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  1. Hi Everyone, Hoping some of you guys might help in our conundrum. We need to get a new car for a ULEZ area being introduced at work, and after visiting a lot of dealers think we have finally settled on a new Subaru, but now cannot decide between a Forester E-Boxer Premium, or a Outback Touring We have test drove both but no the specs, was a Forester Sport and an Outback Field, and each have a list or pros and cons with no definitive winner (why couldnt there be one and make it easy...). I do about 100miles a week commute with 50% of that being on a motorway but mainly outside of rush hour. We also need boot space for 2 largish Labradors. Forester Pros - Smaller Engine & Hybrid (hopefully save a bit of fuel). Very light airy Cabin, taller boot for when the dogs like to sit up. More of a upright driving position. Cons - 6 Speakers sounded a bit tinny. Even with seat in lowest position couldn't see clock, or anything on top line on the top screen (Not sure if clock at least can be displayed on another screen). Weird Whistling noise whilst driving. Not sure if seats are the same between the Sport and the Premium just leather wrapped. Outback Pros - More comfortable ride/ Seats, Upgraded Sound System. Not sure if the 2.5 engine is a pro or a con. Cons - That infotainment screen - Plugged in Android Auto and it was on less than half of the screen, with the bottom half waisted real estate, any one know if this will be fixed. Smaller Sunroof. Any help or experiences would be much appreciated in this. Thanks!
  2. For info. Lost aircon a couple of weeks ago so returned to Dealer for repair under warranty as the car (Forester 2016) hasn't even had its first service. Just been told that replacement condenser won't be with them until late September 2017 at the earliest. Subaru apparently say it is a worldwide issue with a manufacturing defect. Ok I know it is just a Scottish summer but 2 months without aircon is a bit off. I'm in discussion with Dealers/Subaru about a loan car for the period but even if this is agreed I'm going to be without my own car for over six weeks but what is the option as I'm not driving to sunny England with no aircon!
  3. Have a 2007 Forester XTeN for sale. Open to offers. Failed MOT and I don't have the money to repair it currently. Parts Required: Secondary Air Pump (obviously ;)) Rear Brake discs and pads Right and Left front suspension arms Headlight levelling device Has a custom Hayward & Scott straight through stainless exhaust fitted back in 2020 and a Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB fitted with CarPlay. No other customisation from me. Lovely looking car and a shame to see her go. Inside is spotless and even have the highly-sought after parcel shelf! 🙂 Get in touch for more photos or if you have a sensible offer. Cheers, Adam
  4. Hey all, So I was recently lent a new Forester E-Boxer by my local dealer (Helensburgh). I quite liked the smoothness of the hybrid powertrain as you move off, I don't think the claimed mid 30's mpg is great in 2020 if you compared it to something like the Rav4 hybrid. What do you all think of it?
  5. Navy Blue Subaru Forester Estate. £2995 Full service history Engine Size: 1994cc Fuel: Petrol Doorplan: Estate Transmission: 4 speed auto petrol Year of Manufacture: 2004 1 owner from new. Low milage for year: 100,371 Great example of a car this age HPI clear MOT till Nov 2019 Private plate not included (CW54 MFE) Leather interior. Very clear inside and out Few minor marks here and there as can be expected with a vehicle of this age No Tow bar (hasn’t been worked hard towing) RAC /AA inspections welcome Viewing is highly recommended as this is a real gem of a car and first to see will buy! Payment and collection: CASH ON COLLECTION or BANK TRANSFER SORRY NO CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED AND NO PART EXCHANGE AVAILABLE No Paypal Payments Please
  6. Hi all, I have the following for sale. Presently also on ebay with a starting price of £500. Y reg 2001 Turbo Forester. Has 2019 MOT valid upto May 2020. For Sale Spares or Repair Complete new exhaust required (original still on it), rear sub frame needs replacing. Sun roof does not open. Mileage may be a bit off, as battery has been removed and I cannot remember what mileage was. Has LPG system installed with valve care Owned since 2006, 2 previous owners. Presently has SORN status. See online MOT for more information. Suit DIY home mechanic? May require trailer to take it away.
