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Found 27 results

  1. Hi all, hope everyone is doing well. I have some top mounts for sale on ebay and just thought I’d leave the link here in case someone’s looking. They have come from a 2004 blob wrx 4 door and are in perfect working order. Thanks
  2. Hi all, I have a 2001/51 Blobeye Impreza WRX. A mechanic who has been working on it mentioned that it’s a wide track/widebody car and that they are slightly different to the standard WRX. I’m sure that someone on here will know how they are different aside from the obvious width difference. Can anyone outline these differences? My main questions are: Is it an import? In what ways is it mechanically different from standard WRXs? How much rarer are they than standard ones? Any and all answers are appreciated.
  3. Hi all Newbie here! I have just tied the knot with a 2003 JDM Blobeye WRX Automatic in Blue, which I am picking up this Sunday. I know manuals are way better but the auto will fit the purpose I have bought it for so take it easy on me. I have looked on comparison websites (confused, gocompare and comparethemarket) to no avail as the WRXs with automatic transmissions do not show up on the drop-down list. Does anyone know of any insurers that specifically serve the Scooby community so I can get an insurance quote from them. A quick response and any help will be greatly appreciated! Zee
  4. Hi all, i seem to be having a problem with my alarm going off 10 seconds after I’ve remotely locked it. I then have to press it again once the alarm is going off to stop it. Does anyone know why this might be? Its only recently started doing it, it’s never done it before. Cheers
  5. Good to be here. Currently on my 3rd subie but this ones a long term project. Mechanically nearly finished then time for bodywork and interior. Photos to follow
  6. Hi. I have a seibon Carbon bonnet on my 2005 blobeye however the current washer jet nozzles seem to be too small and move about in the new bonnets holes, are larger ones available and does anyone know from where or have any ideas. Gratefull for your responses.
  7. Hi, I recently brought an imported 04 STI, just wanted to say hi to everyone:) Stock at the moment apart from a new English head unit and of course hella horns, but I've got plans for it. Ed
  8. Hey guys, I am new to this forum and have recently purchased a UK Blobeye WRX. I was wondering if anyone knows of any tuning chips that you can swap maps real time, I know the Cobb Accessport is not compatible with the UK cars which is a real shame. Also has anyone done a Air intake resonator removal and if so how did you do it? I have seen a couple of videos where they remove the resonator and cut it off and use the piping to connect the intake to the air box as normal however you are left with the hole where you cut the res of any ideas on the best way to plug this hole? Thanks
  9. Hi all, I have recently become the owner of a 2003 JDM Blobeye WRX STI. Absolutely loving the car so far, however a careless driver has hit the car while it's parked and caused damage to rear bumper and driver's side rear light (bumper is dented and creased. Light has some broken glass and been pushed out of alignment).I hate my cars to have a scratch on them so I'll want to get this sorted ASAP, but just wondered if anyone knew whether the UK Blobeye rear lights are plug and play in a JDM model? Likewise with the bumper - will a WRX STI Blobeye rear bumper from a UK model swap straight over on a JDM car?Cheers to anyone that can help
  10. I'm selling a few bits after deciding my car is a bit old and tired to be getting remapped. Unused, unopened uprated HRC 255 LPH fuel pump £50 shipped. Sports cat down pipe. Bought this off a guy on ebay, who said it hadn't seen much use, I think it's from scoobyworld originally - that's all I know about it. I never had it fitted, so it's just been sat around. I paid £125, yours for £100. Collection South Leicestershire only Black side skirts from an '03 Blobeye WRX. Decent condition considering the age, no cracks. £20 Collection South Leicestershire only
  11. Hi guys. My first post here. I've just painted some side skirts to match my blobeye wagon, but I didn't do a great job and they've already started to scratch and show the black plastic underneath. Just wondered on the off chance that someone had some skirts factory painted (preferably twisted)?
  12. Mate wants to know weather to go for the blobeye 2.0 sti or hawkeye 2.5 sti?
  13. Well after owning my hawkeye for nearly a year, and having concerns about the 2.5, i had a look at a 55plate blob wrx ppp, great condition, full history, so decided to go for the swap.... good job too as the hawkeye is showing signs of headgasket failure! Shame as its been such a nice car, i do kind of miss how the older 2.0ltrs drive tho.
  14. After this years MOT it has become apparent that my center section has more holes than a hookers tights! So it seems to me i have two options:- A) Weld the !Removed! out of the stock pipe. B) Get a new pipe. Option B is the favored at the moment but if i will be doing so i'd like to go de-cat. On saying that i also would like to be able to pass the MOT emissions test without having to replace a pipe every year. From what i can see there are two cats, One in the center section and one in the up pipe. So the question i have is, can i get away with a de-cat center pipe on an MOT? I have read through some articles and found mixed answers so decided to post myself. I have a 2003 WRX, for reference. Thanks!
