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  1. Hi All, A long shot I know with the dwindling numbers but I'm searching for a collectors condition RB or alternatively a Hawk Sti, as a back stop. Mature and not intending to ruin the ride. We know what a decent one is fetching so if you're looking to let your pride and joy go to a good owner rather than a dealer, just give me a reply. Thanks
  2. Hi, I have a 2007 Hawkeye Impreza WRX STI with a HKS blow off valve that a previous owner has put on there and is causing me some issues. I'm looking to replace it with an OEM part and I haven't had any luck on ebay. If anyone has one lying around in decent condition I'd be happy to buy it from you. Thanks, Rob.
  3. Is it me or are the brakes on the hawkeye 160bhp non turbo terrible? I literally feel they have zero stopping power. Now I'm aware clearly fluid, tryes, pads, discs all play a part in this however are they known for being a poor braking system on the hawkeye. Or is it my modle GD9 being a non turbo all having poor brakes. My classic WRX I had previously seemed to have a far greater stopping power. I have been looking at the GD9 brakes avaliable and looking at ebay it would appear STI WRX four pots and 2 pot calipers front and rears fit. Is this the case? If anyone has upgraded a non turbo braking system before any information would be greatly appricated. And I have looked already at the disc sizes for both systems (non turbo and wrx sti) they appear in my modle year to both be 266 and 277. Again any knowledge would be greatly appricated. Regards. Rich
  4. I was just wondering if anyone knows if the centre pipe on a non turbo 1.5 is the same as any other impress such as a n/a 2.0 etc? The centre pipe I have has a flat silencer on it which I'm looking to replace, the pipe is 1.35m long.
  5. Hi people sorry if this is covered elsewhere but i have an 07plate 1.5 na impreza coupe and im looking for coilovers. Would ones that say they fit wrx/sti fit the 1.5 hawkeye coupe? Thanks so much peeps im new to the scooby scene
  6. My dream car owned for 3 years, perfect condition, 27,000 miles genuine, very fast - but my income now less than half when I bought it, I can no longer afford to run it. Have been advertising it for 10 weeks or more on AutoTrader and ebay - currently asking 16K. Not one person has come to see it. PX not an option as dealers won't touch an import. Any constructive ideas please on how/where to advertise it Many thanks - silverfernuk
  7. Wondering if anyone has had this happen to them and if there are any known fixes? It's to do with a 56 plate Hawkeye Impreza spec D STi with the EJ257 engine, no mods other than RCM head studs and gaskets. Below 4k rpm, the car feels like it's being choked, with it being more apparent at low oil temperatures. As soon as you hit ~4k the engine picks up and you get a more positive burst of power. It happens more noticeably when accelerating at a "normal" rate rather than foot down, but still happens with the foot down as well. The only engine code I have at the moment is P0410 (Secondary air pump) which I've not got round to sorting, but don't see how this would effect the power as it's more of an emissions thing? Any help is appreciated! PS it isn't turbo lag before anyone tries to be clever! 😉
  8. So just a quick question to confirm. I own a 2006 WRX, am I right in saying the stock turbo on one of these is the TD04L? I kniw the USDM verson has the TD04L, but wasn't sure if that's the case in the UK as some people state the WRX having just the TD04.
  9. So just a quick question to confirm. I own a 2006 WRX, am I right in saying the stock turbo on one of these is the TD04L? I kniw the USDM verson has the TD04L, but wasn't sure if that's the case in the UK as some people state the WRX having just the TD04.
  10. Hello all, Just got a blue 2006 Hawkeye Wagon WRX 2 weeks ago, completely standard and unragged . Great starting point, already bought a Invidia N1 Racing Titanium Tip Cat-Back Exhaust System. Just waiting on it arriving, taking it's sweet time tho. Been a honda man up until this point, owned a MB8 VTIS, JDM EP3 and EK9. Anyone recommend a good garage in Scotland. I know there's RA Motorsports in Perth. They can provide almost any service for Subaru's, however I am every weary of them. Not sure if their a bit dodge or not. Has anyone use them? I will add pics of my new Wagon soon once I have detailed it.
