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Found 114 results

  1. Subaru UK has started 2018 with a new and refreshed direction, launching its brand campaign – ‘Better Where It Matters’. Partnering with creative agency MullenLowe, the premier campaign strips to the true essence of Subaru, highlighting its core values; Safety, Capability and Reliability. The campaign celebrates the launch of the all-new Subaru XV, which has already collected high profile accolades globally including a Best In Class award for the Euro NCAP 2017 end of year results. The ‘Better Where It Matters’ campaign showcases the true strengths of the all-new XV to customers and audiences, focusing on what really matters to prospective Subaru customers in today’s day and age. Subaru is renowned for its engineering expertise and quality, traits which the ‘Better Where It Matters’ campaign boast throughout its communications. The campaign spans a number of communications channels, culminating around a strategic media partnership with National Geographic, bringing together a shared audience and active prospective customer base. Subaru’s Communications Manager, Alexandra Lyons, commented: “Auto advertising all looks and feels the same. The engineering that goes into our cars sets Subaru apart from that style over substance. We don’t have the biggest marketing spend in the car market so we need to outsmart others to win attention, and this work for the XV does just that.” ‘Better Where It Matters’ launches on January 19th, made up of TV, cinema, print and online creative and a media partnership with National Geographic. The campaign also sees a new direction for Subaru in the UK, with the campaign complimenting a new business strategy for 2018.
  2. The Subaru XV is the antithesis of the Nissan Qashqai. It’s a car that shrugs off concerns of image, bought by the kind of people who care more about space for their labradors than how low the monthly PCP payment will be. The firm has no shame in positioning itself where Land Rover was a few years ago: selling no-nonsense four-wheel-drives for those who care more about capability than how they look. The outgoing Subaru XV has been on sale in the UK since 2012. If you’re not familiar with the XV – or indeed, any of Subaru’s range – then don’t worry. Subaru itself is the first to admit that it does things differently to everyone else, and that means it can be difficult to place its line-up against competitors. Subaru is keen to position itself as predominantly an SUV brand. Sure, there are anomalies (the GT86-twin BRZ and recently replaced Impreza, to name two) but the hot WRX STI that most of us picture when we think of Subaru is facing the axe. At the core of the Subaru range are its SUVs: the small XV, medium Forester and large Outback. The new XV follows the Impreza in gaining Subaru’s new global platform, and is set to become the firm’s best-selling model in the UK. FIRST IMPRESSIONS If you imagine a car company divvying up the budget for the development of a new model, Subaru definitely allocated the majority of the cash to its engineering department rather than design. It’s not a looker, in our eyes (and you may struggle to tell the difference from the old XV), but it certainly looks like it means business. The front end is apparently meant to reflect the boxer engine behind it – we’ll let you decide how successful that is. The rear, meanwhile, is wider, enhancing its almost-a-hatchback appearance. While many rivals, and indeed the outgoing XV, try to look bigger and more SUV-like than they really are, the new XV almost does the opposite. At 1,570mm high, it’s no taller than its predecessor, and lower than the Nissan Qashqai and Skoda Karoq. Despite this, it boasts an impressive 221mm of ground clearance, giving it a sort of ‘Impreza on stilts’ appearance. FIRST SEAT There’s been a bit more cash spent on the interior, but we’ll stop short of calling it ‘premium’. The brand itself highlights the lack of soft-touch materials in the cabin – you wouldn’t want your aforementioned labradors scratching the arm rests within weeks of taking delivery, would you? While you’re going to be disappointed if you compare it with the new Volvo XC40, the interior of the Subaru XV is very much fit for purpose. It’s practical, with an extra five litres of boot space and a wider opening compared to the old model, and there’s plenty of space for front and rear passengers. Visibility is excellent, and we spent several hours in the seats without any complaints. There’s a new eight-inch touchscreen infotainment screen with DAB radio, as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability. It’s intuitive enough to use, if not up to the standards of some upmarket rivals. FIRST DRIVE There’s a very simple Subaru XV line-up in the UK. Buyer’s get a