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Found 222 results

  2. Hi, I recently brought an imported 04 STI, just wanted to say hi to everyone:) Stock at the moment apart from a new English head unit and of course hella horns, but I've got plans for it. Ed
  3. Hi all, hope you are all well! I recently brought my scooby and loving every minute of it. I've spent the last 4 months keeping it standard and decided that it is now time for me to upgrade it. I'm not looking for outrageous power, would be happy with 250 - 270. The car to my knowledge is completely standard, bar the backbox which isn't standard (not a twin pipe). I've been doing my research and found this post on here typical upgrade path newage impreza 20 wrx. Read well. Has anyone tried and tested these methods, with dyno results to prove? I have been looking at exhaust systems and wanted to remove a cat and replace another with a sport one. Would this still pass a MOT? My next question would be where do you guys buy your parts from? eBay is just flooded with cheap stuff, would prefer to buy branded unless you guys rate a lower brand etc. Regards Brian
  4. Hi all, hope you are well. I've recently brought scooby and after having it for 4 months i've decided to finally put some upgrades on. I found a peice of software called FreeSSM which once plugged in will show all values from your ECU and sensors etc. I'm not looking at tweaking but rather see if anything is not right. Question is does anyone use another other software which may be better or more usefull for me? Also i was wondering if my GDA is OBD or OBD II. Is there any difference etc? Regards Brian P.S Heres a link to a another question of mine 🙂 WRX GDA Performance Gains, Help Needed
  5. £10,999 Stunning example of a Subaru Impreza STI in world rally blue with 18 inch alloy wheels. Full service History (Last serviced in June) MOT until 13/07/19 69k miles 3 previous owners 2 KEYS 2.5l - 297hp Bucket Seats 8 inch android touch screen (Sat Nav, Bluetooth, Phone & more with android apps) 3 driving modes Controllable diff Drives fantastically, excellent condition has been very well looked after Recently had a full paint detail so looks great A few stone chips on the bonnet, and some age related marks but overall great condition Completely stock so a perfect starting point for modding, or keeping original Looking for quick sale, available for test drive upon proof of insurance and driving license, or i'm happy to take you for a spin. Daily driver so mileage will increase slightly
  6. Hey guys, I am new to this forum and have recently purchased a UK Blobeye WRX. I was wondering if anyone knows of any tuning chips that you can swap maps real time, I know the Cobb Accessport is not compatible with the UK cars which is a real shame. Also has anyone done a Air intake resonator removal and if so how did you do it? I have seen a couple of videos where they remove the resonator and cut it off and use the piping to connect the intake to the air box as normal however you are left with the hole where you cut the res of any ideas on the best way to plug this hole? Thanks
  7. SELLING OR WILL SWAP FOR 5x100 Subaru Impreza STI Rims and tyres All rims in great condition, few scuffs and slight curbing on one (pictured) 2 front tyres are great condition and Firestone 2 Back slightly worn on inside but still completely legal 225/45/17R 91W 17” Rims, 5x112 PCD Only selling as they don’t fit my car £160 ono
  8. Subaru Impreza 1999 V Reg 2L AWD for sale. Mileage 130k. Condition Good/OK for its age. FSH, MOT until Dec '18. Still performs OK. Not being used regularly so wish this to go to good owner. Ideally wish £1750, may consider sensible offers. Located near Gillingham, Kent. Contact 07887 557437
  9. Does anyone know where I can find these mats? They are standard for my Hatch STI but can’t seem to find them anywhere. I bought a full set from Subaru for £55 but my passenger mat has now been damaged and needing replaced. I wouldn’t want to buy a full set again.
  10. Intolerant_ape

