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  1. Hello everyone!, This is my first time posting to a forum!, I'm wondering if anybody has any knowledge/ advice about what I can do with my Subaru. I have a Subaru WRX-S 2.5 hatchback. I believe this car is semi rare apparently and I am really struggling to find any original accessories. I know its small, but I would like to keep my car as original as I can. I believe that car was made by Prodrive?. I am looking for any Subaru WRX-S stickers and floormats to be specific. I know they exist as my car has some now but they are in really bad condition. stickers are torn and floor matts are almost ruined. if anyone knows where I can get some accessories for my Subaru WRX-S. that would be amazing. iv contacted Subaru directly. sadly no reply. and I am waiting for a reply back from Prodrive. no matter what i type into the internet, wrxs accessories just cannot be found. Thanks! Reece
  2. I'm looking to purchase a 2nd or 3rd gen Impreza and I'm wondering what I should look out for? What engine and transmission option I should go for? What I should avoid? Sedan, Wagon or Hatch? I'm looking to spend no more than $7-8k AUD though I'd like to spend a little less than this to budget for maintenance and on road costs...
  3. Hi, just after some advice before I spend any money. I have a 2002 bugeye wrx wagon and it has a strange noise when braking. It only happens on gentle braking but it clicks and feels as though its coming through the pedal. Don't think it's Abs related as there's no lights and it stops fine if you brake hard. Any ideas what it is before I start charging discs & pads etc? Thank you!
  4. Hi All, My dad is looking to sell his Subaru Impreza Turbo 2000 AWD after 22 years of ownership from new. Metallic Green, W Reg, 1st registered April 2000, 115,000 miles. Full service history and MOT until 05/12/22. Looking for realistic offers for this classic Impreza.
  5. Evening all once again 👋 so having had new rubber and 4 wheel alignment done today, it was discovered that the seam on my fuel tank may be causing a minor leak. Now while my mechanic is confident in welding it, he advised me to still look for a new tank 🤦‍♂️ if you guys could help me on where to look it would be greatly appreciated. It's a bugeye saloon, and I have until the first week of April. ✌
  6. Hello Again, So after replacing the radiator, everything seemed fine. However the engine light has been back on and my dad's diagnostic (Delphi R3) has come up with code P0031. I found this on the interweb https://www.engine-codes.com/p0031_subaru.html but just wondered if anyone else has had this problem and can advise please. Regards Fred
  7. Hello All, So I finally fulfilled my dream of being an Impreza Owner on 3/2/22. Saw a 51 plate WRX on Autotrader with 68k miles and FSH for just shy of 8k. Went to have a drive and everything felt fine, until the owner popped the bonnet and noticed some spraying on the alternator cover... As tempting as it was to walk away, my mad head took over and just went sod it. Plus I'd come a long way and already had my last car ('15 Polo GTI) booked in to webuyanycar. The guy seemed very surprised at the discovery although his argument was it hadn't been driven since November. And after having one of my mechanic friends whose owned 3 Scoobs in the past, he advised to not go over 7300. So I went in with 7k and the deal was done. I took it to said mechanic the day after and he said the top pipe clip was loose, and the cambelt hadn't been done since 2015 at 55k. Following an argument with my dad (knowing he'd disapprove anyway) I then took it to the nearby garage that's also a Subaru dealer. One of the guys there said the coolant/spraying could be from a metal feed pipe under the radiator (or around that area) and they'll do a full underside inspection on 11th Feb. So today rolls round and after a few pulls, I went to check under the bonnet again, and low and behold it looked like this (and smoking a bit 😳)... it's a good job I got some coolant from a spare parts place round the corner from I apologise for rambling on, but I guess my question is have I just completely ruined my life and everything I've dreamt of in the space of 3 days? 🙈
  8. Hey, got drunk and lost my keys to my 98-gt awd, and having trouble to find any company that can help due to the cars age, any tips?