  7. Hello everyone, new here 😎. Owner of Forester XT 2006 2.5L, Looking forward to be a part of the community 😁.
  8. Sadly selling my Forester as it's being replaced with a more sensible (economical) family estate.. It's in superb condition throughout and has been very carefully cared for by myself. No rust, very few scratches on the bumpers, interior is very good too. Everything works on it and it doesn't have any issues. When things have needed doing I've done them. Vehicle is in Barons Court in London, please contact me to view. £4,995 ONO Also on ebay here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223664356020 More pictures here Timing belt done in December 3 owners (incl me) MOT till January 2020 Full service history Excellent condition throughout, just the odd stone chip and light bumper scrape, interior is excellent too 2 keys Ecotec tune to 250bhp with dyno print outs Upgraded with a Pioneer Avic F77DAB head unit (this was an £800 upgrade) DAB radio Android auto Apple Car Play Sat nav Bluetooth Reversing camera Integration with steering wheel controls Usual XT stuff: Air conditioning Heated leather seats Cruise control Electric windows all round Power outlet in boot Remote central locking I'll also include: the original CD player and trim pocket. Tow bar included (ball not currently fitted but comes with it) Set of mats and rubber boot liner
  9. Front and rear headlights of Subaru Forest (year 2010) for sale. The headlights have been bought in 2013, when the car was registered in Uk (coming from Europe) and they are in perfect condition. Price is 50£ each (200£ for the four headlights).
  10. Can anyone help. I have a Subaru forester 05 and water is leaking from one of the front headlight washer spray nozzles. It opens correctly but when it sprays water just pours out from under the car. The other side is working perfectly. Both open and pop out correctly but there is obviously a leak somewhere. Any ideas what I have to do to fix it?
  11. Hi. I have seen this problem on a few forums but haven't actually seen a definite fix. Having now fixed mine, I thought I would share what I did. Fault: I have a UK spec 2003 Forester SG (non-turbo). Occasionally, when using the remote to lock or unlock the car, although the right-hand indicator would flash a few times and then go off as normal, the left-hand one would just stay on. At first, when this happened, I would just press the remote a few times until it sorted itself out. As it started to happen more often, it became more and more difficult to get the left-hand indicator to turn off. I looked on various forums and it seemed likely that the fault was due to a sticking relay within the Sigma control unit. Some people said that the unit was around the steering column area, above the pedals. Other people said that it was behind/above the glove-box. On my 2003 right-hand drive Forester, it is above the glove-box, housed in a gold-coloured metal box. I removed the glove-box and left it out until the next time the fault occurred and sure enough, tapping the metal box lightly immediately made the stuck indicator turn off. I removed the metal box and opened it up to reveal the black plastic Sigma unit inside. The cover on the plastic Sigma box is held on with small posi-drive screws. I disconnected the battery at this point but found that it was not strictly necessary, as long as I was careful not to let anything touch the exposed circuitry inside. You can decide for yourself whether you want to take that chance, (but I would not advise disconnecting or reconnecting the Sigma unit wiring while the battery is connected). I removed the cover, to find 3 square relays and one rectangular relay on the printed circuit board. I left it dangling (away from anything that might short anything out) until the fault re-occurred, so that I could try to determine which relay was sticking, by tapping it. The slightest tap on any of the relays would unstick the stuck indicator, so I had to test it with a meter. This is what I found: Identifying the faulty relay and trying to source a replacement: The 3 square relays are mounted in an L shape. The two closest to the edge of the PCB are each for a separate immobiliser circuit. The square relay mounted nearest to the long rectangular (central locking) relay, is the one that operates the indicators. The 3 square relays are identical, all having the same markings and numbers: "OEG OARW- SS-112DM 