    Start-up / Immobiliser issue

    Hi all, Had my 07 Impreza 2.0 n/a a while now, no issues with startup or the immobiliser until this morning... Unlocked the car, jumped in and turned the key and got power/electrics, but wouldn't turn over and fire up at all. First thought i could have left it too long and immobiliser armed again, so pressed the key-fob one more time with it in the ignition, still nothing, then i noticed that when i press the key-fob button the red light on the dash flashes once, but doesn't stay on like it used to for the 30/60 seconds whatever it is to give me opportunity to start the car. i also noticed a buzzing sound while I had the key in the ignition at accessory position. Anybody any idea whats going on? Cheers
  11. Wanting a gearbox for my Impreza Turbo 2000. Gearbox code: HL - TY754VN1AA please help 😭😭
  12. Hey all, We're looking for a classic Impreza to feature in a short film shoot with acclaimed actors. The film is also supported by Film London. The car needs to be 5 door saloon (Turbo or sport), preferably based in London or close by, and available for one, or both, evening shoots on the 5th (London) and 6th (Harwich) of February 2018. The car will be static/parked throughout the scenes that it is required for. Actors will sit in the front seats. The project is low budget but can cover mileage to the locations. Food will also be provided. If interested please contact Matt - for more information. Please spread the word if you know someone who may be interested in having their Impreza featured in the film. Thanks, Matt
  13. Hi, new member here. Im fairly new to owning a subaru, having bought my Impreza at the beginning of autumn. Its a 2006 impreza R Sport wagon (Hawkeye) Non turbo, 160hp 2.0 AVCS. Its good fun most of the time (traffic here is a nightmare). Some recent problems with a fuel injector and an O2 sensor, but should all be back to normal this week. Currently a work in progress when the weather allows to add some personal touches to it soon
  14. Eyup. We've got an old much loved much battered, and I do mean battered 2001 Forester Sport. The forester has big chunky General Grabber tyres on it too. Also now got a 2008 Impreza 2L R. Bog standard with Yokahama road tyres on it. It's an awesome drive BUT the old battered (big AT tyre fitted) Forester is cheaper to run. We get an average of 30MPG in the Impreza and 35MPG in the Forester. Is this right? Not a big deal but had expected the more modern version of the engine to be cheaper to run. Expected it to be better to drive and wow, it is. Best car I've driven that I've actually owned, not the fastest but the best. Our driving is never short hops as we live in the hills in North Wales and it's minimum 5 miles on the commute which is half single track streep windy lanes, half nat speed limit. and regularly 45 mins on main roads to town so thats national speed limit mostly.
  15. Hey All, Apologies for the random request. We're looking for a great condition Impreza Turbo 2000 to be photographed for a national UK Car magazine in mid Jan. Will happily reimburse the owner for mileage and also lunch and refreshments throughout the shoot. Car needs to be in good-excellent condition to be considered and available for the whole day on 17th Jan. This is a static shoot and if driven, the car would only be photographed at low speeds. If interested please contact us on twitter at Thanks! Subaru UK
  16. Hi guys I was driving my car and reved it under a bridge with clutch engaged after that the car doesnt want to go into any gear. It does engage in gear whilst car is off, as soon as you start it all you hear is TICK TICK TICK and you are unable to engage into any gear. Has this happened to anyone? P.S. It is not the engine.
  17. Hi guys I was driving my car and reved it under a bridge with clutch engaged after that the car doesnt want to go into any gear. It does engage in gear whilst car is off, as soon as you start it all you hear is TICK TICK TICK and you are unable to engage into any gear. Has this happened to anyone? P.S. It is not the engine.
  18. cornish6544

    Manifold colour?

    Does anyone know the paint colour of the manifolds on the STI's? Mines got a chip and just looking to touch it up.
  19. Hey, so i picked up my first ever Subaru today and I really want to get a nice exhaust system for it but don't want anything that will drone to much when on the motorway as this will be my daily. I have a Impreza 2008 2.0L R single pipe and want to know if you guys can suggest any nice sounding system? Ideally I'd like to keep it under £700 thanks!!!! Ghoshy
  20. Hi I'm new on here so would appreciate any bit of help I can get. I am interested in buying a 2007/2008 1.5 hatchback Impreza it will by my first car so if anyone on here has one or ever did have interested to know what they think of it and was it worth buying. Thanks .
  21. cornish6544

    Fuel octane wants the truth?

    So my hatch is currently being built by Scooby clinic and I'm about to collect it to do some running in miles. Where I am at the moment down south I can easily fill up with vpower but when I move back to the Lake district in January I won't be able to get hold of vpower or Tesco 99 as the closest one is a 90-mile round trip. This means I will have to use a lower fuel such as BP ultimate or Esso supreme at 97. I will be running one of these for my final map and I've been told it could actually make a 30BHP decrease because it's not vpower. How true is this or are they just being cautious not to get my hopes up?
  22. Hello people I took my car impreza classic out today and was giving it a fair bit of acceleration. However upon doing this the car hesitated to accelerate and appeared to have more of a lag/juddering feeling not a major judder no sounds of grinding from under or back or the front of the car just abit of lag then acceleration then lag again and i stress it was hesitant. Has this happened to anyone before and does anyone know what it can potentially be? Cheers
  23. Hello Up for sale a used condition TD04L for sale in good working order. 440CC Yellow injectors x 4 Top mount inter cooler with Y Pipe. For sale individually or together message me for more information Cheers.
  24. Hello Up for sale a used condition TD04L for sale in good working order. 440CC Yellow injectors x 4 Top mount inter cooler with Y Pipe. For sale individually or together message me for more information Cheers.