  9. Hello guys, I am new here and I own a 2005 Impreza 2.5RS Sport. 128k miles. Unfortunately the car is an automatic. I want to get an 05 sti front clip w/ motor, trans, and subframe. From what I have gathered to do a swap I would need... Sti sub frame Sti dohc motor Manual trans Linkages Ecm Harness Hood Am I missing anything? What is the deal with swapping the subframe? Would I be better off in price comparison with keeping the sohc motor, my subframe, and just turbocharging it? I do have a daily driver so this is my project. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I'm embarrassed at how difficult I'm finding it to compose this notice, but i'm putting my Subaru up for sale (I don't remember getting this emotional when we waved goodbye to our trusty Honda Civic). For those of you who just want to deal in facts, I'll try to be as accurate as possible: 2005 Reg 2.0L Impreza WRX SL Optional full Leather, Heated seats,Sunroof pack and AC. Sonic Blue. (just under) 105,000miles. FSH. 2 keys. Completely straight example, owned by 1 family (2 owners) from new. Not modded, raced or rallied. The car was bought from new by my Dad (as a retirement gift to himself) his 2nd after i persuaded him to buy a 2000 classic blue Mica saloon in 1997 and he never looked back. Bought from Subaru Threeways garage in North Wales and run for the first 74,000 miles by him. I bought it off him in the April of 2013 and have had the car ever since. It's now done just short of 105,000miles (104,890, to be precise at the time of writing). Although it's been my only car, it's not been used for work and is very much just a weekend car, hence the slow down in mileage. Serviced by Subaru for the first 30,000 miles. Timing belt was done at 50,000 miles. This has been a much cherished car by two generations of my family, so why am i selling? Well in the name of transparency, after i had an ABS sensor changed a few weeks ago, i decided to have a service done this week, to head off any issues. They flagged up some corrosion on the underneath, at the rear of the car, the shocks are sticking and the engine is running a little warmer. Coupled to this are a few annoying issues (driver side window motor has gone and the passenger side headlamp is fogging up). Although I can't believe i'm saying this, whilst the car is still running well, it feels like the right time to sell. I decided to post here, as I wanted the car to go to someone who knew what they were looking at and would have the time and knowhow to spend on a project. I'm happy to take more pictures and field any questions. The car is in North Leeds (West Yorkshire), £6,000 (open to sensible offers). Call/Text any enquiries to Tim on 07882 583881
  11. Hey all been looking to replace the standard unit for a while but dont wana pay 300-400. looked at a few but any recommendations i just want DAB and it to connect to my iphone dont mind any decent aftermarket ones please share links :) Thanks all
  12. I saw this video comparing most Subaru Impreza exhaust but still cannot decide. Any tips on the best Subaru Impreza exhaust? hp? sound? I would appreciate hearing from those that already upgraded their exhaust.
  13. I just bought an '07 Impreza but I cannot find what specs it has using its VIN number. I have used a few VIN decoders and a lot of of them say invalid and some show me only half of what it is. For example one site shows the car as a 2008 2.5L Hatchback model when in reality it just a 2007 1.5L N/A Hatchback. I used http://www.cars101.com/subaru/vin.htm to try decode the VIN myself but the 5th position on my VIN is H which is not even talked about on that guide. Can someone please point me to right direction please so I can find out what exact specification my car has like trim and options? Help is always greatly appreciated.
  14. Is there anywhere i could buy actual tail lights that look like that and not the overlay thing?
  15. Hey I am planning on buying a 2009 Impreza hatch but i wanna make it look wider like an WRX or even an STI, but i have no idea if there is anywhere i could buy those OEM style wide fenders and bumpers.