  15. Right today i fitted my front mount I took some pics as i went on as nobody had any pics for refrence to show me so i thought if i can help somebody out it only takes afew seconds step by step so here they are Start Bumper and grill removed Crash bar thing removed New intercooler mount in its place This is smaller than the old bar so i filled the large holes with polostyrine removed off the bumper These 3 tabs need to be cut off (paint all exposed metal after even though itll be rusty already Mount intercooler Remove radiator overflow bottle Remove standard intercooler and save the bolts to mount new intercooler bottom brackets with also strut brace needs removing to get tmic off Replace with new slimline one also bottom mounting point for old bottle needs cutting off to fit intercooler piping i had to cut the mounting tab and re drill hole Fit pipes il add afew pics for refrence The standard flanged dump valve wont fit onto this kit so il be fetching a normal dump valve tomorrow and il add pics as this really stumped me for a while Next was trimming the bumper this takes 2 hours easily to do correctly once again il add pics for reference Put fog covers back on and grill I raised my reg plate 2" purely for looks lol Job done apart for dump valve tomorrow so il post when done. Im in no way a mechanic nor am i saying this is how it should be done im just sharing how i found the install
  16. After much deliberation I have decided to sell my cherished Black Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2004 wide track with (DCCD) after 7 years of ownership. I bought this car in 2003 from a dealer in Sheffield; it was completely standard and had mileage of 48k on the clock when first bought. The car is still a low 76k, with 2 former keepers. The reason for selling is because the car doesn’t get much use and it is now time for a change. This is my second Subaru Impreza and one which has been a joy to have made my own. It’s a great fast road car with scope for further improvements should the new owner wish. A FMIC, bigger Injectors and CAIK will see power increase to 420+. I couldn’t tell you what power it is making right now because I never got round to getting it dyno’d but when I had it remapped after the build I was told it was making around 380bhp / torque, I couldn’t remember but it certainly is quick and responsive with the new engine and MD321H turbo. Please note the reason engine was rebuilt in July 2014 was because the car wasn't making the expected power for a standard vf35 (which evidently was still making 323bhp, I have dyno for this). On the engines strip down and inspection it was identified the cylinder valves were bent (and therefore had nothing to do with the turbo or anything else). The car is in immaculate condition throughout, no dents, scratches or knocks, other than a recent crack of the front lip spoiler. The alloys are immaculate with no scratches having been completely refurbished in gunmetal grey. I have however unfortunately in the last 3 weeks had the fog light covers and front radiator grill stolen from my drive. Scumbags! Engine • Currently 76,000k (rebuilt at 67,314k) • Full Engine Rebuild carried out by Tim Farmer of Scu-bus (All receipts for work and parts supplied by Lateral Performance) • Harvey Smith wrapped ported headers and ported up-pipe. • K&N panel filter • Complete Afterburner turbo back de-cat exhaust system with a Ninja 2 back box. • Exedy Fast Road stage 1 Clutch supplied and fitted by Scoobyworld • Flywheel skimmed by Scoobyworld • Walbro 255 fuel pump • Lateral Performance MD321H Billet Turbo with Zircotec ceramic coating (with receipt) • NGKPFR7B Spark Plugs • Standard 550 pink injectors • Standard STI TMIC • Cambelt changed at 51,000 by Scoobyworld, and again during recent rebuild. Brakes • Braketech drilled vented disks all round • Kevlar Fast Road brake pads • HEL braided brake lines • EBC racing 5.1 brake fluid Suspension • Whiteline Anti lift Kit • Whiteline adjustable rear anti roll bar • BC Racing adjustable Coilovers plus rear extenders • Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta tyres • Standard BBS Elkin alloys (sandblasted and painted satin black) • A spare set of gold BBS Elkin alloys will be thrown in (were bought to be used as spare for track day but unfortunately never got the chance to do one) • FB Tuning Fast Road geometry Sound System • Pioneer single din head unit with bluetooth • JBL front mids and tweets • JBL rear mids • JBL amplifier and 12” Subwoofer Misc • Depo 4 in 1 A-Pillar gauge • Subaru STI mats • PIAA wipers • Front splitter (slight chipped) • HKS 1.3 bar Radiator Cap • 3 Port Boost valve • De-badged rear boot • Factory rear window tints • MOT until 14th February 2017 • Road Tax until 1st July 2017 • Cam belt done on 3rd July 2014 • Clutch and flywheel done on 3rd Nov 2011 • Gearbox Oil changed by FB Tuning • Millers CFS 10/40 oil used every time • Front and Rear Diff Oils changed by FB Tuning • All receipts and invoices for work carried out in my ownership • 2 Keys • Engine Rebuild July 2014 – All receipts for build included • Subaru Service Book stamped up to 50-60,000 miles. The above break down not only shows the cars performance but also the improvements made to the handling and braking, making it a safe and reliable fast road car. I am based in North West London. No time-wasters, Tyre kickers or part e/x please. For pics and more please see this link. Chet: Asking price £11,200
  17. Hi peeps, im after a Newage Front Electric Window Switches driver side only needed to fit a 2005 blobeye so with the mirror switch on it, have a look at the pick to see which i mean but with the mirror switch included. thanks
  18. Hi new member here. Bought my first car and its a bit rough, does anyone have any ideas for tidying up the front bumper? Needs new plates for sure but the fog light bothers me and is expensive to fix.