  11. Mate wants to know weather to go for the blobeye 2.0 sti or hawkeye 2.5 sti?
  12. Hi everyone! Little bit of background info on me for those that missed my introduction post in the new members section. My name's Steve, and I live in the lovely North East in the Tyne and Wear area. I'm originally from the States and always been into cars, especially Japanese ones, although I do still appreciate the old American classic muscle cars.'69 Camaro or Charger anyone? I was pretty big into Honda's and built with my friends a pretty decent motor. I even had a 2005 Honda 600RR. Unfortunately, I moved here about 7 years ago to be with my now wife (who's awesome by the way for letting me get this haha) before I could get it up and running. Anyways, I've finally got my first Scoobie, a 2006 STi. Absolutely love it! Overall, fairly good condition, few little stone chips scratches, but it's a 10 year old car in pretty good nick all in. It's a Type UK imported from Singapore with a full service history, and a few little mods like a Zero Sports intake and radiator, DEFI gauges, etc. Original sale listing: http://jm-imports.co.uk/index.php/2006-subaru-impreza-gdb-sti-widetrack-6-speed-manual/ And some pics since I picked her up: Overall, haven't done too much yet to her as funds are a bit limited now, but I do have some plans in mind. Things done already: Taken gauges off the awful rack (see the original listing photos) they had and had JM put in the triple centre hood and a twin A pillar pods. Although I'm not overly happy with this as they've screwed it on at the top! Current issues? Heat doesn't seem to work all the time even after warming up? Maybe faulty heater core, although noticed the fans on the centre console pop out easily and don't click in. Gearbox groans a bit at full lock turns, read this is normal? Noisey interior road noise, again read this is normal? Pretty squeaky when going over speed bumps MPG really low at moment, but still getting use to car so might be ok Current near future plans: Upgrade head unit and speakers as current are stock Wind Deflectors (anyone got these? Still torn on if I want them) Fog light covers STi floor mats, current are rubber and feet slide all over on them! Try and clean up interior a bit more (leftover sticky goo stuff where old gauges were mounted, clean seats and headliner properly etc.) Rid of awful switch that does nothing? Touch up paint with OEM pen? Anyone experience with one? Future plans, maybe: Suspension mods (roll bars, etc.) New alloys (totally undecided on these at moment, want something nice like Volk maybe?) Front lip, maybe a rear lip too Snowboard roof rack? Think these look cool. Debating on springs or coilovers Fully decat exhaust Fuel pump (already has FPR so might have this?) Forge engine New spark plugs Front mount intercooler Bigger turbo Bigger injectors Full tune Full respray? Think that's about everything I can think of for now!
  13. Hi guys, I have for sale a Vortex afterburner exhaust backbox. It is a straight exit backbox. This is for an impreza hawkeye but I bought it to adjust and put on my gc8, unfortunately I havent had the times and due to other circumstances I want to sell it. I also bought a brand new gasket for it that is still in its pack. The exhaust is very neat and tidy and has no dents and scrapes like many exhausts we see! These are going on scooby world brand new for around 225-235pounds. Its not brand new but Its like it is! Spotless and scratchless from what I can see. Just needs a good clean up with some alloy shine. Mcgregors will probably do the trick😉👍 The rumble this exhaust gives cannot be beaten and many prefer this to the NurSpec. Many have put these on Non Turbos and have fooled people into thinking they were turbos! Bank for buck this really is the real deal! Im putting it up for 150 and will listen to offers. Baring in mind its like new its worth every penny! £150 ONO. Please feel free to ask questions. Thanks a lot!
  14. As title states, looking for one. Don't want to spend a fortune, but needs to be decent condition. Not sure on size yet, but lemme know what you got!
  15. Well after owning my hawkeye for nearly a year, and having concerns about the 2.5, i had a look at a 55plate blob wrx ppp, great condition, full history, so decided to go for the swap.... good job too as the hawkeye is showing signs of headgasket failure! Shame as its been such a nice car, i do kind of miss how the older 2.0ltrs drive tho.
  16. noticed the nearside sidelight bulb in my hawkeye wagon has gone, from what I have read its a nightmare to change? have got the bulbs (501 W5W) so will give it a go soon, believe its an MOT fail item and that is due in next couple months. Any helpful advice before I start?!