choice of two engines: both petrol, 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre. All XVs will come with a permanent four-wheel-drive transmission and a ‘Lineartronic’ CVT automatic gearbox. We’ve only driven the 2.0-litre model, which Subaru estimates will account for at least 80 percent of sales, and found it to be reasonably refined. It’s a boxer engine, as per Subaru tradition, which the firm says brings various advantages: reduced vibration and noise thanks to its greater balance, as well as a lower centre of gravity thanks to the engine being mounted lower in the car. Of course, some of those advantages disappear when paired with the CVT gearbox. Floor it, and there’s that tell-tale CVT noise as you ask for all of the power at once, but most post-WRX Subaru buyers won’t be driving quite so aggressively. It’s not the most unpleasant CVT ’box to use, either, with fake gear ratios mimicking a conventional auto transmission. While buyers outside of Europe get the option of a six-speed manual gearbox, Subaru has no plans to offer that here in Blighty. The CVT gearbox is required for Subaru’s autonomous safety systems (packaged under the ‘Eyesight’ brand) to work to their best. It also has an extra advantage off road – an area Subaru is pushing hard as the XV’s unique selling point. By having one continuous, adaptable gear, the CVT will never temporarily break the power when the driver dips the clutch to change up or down. Anyone who’s ever driven up a snowy or muddy hill will know how much momentum can be lost during a brief gear-change. While XV buyers aren’t expected to take part in the recreational mud-plugging scene, they are likely to be the sort who’ll be traversing muddy fields to feed horses or driving along snowy mountain tracks to access remote farmland. A good chunk of our time driving the XV during its early-drive event in Latvia was spent off the beaten track, a sign of how serious Subaru is about its off-road intentions. Fortunately, the XV is really in its element when conditions are challenging. Designed from the off as a four-wheel-drive vehicle, the symmetrical 4×4 system means everything – the engine, gearbox and propshaft – are in a straight line, resulting in an ultra-quick response to shift power around when traction is required. Essentially, this means it’s much more capable in the rough than you’d expect from a small, relatively low-down vehicle. If things get particularly challenging, hitting the ‘X Mode’ button locks the CVT’s clutches, mimicking a conventional diff lock and making it difficult to get the XV stuck (trust us, we tried). There’s a hill descent mode too, which works brilliantly well – maintaining a gentle pace down snowy descents. FIRST VERDICT The Subaru XV is a niche product. With only two powertrains on offer, and both of them petrol, it’s never going to appeal to the mass market – especially as you can only buy the XV with four-wheel drive and a CVT transmission. Comparing the XV with rivals is also fairly pointless: people will buy the XV because they want a safe, practical, four-wheel-drive vehicle that’ll last forever, and the obvious rivals all have very different strengths. This could be an issue for Subaru, as there’s very little on offer that’s going to tempt buyers from rival brands. With most Subaru drivers snubbing the three-year PCP cycle, the firm can’t rely on its customers returning every few years, either. As such, we’re never going to see a huge amount of XVs on the roads. However, if it works for you, it’s a fundamentally good car. More convincing than the recent Impreza, the new XV handles better than before, with a focus on safety rather than flair, while the interior is a big step up from its predecessor. We also appreciate the XV’s feeling of invincibility. With so much of its development budget clearly spent on engineering, it’s not only very safe, but feels like it could last forever. Despite its flaws, the shortage of good powertrains and a CVT gearbox only, we’re rather taken with the new XV. STAR RATING VERDICT: 3.5 Original article courtesy of Motoring Research By Andrew Brady| December 11th, 2017 Original article link:
  3. Hi guys I was driving my car and reved it under a bridge with clutch engaged after that the car doesnt want to go into any gear. It does engage in gear whilst car is off, as soon as you start it all you hear is TICK TICK TICK and you are unable to engage into any gear. Has this happened to anyone? P.S. It is not the engine.
  4. Hi guys I was driving my car and reved it under a bridge with clutch engaged after that the car doesnt want to go into any gear. It does engage in gear whilst car is off, as soon as you start it all you hear is TICK TICK TICK and you are unable to engage into any gear. Has this happened to anyone? P.S. It is not the engine.
