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  1. Hi All, Had this for about 2-3 months now, thought it would be a good time to join the Forum! First Subaru Owner and got to say I love it! No issues so far, fairly clean example with a few mods including HKS Exhaust & APEXI Air Intake! Looking forward to seeing some of you around! Cheers, Brad
  2. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a bit of advice on whether to upgrade my car from a 76k - 2007 - face lift - Spec B Legacy to a 1.6 Levorg. Just for some background information, I've owned the legacy for 9 months and spent £1000ish so far replacing the battery, alternator & serp belt, idle pulley and another pulley (forgot which one) and another serp belt. It also has an LPG conversion which has just broke (fuses went. Changed them and it's still off) which I will eventually fix. It also has this weird, soft sounding clunk when rolling slowly and it vibrates a little over 50mph. Now, I have hit the point of ownership were I have 0% faith in the reliability of the car, the petrol costs are high for regular trips to school and work and the smile on my face when driving it is almost gone. A lot of people online don't speak too fondly of the 2015 1.6 Levorg but I like the styling and I've at least had a brief sit in and drive. Is it as bad as magazines / some forum members say, or is it worth getting one? FYI, I have about £10.5k cash and maybe another £4k if I sell my Legacy so a 2.0 is out the question for now unless I find a cheap one. Thanks for any replies and sorry for the long post
  3. Hopefully someone wise will point me in the right direction please.... UK Legacy estate 2011 (last production version...) . Key fobs ( both) won’t lock or unlock car, so have simply used key . All fine. For second time in about two months, I come to unlock car, open door, and it seems to have set the immobiliser on its own...the alarm siren goes off , plus indicators etc. Don’t know , but might be the battery is low. Not used much in this COVID lockdown! But now the car is disabled and won’t start, just p*ssing off the neighbours every time I open the door to try and sort it. So, how do I disable the immobiliser please, given the key fob doesn’t work. ? car is now totally disabled! have tried turning on and off 3 times with key in ignition...alarm still making me deaf. If I could take the whole alarm system out and chuck way, I would... thanks in advance for any words of wisdom
  4. Hi, i am looking to buy a 2009 or 2010 Subaru Legacy, and i want to know wich of those diesels still has the crankshaft problem
  5. Hi all, I’m the owner of The Shine Guys, a mobile detailing company in Wales I’ve just bought a 2003 legacy Gl that I’d like to operate from so I will be converting it into a van. I will be posting the build thread here! Any detailing services required drop me a message on 07715328072, a discount will be added for customers gained from this forum. I would like to do a free paint correction and protection, to someone local! to be considered feel free to message me on what’s app with a pic of your wildest scooby and your location. Thanks Chris
  6. Hi all, Experiencing an ongoing issue with my '08 Legacy estate: Every couple of months my keys fall out of sync with the car meaning I can't unlock it remotely or deactivate the immobiliser without using the PIN code. Initially I assumed the issue was with the keys, but the local Subaru garage have been through all the normal fixes and the problem persists. Each time they reprogram the keys everything works fine for at most a few months then randomly it's back to square one. Starting to suspect the issue lies with the car rather than the keys? If anyone has any potential insight it would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Joe
  7. Subaru Outback / legacy facelift (06-09) Honeycomb Grill £160 posted U.K. mainland .
  8. Hello all, I have an 06 Subaru Legacy 3.0R Spec B called Astrid. 😍 but she has a concerning issue, the handbrake will at random times just disable itself. There could be between a day or weeks between this occurring. It's happened maybe 6 or 7 times now. Usually it disables itself about 2minutes or so after it has been applied. Thankfully 🤞, everytime it has happened it's happened on flat ground or only a moderate slope where I could save her causing me large expense. She's a tad clumsy. 🤦‍♀️ The first time it happened I damn near sh*t myself, I was completely alone in my car, legs spread out on my phone when suddenly the hand brake lever smacks me in the knee with a loud *thunk* Can someone help me dispossess my car please? 😐 With this being my fourth Subaru, I just kind of think of it's quirks and minor nuisances as character, but I think this one will need resolving...
  9. Very sadly I have decided to part with my Sports Legacy after 11 years. Brilliant car, much loved, regularly serviced and full of good things. Brand new fuel tank following Subaru recall, but now needs a new exhaust. 101K miles. Bodywork not in pristine condition. Happy to answer questions or provide more photos. £1,800 ono.