  17. Hi guys! I am new to this forum and also new to owning Subaru's in general! I purchased a Subaru Impreza WRX 2006 a few days ago, and she's been a delight to drive, never misses a beat! (Full reliable service history and all that) Today, on the way home from seeing my friend, I was giving her a little boost, when suddenly the engine management light popped up and the acceleration pedal has NO RESPONSE whatsoever..?! I pulled over immediately, per her in neautral and lifted the handbrake. The car revved the 3k and dropped the 500 revs continuously, throttle not responding to the pedal whatsoever. I proceeded to turn the vehicle off, wait 5 minutes, then turn her on again. She started fine, I checked under the car and under the bonnet, all fine and appears normal? I drove her home with no problems at all, I tried every gear and tried boosting hard again, everything worked perfectly; but the engine management light is still up. i have her booked into my mates garage for diagnostics on Monday, just wondering if anyone knows what's going on and could maybe advise? Hoping it's a sensor fault haha! thanks guys! -Sean
  18. Hi, I may be breaking the rules and if so (admin) please feel free to delete this post with my apologies. I have a 2006 Sti Spec D which I am breaking. Virtually everything is available except Main engine and the gearbox. Obviously it has a great spec and there is no crash damage. The reason for breaking is the engine went pop on the old owner who could not afford the repair. I also have many other spares from way back from building cars into rally cars etc. Just e mail as you never know, washer bottles to steering wheels to drive shafts etc etc. Very few body panels but have some so ask. if you are interested please e mail howardskelton1@gmail.com. I am just south of Coventry.
  19. So, this might sound a bit odd, but I thought there was a headlight adjustment wheel with the 2006 STI or did they switch to self levelling ones for this year? I noticed the other night they were a bit "low" when driving at a nice speed.
  20. As title suggests, I'm looking for some floor mats in the carpet for my 06 STI. Thanks 😊
  21. Hello everyone, My names Steve and I live in Newcastle in England. New to Subaru's and turbos cars in general. I'm looking at buying a used hawk eye STi, but I'm not totally sure on the prices I should be looking at. I've went and saw a clean import (from Singapore (can't drive fast there) but it's not JDM as it's a EJ25. Leads me think it's a Type UK as it also had EU/UK chassis number?), and the dealer is asking for £9k (has a few small mods, exhaust DEFI gauges) Is that reasonable for a dealer for one of these? I don't think it's had the timing belt, tensioner and water pump done either, which I was quoted at £650 from Subaru garage. The car has 81k miles on it and had two owners from new, and the second owner was a garage in Singapore. I've also seen a 04 plate fairly local from another garage for £10k, reflective on the 42k miles it has on it. Just wondering which is the better option as each have pros and cons (tax aka engine size being one). Also is there anything to check for when purchasing other than do a compression check for bad ring lands? Thanks for the help! - Steve
  22. Hi guys, short sharp question for you all, I'm looking at putting the fog light covers on my wrx just wondering where the best place to get them is, checked flea bay and they all seem to be for bugeyes or blobs :( while on scoobyworld they're £90 each!?! Also if anyone else has done it how potchy is it? watched a few vids and looks easy but thought id ask! cheers for the help in advance :)
  23. Hi everyone we are selling are beloved Impreza WRX in World Rally Blue 81,000 Miles Full service history Just had a cam belt service and mot done Just been remapped by Andrew Carr to approx 280bhp, with 50% more torque Milltek catback exhaust BC BR adjustable coilers fitted, Sensibly lowered and wheel alignment done afterwards - You can manually adjust the stiffness of the suspension. Chrome front grills Most of the services and work has been done by Adam @ Autotechnica (Great guy) A few scratches but generally in very good condition for its age. I'm looking to sell pretty quickly. You can message me through here or email adam_0161@hotmail.co.uk Many Thanks, Adam
  24. Evening folks. I am almost due for a cambelt on my 07' WRX Hawkeye. I've been reading the recent posts about the water pumps being pretty tough. Does this go for all models? I do have a bit of fun with it but nothing excessive, I live on the isle of wight so no real long journeys and my mileage is only 49k. From what I have read it sounds like the pump might be ok till the next belt but is it really worth the risk? The belt and pump kit here looks good and is £40 less without the pump: http://www.importcarparts.co.uk/parts-info?id=10848&cat=96⊂=183&sec=2484&var=25&dc=0&gen=&searchKey=&searchPart= Also, are there any mods worth doing while the belts and parts are out the way? Always worth asking that one ;) Cheers guys!
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