12VDC 08082 C". I don't know what any of that means, so I asked a local company that produces PCBs and electronic stuff. they couldn't find an equivalent but told me that "OEG" was the manufacturer and that they had been taken over by "TE", an American company. I contacted them with the details and pin dimensions etc. They were useless and offered me the "closest match" which was nothing like the original. I contacted RS-Online, who were honest enough to say that they didn't have anything like it. I contacted Farnell, who put me through to the technical dept and I was given the part number of the only one that was similar, having exactly the same internals and pin lay-out but the pins were slightly further apart. I bought one, thinking that I could mount it remotely from the PCB. luckily, when it arrived, I tested it's operation before fitting it: It was NOT the same internally. A "normal" 5-pin relay, (like the wrong one that Farnell supplied), has a +ve and a -ve connection that operates a coil. when activated, this coil acts as a magnet, that pulls a metal strip away from one contact, (breaking a circuit), and towards another contact, (completing a circuit). The 3 square relays in the Sigma unit don't operate this way. The coil part is the same but when it is activated, it connects 2 circuits at the same time: It connects a common feed to two separate circuits. In the case of the relay used for the indicators, it connects a live feed to the left hand indicators via one pin and the right-hand indicators via another pin, at the same time. Once I discovered this, I realised why someone on a forum somewhere had said that replacement relays were not readily available. My Solution: While checking the various relays and connectors with a meter, I discovered that the square relay nearest the corner of the PCB was not being used. This was confirmed by the fact that there was no wiring to terminals 13 and 14 in the block-connector. Some of the soldered connections are very close to other circuits on the PCB so I employed a local TV repairer who was experienced in working with PCBs: I paid him £10 to remove the faulty indicator relay, then remove the unused relay and solder that in to the place of the indicator relay. I put it back on the car, crossed my fingers and connected everything up: Perfect. Cured. Everything now works as it should (and has done for 3 weeks now). The Sigma M30 is used on various cars, not just Subarus. I assume that on some cars, all the relays are used but it seems that on Subarus, (or at least on mine), as no wiring was fitted to the block connector for that circuit, the associated relay just sits there unused. It's nice of them to supply a spare! If anyone else has this fault and is thinking of doing what I did to cure it, you obviously need to check whether or not that relay is being used. The main connector block has 20 terminals. Holding the PCB with the relays pointing downwards, (hanging under the PCB), and looking into the block-connector from the cable side, terminal number "1" is at the top left. The top row goes from left to right, "1" to "10". the bottom row goes from left to right, "11" to "20". On my car, terminals "3", "4", "13", "14", "18" and "19" had no wires in them. "13" and "14" are for that relay. Other options(?): If you find that you don't have a "spare" relay in your Sigma unit, then I suggest you have 3 options. 1): Buy a new complete unit, (if they are still available). 2): Find a suitable replacement relay (but make absolutely sure that it IS suitable!). I couldn't even find one with the same pin spacing, let alone the same internal circuitry. 3): (This option is not my suggestion. It is what I have seen suggested on a forum somewhere. I did not try this option. I don't know whether it will work or cause other problems. You must decide for yourself). Cut the two indicator output wires a little way from the unit. Insulate the output wire that relates to whichever side indicator is sticking on ("16"=left. "17"=right). Join the one 'good' indicator output wire to the two cut off wires that go into the loom BUT you must do this via two diodes to stop back-feeding from one side indicator to the other, unless you want hazard flashers every time you indicate! Please be aware that, as this is a Thatcham approved alarm, changing it in any way may affect your insurance. (As this is my first post here, any feedback would be appreciated).