  10. I just made a ridiculous impulse purchase of a 1997 2.5L AWD Legacy. Good points: The interior is lovely, black leather, good condition. It has an aerial that goes up and down when you press a button and this works. The sunroof works. There is above legal minimum tread on the tyres. It has a red kangaroo bottle opener key ring because the lady who drove it was an Australian. Comical gear lever that says "POWER" and this looks to be original. It's mine, I don't have to share. Bad points: Bit of rust on both back wheel arches I don't know how long the bumper will stay attached to the vehicle Bit of paint damage on the rear bumper I think I lost one of the keys between buying it and driving it home. Is the boot supposed to be able to hold itself open? It's very very heavy. Boot release broken. The climate controls and the stereo are in the wrong place. Front brakes binding needs pads immediately. Weirdly the bolt at the front of the front seat is massively rusty. So I thought I would join the forum to ask daft questions that have probably been asked before and to also let you laugh at my ridiculous money pit. Apparently less than 40 of these left on the roads of the UK.
  11. Hello all, In a couple of weeks I will be picking up an imported 2001 Legacy B4 Twin Turbo with a stick shift. The car is in very good nick but I will of course be after immediately servicing the usual items, air & oil filters, motor oil, spark plugs, brake pads and a coolant flush as the reservoir tank looks a tad manky. Any advice you could offer on the purchasing of these parts would be greatly appreciated. Also I understand being a JDM car the engine is tuned for 100 Ron fuel, am I alright filling up with 99 Ron? The car will not be hammered. Cheers! Henry...
  12. Hello Scooby People, I have recently dived into the world of Subaru ownership. After overcoming the temptation to buy one of the abundant dirt cheap saab aero estates, I have purchased a Subaru Legacy R Spec.B (UKDM) for a very "reasonable" price. "Why have you put reasonable in quotation marks?" I hear you ask. Well, there are some issues I knew about when I bought the car and there are some that I have found in the last few days of ownership, so it may end up being a money pit Issues I know about: Front O/S inner CV boot in two pieces, CV grease everywhere! Rear N/S wheel bearing play/noise Gear shifter is a wobbly mess Slight pull to the N/S under initial braking (suspect bushes) Cruise control didn't work (already fixed see; issues i didn't know about) The handle that lifts up the boot floor is broken The rear wiper doesn't return to a position, when you switch it off it just stops where it is Whine from auxiliaries Exhaust has a rattle (might be something else, comes from middle under the car at about 3krpm) Issues I didn't know about: The CEL was on, the cluster had been taken apart and had black elecy tape put over it so it didn't light up The CRUISE light had had the same treatment as above. Now, I know you are thinking what an idiot for buying a car without checking the CEL, but let me prepare you for me being even more of an idiot: I noticed the CEL didn't light up on ignition but i liked the car so much that i told myself that "maybe these cars don't have it come on when you turn the ignition on", which is stupid. Don't do what i did kids, check the CEL. I've taken apart the dash and pulled off all the tape and reset the CEL and so far no codes, this also made the cruise control work again so fingers crossed. The code it had stored was P0056, so potential for the O2 sensor to need replacement but I was happy that was the only one when it could have been far worse. Hopefully the bodgey scam artist who added the tape (might not of been the previous owner as it came from auction) hasnt bodged anything else. So plans are (in no order): Fix CV Joint Change suspension bushes, full poly-bush kit Change gear linkage bushes <- anyone know of any good 6 speed kits? Give it a service; Oil, Filters, Aux belt/tensioners etc Check timing chain tension (if i can work out how) Work out how wipers set their park position? Tint the rear windows (nothing drastic, 40%?) referb the curbed wheels I'm going to be searching around for solutions to the problems I have listed above, if anyone wants to save me some button clicks and tell me where I can find anything relevant that would be excellent! Anyone who read all that, well done. Cheers, Tony
  13. Drop links, sway bar links, anti-roll bars - different names, same job. But if you want to change them, it's actually quite easy to do. And they are pretty much the same from model to model. An easy job to do if you're competent with a spanner, have some decent kit and a bit of muscle. You don't need to take the wheels off, nor do you need heat or an air spanner. You might do... The symptoms are side to side rolling at high speed corners, and more noticeable, feeling every stone you drive over. A jolting, jarring ride. And you'll never get the tracking right as there is too much play. Their purpose is to connect the axle/wishbone to a torsion bar so that the 'bump' is transferred to a piece of spring steel and not to you. It's pretty much the same parts and procedure from model to model. If it's this way on an Outback, then it's the same on a Legacy etc. Step by step, read on. Photo 1. I made my own ramps out of old scaffolding boards. Drive on, handbrake on and in gear. Photo 2. The tools you need: 1/2 inch ratchet with a 17mm socket. 