005 wrx later this week... Its completely standard, full service history and looks in mint condition... with 108000 on the clock tho..... Would be grateful for any advice.... Cheers
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