  12. Having to sell my baby because of kids and family life. Should have stayed single. 2L forester xsport. Rare. Custom remap, de cat, straight through exhaust. All work done at Scooby clinic. Fanatsic lads and work. Message me for more info I guess :(
  13. Hello all, I purchased myself a 2006 Subaru Forester XT. It is absolutely beautiful. 111,000 miles on it (for £3200, I'm happy). 😁 Today whilst I was driving it back from town, I pulled off the roundabout, chucked it in 2nd and put my foot to the floor. It hit 3000revs and then I felt the turbo kick in hard, then it sort of briefly stopped giving me power, for like <0.5 a second. This was immediately followed by a sudden lunch of all the power at once and it quickly got up to redline and that was that. 😨 The trade seller had told me the throttle body was recently replaced and I am wondering whether this could be at fault? This is my first turbo car, so unsure where to begin diagnosing. The only last tidbit of info I can give is that if you rev it hard, there is a smell of petrol that gets into the cabin. Does anyone have some suggestions? 😟 thank you :)
  14. Hello! After a not too bad prang I am looking for a front bumper, passenger side wing, passenger side headlight assembly and the front left wheel arch inside cover thingy. So far I have found it very hard to source these parts and more often than not my years Xt (2002/52 plate) is not even an option on part finders etc. If anyone could pont me in any direction I would be very grateful!
  15. So, my other half's father just accidentally snapped my super rare, extremely difficult to find OEM one piece wind deflectors on my SF5 STi. I'm here in the vain hope that somebody here knows where I can get some replacements? Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.
  16. Hi, looking to buy a 2010 diesel Forrester, 92,000 on the clock Service history etc, but how do I spot any potential problems, heard nightmares about , cranks etc, so was this resolved or still problem. Where is the engine number stamped on the block. Thanks in advance for any helpful advice, as on a budget and don't want to buy the proverbial lemon at first go.
  17. Hi all, advice please about a 53 registered normally aspirated automatic Forster with the all weather pack. This is the good news, I've had the car nearly 4 years & mileage is about 114k It does exactly what I bought it to do, brilliantly. Apart from normal servicing of oils & filters I've only had to have the drivers door window motor replaced, & I've fitted one main beam headlight bulb & wiper blades Here's the bad news though, I've begun to smell petrol fumes outside the car around the offside rear wheel area. I had it MoT'd within a fortnight & the tester picked up on the smell, but couldn't identify where it came from. There was a 'clean" patch at the back top of the tank which tapered down toward the bottom of the tank, which may be significant. Couldn't see any problem where the fuel pipes from the tank go into the body en route to the engine bay Last Friday I had a mechanic pop the Forester onto his lift, & with the wheel off, inspect the fuel fill pipe from fuel cap to tank after removing its shield .The metal was sound as a bell, so no problem there. I'd expected to see a lot of rust & corrosion The mechanics conclusion was a weep from the fuel tank horizontal seam & that it wasn't an economic repair (for me to have him do the job) with a new tank & his labour as you have to remove a lot of the drive train to get the tank out and with bolts that will have rusted solid shearing off etc. I can't detect any fumes in the car, so my latest guess or hope is a leak or weep from the fuel pipes at the top of the tank where you can't see them. Maybe removing the fuel pump access plate give you access? Is it a daft idea, or is it worth getting my mechanic to have another look see? If anyone has had this problem & got it solved it or has had it sorted, or any other suggestions I'd welcome any pointers Thanks in advance for your input: Effsweet ps It's much too good a car to go to the breakers & I'd really like to keep it on the road
  18. Guest

    Foerster calipers

    Long shot anyone local have two rear Foerster 2001 calipers. Fairly sure one of mine is playing up
  19. I am looking for £800 ono for my Dark Grey Metallic Forester, sadly it has succumbed to a broken crank which has left the wife and I devastated. We are shortly due to move to the other side of the country so it has to go, I will not have time to source or rebuild a new engine. It still has some mot on it. Everything on it works as it should (apart from the engine). It is the top of the range model, decent tyres and the interior is in excellent condition. I will consider breaking it if there are enough bits sold to get near the £800. Cheers.
