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Subaru Model

Found 8 results

  1. Me and my partner have got a 1998 Suburu Impreza wrx we have a problem with our boot and was wondering how to take the boot lever cover off where the fuel cap leaver is as well trying to get to the cable to see of it's come out holder any recommendations are welcome thanks
  2. Any pointers for the source of above in Central Scotland or Cumbria ? Thanks.
  3. Hi there guys, I have for sale an impreza gc8 original prodrive spoiler and bootlid, its in great condition and ive been wanting to put it on my car but due to circumstances I am having to sell it. Its in great condition and the colour is white so can put it straight on car or will be an easy respray because the colour is white. Just needs a clean up which I will do upon request. It has the brake light and some wire with it and I will also provide the boot lid bolts to connect straight onto the two bootlidbrackets on the car. Its in great condition and I know these are worth much more than im putting it up for. Iv seen one without the bootlid sell for £350 plus. There is one slight crack which you cannot even tell an ive only just spotted it. I therefore would like £300 for it but will be will be willing to listen to sensible offers. Its is worth every penny guaranteed and these are extremely rare. I will listen to sensible offers so please contact me if your interested. Im trying to be as honest as possible so please co operate and I will be more than happy to answer any questions. £300 ONO thanks a lot!
  4. Hi Everyone. I dont even have my forester yet but im already planning what i want to do with it. The one i am looking at has a boot like this - With the grey trim with subaru on it. I prefer the look when that part is colour matched and has the logo on it like - I was wondering if this part is easily removable for paint/vinyl/buying that part. Also somewhat related, are the sti style boot spoilers you can find on ebay for around £100 any good and are they difficult to fit? Thanks alot Jelly
  5. Hi Fellows, I own a 2009 Forester. A couple of days ago while driving on a motorway my boot's lock released automatically (did not open the boot phisically but it got loose) - managed to lock it, although, when I started the engine it released again...tried to lock again with no succes, then managed to lock again somehow, although it has gone off again in a few seconds...had no choice but to drive like this with the lights showing an open door on. drove to the nearest subaru garage, they checked and said that the lock itself, the microchip and also the cables are all OK, they have no clue what could have caused it. They have deconnected the lock and the controller chip and now it is locked and can only be opened from inside the boot. I took it to another garage today where they had no success again and they just simply have no idea what could cause the problem and how can it be fixed (even some of my hard headed subaru expert friends have no clue...) Unfortunately outside of and far from UK so I would need an advice, instead of a garage suggestion. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot!
  6. Hello all, Trying to get some info if anyone can take a moment to help. i have a bass box (some people may disagree with this in a car built for performance) and was wondering if it will fit in a Hawkeye Boot? can anyone give dimensions of the boot? Thanks in advance! Chris
  7. Hi guys, looking at getting lightweight body parts, so what do you guys think? alloy bonnet or fiberglass? fiberglass wings? boot lid? rear doors? bucket seats?
  8. It's strange my new 300 is perfect clean tidy FSH nice! Until I lift the boot liner and spare wheel to find a build up of water! Here is the situation as I removed the spare there was about a Qtr of an inch of clear water that had accumulated right at the bottom of the spare wheel well! The carpet was bone dry with no damp marks or water Staines, the cover board was dry and immaculate. The spoiler bolts were dry and clean with no sign of corrosion the rubber seal around the boot was intact. The rubber plug was in place and all the side boot linings were dry and water mark free. I know I should pour water over the area and see what's going on but I found this issue at 10.00 tonight and I have work all week and Saturday! So I need a more targeted approach? Any suggestions welcome.
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