5mm allen drive on a 3/8 ratchet 17mm ratchet spanner 17mm ring spanner Crow bar - to move things around if needed Torch A hammer for fine adjusting Penetrating oil. Photo 3. How it starts. Spray the threads, the nut and any joining surfaces with penetrating oil and then go away. Have breakfast, drink coffee, watch a film. You may need to spray again. Notice the alignment of the threaded bars - they're nearly parallel. This will change as you put in the new ones. Photo 4. Not going to photograph every step of the way so this is a picture of the new one but the procedure is the same. Use the 1/2" 17mm socket to loosen the nut because you get a better fit, more leverage and you're not going to round off the nut. Put the allen drive into the end of the bar to stop it from rotating and a 17mm spanner to undo the nut. A ratchet spanner is really handy. Photo 5. They come off the same way that they go on. Notice the alignment of the threaded bars - not parallel any more because the torsion bar has moved - it's under a different strain from the other side of the car. Photo 7. When the nuts are off, it looks like this. No air spanners needed, just British muscle. Photo 8. If you are forcing the new links in, they you're doing it wrong. You do not need a hammer. Use a trolley jack to alter the position of the torsion bar. Either it needs to go up of the wishbone needs to. Line up the holes and pop the new drop links straight in. Nuts on and tighten with your ratchet spanner, allen drive to hold it steady and tighten them up with a ring spanner. The nuts are nylon lock nuts so they'll lock on. I have no idea as to what torque setting it is, but you won't get a torque drive in their anyway. Just pinch them up with a ring spanner. Photo 9. The finished article. It shouldn't need tracking as this doesn't effect that alignment. Photo 10. The old. These are ball and socket joints, covered by a rubber gaiter. The bottom two were seized solid. The gaiter on the top left has a hole in it so was full of water. The top right was the only one that was working reasonably well. Quite possibly the originals with 92000 miles on them. Photo 11. The new. These are made by 'Blue Print' a brand available in England. Just reboxed OEM kit. £18 each, cheaper online. Photo 12. Side by side. No photo 6
  14. Any used parts for this car to make it look and sound better?
  15. So my Forester has died, I've rebuilt the engine and still having problems, and now at the point where I can't be without a car any longer. I've not got a lot of budget so would be looking for a second hand number, up to around £10k is a sensible amount i can afford to loan. So the question is, what to go for? The current garage is a 2013 2.0D XV - which my partner drives daily and I drive when she is not. Plus a 2004 2.0 Turbo Forester XT. The forester was LPG'd so returned the equivalent of 44mpg making it a great daily, but having 190,000 miles on it makes me question the logic behind repairing it. I commute 35 miles each way on fast A-roads into Edinburgh (A70/A702 depending on which one they are digging up at the time), so 30 miles is at 50-70mph and the last 5 are at 0-7mph. I've seen a nice 2013 legacy with the 2.0 Diesel for £10,300, with 45,000 miles, apparently it has the Bilstein suspension on it, so a firmer ride, which doesn't bother me too much as the Forester is on lowered pedders units and didn't cause me any problems. Might go and look at it on Saturday if i get the chance. I suppose my options are: 2011-2013 Forester 2011-2013 Legacy Another 2011-2013 XV I'd probably go for a diesel again in any of the above as none are really offered as a turbo petrol, and the N/A engines seem like they will be a bit gutless. What would you go for? I'd be half tempted to do this if I got another XV... is that blasphemy?
  16. Hi everyone,Thought a little introduction was necessary as I've lurked on the forum a few times now as a guest gathering opinions on the legacy and have finally taken the plunge.As of next weekend (when I pick it up) I will be the proud owner of a 2006 legacy 3.0R spec B. Unfortunately, in my excitement of viewing, test drive, deposit I forgot to take any pictures to show off my new pride and joy but I will remember to next weekend and get some posted!!Still amazed that even after 150k the car felt and drove like new and absolutely everything worked like it was just out today the showroom! Much better than than the 2004 vectra I'm part exing for the legacy that's for sure!Only issue I did notice was that the sat nav wouldn't come on when I pressed the button, but don't know if this may have been down to low battery voltage?! (The car had to be jump started before I could test drive) I'll be keeping an eye on it regardless and I've got a Garmin anyway so not a desperate fix if a fix is required.So anyway looking forward to many years of happy ownership as I've heard these cars are like the Duracell bunny and also looking forward to getting to know these cars more from an owner's perspective and being a member of the forum.I guess the only question left to ask is, anyone here from Hertfordshire? Look forward to meeting and getting to know you all.