  20. Hi All, Just had a bit of a puzzle so thought I'd find a forum, so here I am. Bought my Forester 16 months ago when my tugging vehicle had a tranmission failure and didn't fancy using my alternative SX4 1.6 petrol for tugging the caravan. I've hankered after a Subaru Forester for a few years now and as swimbo still wished to get away for a few weeks decided to bit the bullet and see what affordable Forester diesels were available within range. A nice one in blue metalic appeared but a Monday morning phone call found it sold over the weekend but the trade-in sounded feasible available to view on the Wednesday. Milage of 120K a bit high but price was low and as a second vehicle I would only put 5-6K a year on it. Drove it away Friday and off to Scotland tugging the c'van on Saturday The puzzle?? I post about that in the Q&A forum when I find it....
  21. Hi all, I'm looking to sell my 2007 Forester 2.5 XTen. This is the top spec version with central locking, alarm and immobiliser, climate control, heated leather seats, large electric sunroof, electric windows all round, electric heated mirrors with indicators, HID headlights with washers and self-levelling supension, fog lights, alloy 17" wheels, sat-nav etc. etc. The car is in very good condition for the year, with a low mileage of only 88800, full service history, a new MOT will be supplied. Manuals, handbook and two keyfobs supplied. All tyres are in good condition with loads of tread left, two have only done 1000 miles or so. The exhaust has been replaced with a full stainless Hayward and Scott system (turbo-back with two sports cats - middle cat replaced last year, passes MOT emmissions test and not too loud:-) ) This car has been mapped to produce 270BHP I have replaced the original rubbish stereo with a double-DIN touch screen DVD/MP3/CD player with reversing camera (camera needs to be connected). I have also replaced the original out-of-date and clunky sat nav with a decent touch screen Garmin unit. There was a towbar fitted when I got the car - this has been removed, but can be supplied if required - the towbar electrics are still present. There is a slight car park ding on the nearside rear quarter panel, otherwise the car is clean and straight. I have had the car for three years, and I am only selling because the car gets very little use due to my job. It has only done about 7000 miles since I bought it, and only a couple of thousand in the last two years! More info. and photos can be supplied upon request. Offers around £3000
  22. Hi all Apologies if I have put this post in the wrong place but I'm new here. I am selling my Subaru Forester Sti SG09 Facelift model. The was imported into the UK by Torque GT in Devon in Jan 2016 and I am the first registered UK keeper. Since I have had the car I have put approx 20,000 miles on it. I have replaced the terrible Subaru stock radiator with a full aluminium Mishimoto radiator and the car had a full turbo rebuild in March 2017 along with a full service by Subaru4you. That was approximately 4000 miles ago. The car has had all the usual UK modifications carried out (kmh-mph, fog light etc) I have only run the car on Shell Optimax and have meticulously kept a log of the milage and can confirm that it average 26.54mpg over its lifetime with me so far. The car is full JDM spec with the addition of a Sti Genome exhaust (which still has the purple and yellow paint in the lettering on the side) which is lovely and quiet at low revs but has a real roar to it when you put your foot down. I have changed the Japanese double din head unit for a Kenwood unit which has a built in Garmin sat nav (with full Europe mapping)and bluetooth car kit. Cant remember the model number at the moment. This car is priced low to sell as I was due to be part-exing it for an Audi but the garage lost their bottle on taking it as they only sell performance VW and Audi cars and dont want to take a risk on selling a Subaru!? I am looking for £9000.00 OVNO for the car. I attach a picture taken a couple of months ago as I haven't had a chance to take any others (up to 1hr ago this was going to be a trade in!) but will be able to take more detailed pictures and answer any questions about the car should you be interested. Thanks Paul.
  23. New to scoobies. 23 years old. No no claims discount. Insurance companies hate me. Hoping to find some good advice from wise subaru lovers to guide me through my first subaru journey. Picked up 03 Forester 2.0T import today, intend to love it more than my own family and build it up every so slowly. Thanks for creating such an interesting helpful forum! See you out there.
  24. Planning to switch the leather seats out of my 2005 XT into a cloth seated 2007 Facelift model which I plan to buy. Does anybody know if they are identical fittings? Will I still be able to warm my ****?
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