  16. Hi all, hope everyone is doing well. I have some top mounts for sale on ebay and just thought I’d leave the link here in case someone’s looking. They have come from a 2004 blob wrx 4 door and are in perfect working order. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Subaru-Impreza-Suspension-GENUINE-Strut-TOP-MOUNTS/153934139407?hash=item23d730900f:g:e5sAAOSwnHdevwGD Thanks
  17. Hello, I have a Subaru Impreza 2009 WRX 2.5 hatch, it has the CD player head unit, I am considering installing a Sat Nav depending on how much is involved. My preference would be to fit the OEM one as the car is totally standard and unmolested. There seems to be OEM Sat Nav units available for about £250. Can anyone tell me what is involved in getting this to function once installed? Are there any codes needed before it will work with my car / ECU? What about updates etc? Can it be used as a navigation unit free without a subscription (Starlink)? As you can tell i don't know a lot about Sat Nav units but I have been working on cars a long time so installing it is no issue. Thanks for your help, Dave
  18. Is it me or are the brakes on the hawkeye 160bhp non turbo terrible? I literally feel they have zero stopping power. Now I'm aware clearly fluid, tryes, pads, discs all play a part in this however are they known for being a poor braking system on the hawkeye. Or is it my modle GD9 being a non turbo all having poor brakes. My classic WRX I had previously seemed to have a far greater stopping power. I have been looking at the GD9 brakes avaliable and looking at ebay it would appear STI WRX four pots and 2 pot calipers front and rears fit. Is this the case? If anyone has upgraded a non turbo braking system before any information would be greatly appricated. And I have looked already at the disc sizes for both systems (non turbo and wrx sti) they appear in my modle year to both be 266 and 277. Again any knowledge would be greatly appricated. Regards. Rich
  19. Hi I'm looking for a rear panel for a 1994-95 GC8, we're currently working through a nut and bolt restore on a Prodrive car and the only missing piece is this panel. I anybody has one for sale or can point me in the direction of one please let me know. cheers Steven
  20. been driving a good old Subaru 2009 with something like 140 000 km in the counter... i loved that car ! manual ride ! very responsive and sporty boxer engine but i had discovered my brake pedal was kinda unresponsive made it to the dealer as sonn as i discovered brake problems it was kind of the visible part of the iceberg but i have a plan to repair that car Now i bought an Impreza 2016 Hatchback Touring trim ! im very satisfied as always with Subaru product. Excellent comfort and habitability. i can discern a concern for detail very admirable. love those boxer engine and AWD Subaru is my ride
  21. I’m collecting a late 2005 model WRX Wagon next week, and the steering wheel is seriously tired - first picture (looks worse close up) I’d like to change it to the earlier version, also pictured, is this possible or will there be airbag issues? If not this one are there any other options I have? Any help much appreciated. James
  22. Hi all, I’m the owner of The Shine Guys, a mobile detailing company in Wales I’ve just bought a 2003 legacy Gl that I’d like to operate from so I will be converting it into a van. I will be posting the build thread here! Any detailing services required drop me a message on 07715328072, a discount will be added for customers gained from this forum. I would like to do a free paint correction and protection, to someone local! to be considered feel free to message me on what’s app with a pic of your wildest scooby and your location. Thanks Chris
  23. Hello all, Picked up my 2.0D Impreza hatch (2009) on New Year's Eve, with just over 70k on the clock. I've been lurking on the forums and joined a couple of Facebook pages, but thought it was about time to get involved properly! My hatch is fully stock (as far as I'm aware) and runs rather well, despite the standard cold start diesel slapping! Where do other diesel owners go for parts (performance and stock) in the UK? And what parts i.e. suspension can cross over with the WRX and STI models? Nice to meet you all and Tia for any assistance!
  24. After many years of adoring the Subaru brand from afar, I finally decided to make my first purchase recently when I made a little bit of money. I wanted something fun to drive and found a 2003 Subaru Impreza for sale near me. So I have owned it for about 1 month now. People keep asking me questions about it, but I am not very knowlegable about the intimate details of the Subaru, or of cars in general. I'm hoping my time here on these forums will help me learn exactly what I bought and hopefully get some tips to keep it running as well as it does, and for general improvements I could make. I look forward to my time here. Alex.
  25. Suburu Imprezza WRX STI Type UK AWD Full service history Millage around 65k 2.5 petrol 300bhp Manual 6 speed gear box MOT until July 2020 62 plate Owned since July 2019 (reluctant sale) Imaculate body and paint work Small scuff passanger side alloy After market exhaust Grimspeed oil return hose plus additional aftermarket upgrades Side and front splitters Recaro seats (half leather) All internal systems spot on Clean inside (small wear to carpet near accelerator) Viewings welcome but no time wasters. Plate not included
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