  19. Rare and brilliant unmodified example of a Subaru Impreza WRX Turbo. Only 50650 miles, an absolute bargain. Best condition Blobeye for sale. So clean it could be concourse. Standard 17 inch alloy wheels, the odd paint blemish here or there, other than that the body work is perfect. Parrot Bluetooth phone kit fitted. Smooth drive and the turbo picks up perfectly after 3500rpm. No silly modifications. Car has KYB Ultra SR shock absorbers, so no suspension knock, which is a classic issue with the standard shocks, and it also has a new Exedy FJK2033 Clutch Kit with a nice, low biting point fitted at 46883 miles. New front discs and pads fitted. Prodrive exhaust fitted from factory, sounds absolutely amazing, not loud at normal driving speeds, but really barks when the turbo starts to kit in. MOT due 02/06/2017, pass with no advisories. Full service history. Cambelt done at 29693 miles. A/C, Alternator & Power Steering belts done at 46883 miles. Full service history: 5 miles on 20/12/2005 by Subaru 7244 miles on 08/08/2006 by Subaru 12629 miles on 25/07/2007 by Subaru 17780 miles on 16/08/2008 by Independent 24955 miles on 14/06/2011 by Independent 29693 miles on 04/07/2012 by Subaru 38146 miles on 02/07/2014 by Subaru 43545 miles on 08/08/2015 by Subaru 50224 miles on 14/05/2016 by Subaru. Electric windows, Air conditioning, CD player, Sports seats, Alloy wheels, Power steering, Steering wheel rake adjustment, Central locking, Alarm, Driver's airbags, Passenger airbags. 07769846869, £6,500.
  20. Hi .I modified a blobeye chargespeed bumper to fit my classic. What do you think?
  21. Selling full Blobeye interior including Front & Rear seats Front & Rear door cards including elec window switches Kick panels front and back (no pics) Only problem is 2 small holes in the back of one of the seats as where they have been stored! Looking for £100 ovno Based over at Ashford (middlesex) Or can be collected from Heston near Heathrow
  22. Hi guys, The time has come to sell my pride and joy as I am trying buy a house with the missus Spec: 2003 Prodrive WRX (factory fitted with certificate) 73k roughly 11 Months MOT (1 advisory on most recent MOT for slight rear offside leak from shock) FSH New uprated exedy clutch/lightened flywheel August 2015 Full stainless system STI uppipe Walbro fuel pump Mapped by Rich @FBTuning who has also completed servicing etc Oil changes every 4k using Motul Green cotton air filter Full oil/fluid change at 60k including gearbox and diff (again only using Motul) Nankang NS2R front tyres Good rear tyres Full godspeed front/rear uprated pad and disc set HEL braided brake lines all round ATE Blue uprated brake fluid Boost gauge Forge dump valve HKS Turbo timer Detangoed and blackened headlights with silvatec chrome orange indicator bulbs/uprated headlights Alpine double DIN USB/Aux headunit This car has been enthusiast owned, as are many of the cars on here. It has never been launched, always warmed up before I touch boost and meticulously cleaned every weekend. Everything I have done has been so with the intention of making it a better drivers car. No fuel except Shell 97 has ever seen the fuel tank in my ownership. I have every single receipt/bit of paperwork from the car since I owned it (bought on 57k). I also have full service history from before, mainly from Subaru. Rich @ FBTuning has looked after the car since my ownership, and anyone who knows him can vouch for how very good he is. He has also commented previously on what a good example my car is. Unfortunately I am now in a position where I need to get a mortgage with my other half, and therefore need to get a diesel. I will be very sad to see this go, but can wholeheartedly say it has been the most reliable/fun car I have ever owned. I hope one day to get another. The car is currently around the 280/290bhp mark, however Rich mapped it on the road and I have never had it on the rollers. The map is incredibly smooth and it shifts when needed. Every car I have owned has been incredibly well looked after, and that is no different with this example Here are some pictures, there are plenty more available on request: PRICE REDUCED - 3800! QUICK SALE NEEDED Location: WOKINGHAM RG41 AUTOTRADER ADVERT: Phone: 07831678330 I am not interested in a part exchange unless it is a VAG diesel estate. Thanks!
  24. From the album: sooberman