  17. Hi guys, I'm giving away Subaru Legacy S401 2.0 Twin Turbo Front & Rear Brake Discs & Pads. I've bought the set for my Legacy, the plan was to update the braking system but I unfortunately flew off the road and the discs have been sitting in their boxes for a while now, just collecting dust and taking space in the garage. The parts were bought from www.importcarparts.co.uk, feel free to check their details there. If you are willing to come to Stevenage and collect them - great. In case you want to get them by post the postage is for you to cover. I am literally giving the parts away. If you want photos, I can take a few snapshots. Here's the stock image
  18. For what it is worth I drive an old spec b Legacy that I found looking very sad down south a couple of years ago. It is amazing what a new front bumper, stainless steel exhaust, brake overhaul, some 'smart' bodywork and loads of tlc has done for it. Being an older car I don't get heavily stung for the road tax and insurance companies seem to view it very kindly too. Now it is nicely sorted and while it will never be pretty it, it is tremendous fun!!!
  19. Afternoon all, my name is Paul and I have just joined the horizontally opposed world of goodness that is Subaru ownership I have a 2008 Legacy 3.0R Wagon Any tips for a noob like myself would be greatly appreciated
  20. I have a 2004 Legacy with a EJ253 engine from the UK. A while back, I brought it back to Spain with me to use on another project I was working on. Since then, it has not been able to turn on. My friends and I thought that either the car keys were out of battery or the keys need to be reprogrammed because the remote will not unlock the car without physically inserting the key. We changed the batteries on the keys, but still nothing. Normally this wouldn't be an issue but this car appears to have an immobilizer. Is the immobilizer the problem, or just by chance, something else went bad when we arrived in Spain? For reference, I go back and forth from the UK and Spain, if there are any shops I could go to/ send parts. We really would like to solve this issue before we swap the engine into the other car. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.
  21. Hi folks, looking to sell my 56 plate 3.0R Spec B Legacy. Silver saloon with the 6 speed manual and black leather.Only done 75k miles with full history from Subaru and a couple of Japanese specialists. Never been to a back street garage in its life. Apart from a mark on the rear bumper which a previous owner has touched up the car is immaculate. Certainly myself and my friend I bought it from never touched it with a brush, always washed by hand with a soft mitt. Interior is spotless, never been smoked in.It's had a custom exhaust from the Y piece back, pipes fit the look of the car better now. Recently had all four droplinks done (Only needed 1 but my OCD kicked in) and a full set of Bridgestone Potenza S001's too. MOT'd til August which is when the service is due too.Everything works as it should, it's had more services than it's needed and it drives like new. I have a folder full of receipts for work previously done. Also both keys, one of which is brand new still, the dvd for the sat nav and original Subaru books.Looking for £4100 or very nearest offer.
  22. Hello! This summer I bought my first Subaru, a 2006 Legacy saloon. I completely love it, however there is one thing which annoys me. I don't know how to play music from my phone, put in a DAB radio, or make handsfree calls, since the radio and climate control is all one unit. Does anyone have a solution? I've realised it might have to be a custom job, but if anyone has any clue or anything it would be much appreciated! I also was wanted to get an OBDII reader for the car since in the past I have hooked them up to apps on my phone (DashCommand, but maybe there's a preferred one..?) to monitor as many things as possible. Is there a good reader anyone could recommend, and a good app as well? Thanks very much if you read this, and looking forward to being a more active member here :)
  23. Hi was told about owners clubs on Facebook by another Subaru owner in shell near Attleborough, was driving a Impreza sport special at the time. He recommended the Impreza club but personally I have a White legacy so I think this forum is more appropriate :) will put some pictures up when I'm on a computer that will allow me to blank out some digits on the number plate, all I could do with what I have now is crop out half the car :/ also know another person in Norwich who uses a red Impreza estate as a delivery vehicle for a well known company :)
  24. Hi Guys Just wanted to say hi and show off my new purchase. I had some money to spend on a weekend/track car and found one that I fell in love with, and luckily the owner was interested in selling. I am now the proud owner 0f a 1991 BC5 RS RA legacy, reasonably stock, needs some work on the exterior but drives really well and has had full engine rebuild about 30k ago!
  25. My 2005 Legacy Tourer is very good except that the front valance is very rusty, as in falling apart, and I am not having much joy in finding anyone who will repair it. Seems panels are not available. Anyone else had this and found a solution. It looks like a very difficult bit to fabricate. It supports the radiator and the undertray.
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