  5. Shot in the Dark here, but I am a Subaru dealership in Hull, East Yorkshire and I Have a brand new Subaru WRX STI Final Edition in Grey available for sale. £34499 - Brand New and still Unregistered. Feel free to call me and ask for Josh in Sales 01964 670392 - 07730440996 -
  6. New member

    Hi all, fairly new to the Subaru scene. Got a 2003 Impreza wrx, had it about 2 months but I’ve not really driven it much as I’ve been doing some surgery to upgrade it a little. Hopefully will be fully driving next week though 😬. I started a insta page to post my mods and generic car pics, feel free to give it a follow (if it’s allowed to promote it) instagram: Subaru_Eh94 thanks 😊
  7. Hello Up for sale a used condition TD04L for sale in good working order. 440CC Yellow injectors x 4 Top mount inter cooler with Y Pipe. For sale individually or together message me for more information Cheers.
  8. Hello Up for sale a used condition TD04L for sale in good working order. 440CC Yellow injectors x 4 Top mount inter cooler with Y Pipe. For sale individually or together message me for more information Cheers.
  9. Hello I need an Actuator for a VF28 turbo does anyone have one or know where i can get a good one for a decent price. Cheers.

    WRX STI is the iconic Subaru model; the modern incarnation of yesteryear’s Impreza, conjuring images of special stage success and rallying legends pushing to the limit. Today, Subaru launch the WRX STI Final Edition, strictly limited to 150 models to say farewell to this brand icon and mark the end of this era of Subaru’s heritage in the UK. With the launches of new models, and investment in platform and powertrains going forward, the timing has felt right to open a new chapter for Subaru and allow WRX STI’s heritage to inform future developments rather than being continued. The Final Edition has a series of upgrades across key areas of the car, making this the most capable WRX STI sold in the UK and fitting tribute to its legacy. Driving performance has been improved by changing from mechanical and electronic to electronic control of the Multi-Mode Driver’s Control Centre Differential (DCCD) which provides optimum cornering ability. The wheel size has been increased to 19 inches to house new larger Brembo® brakes with yellow painted calipers, which improve fade-resistance and brake performance and a consistent pedal feel when driving on the limit. The front bumper has been redesigned to look more purposeful with the lower grille blacked out with a geometric textured panel, and has a larger opening to enhance cooling performance. The hexagonal grille has been sharpened and defined and a black surround has been added. The Subaru wing design which flows through to the C-shaped headlights has been incorporated, hinting at the Boxer engine under the bonnet. A Final Edition badge is positioned on the door. Inside, high gloss black inserts are added to the instrument panel, gear stick surround, door panels and steering wheel with red stitching and red seatbelts fitted to tie the scheme together. The front seats are now heated, and a larger 5.9” multi-function display has been added to the top of the dash. The instrument panel design has also been updated. The infotainment system now includes DAB radio and a reversing camera is included to make parking easier. WRX STI is also fitted with bi-functional projector LED lights, with a single bulb enabling High Beam Assist to switch between high and low beam automatically. High Beam Assist operates via a single-lens camera, which is installed in the front windscreen and detects when an onward car is approaching. The lights are also steering responsive, turning to the left or right depending on the driver’s steering input and illuminates more of the corner. Both technologies enhance visibility at night, allowing a clear view of the corners ahead. The WRX STI Final Edition is available to order from 1st November, priced at £33,995 on the road.

    Subaru Forester has been updated in time for winter with the addition of EyeSight, Subaru’s advanced driver assist technology, fitted as standard equipment. EyeSight acts as a second pair of eyes for the driver and depending on the vehicle’s speed, can completely avoid and significantly reduce the severity of accidents at high speed. With safety one of the main objectives, EyeSight was also developed to lower carbon emissions by reducing incident congestion and subsequently lower the economic effects of sitting in traffic. EyeSight has two stereo cameras, mounted on each side of the rear-view mirror, and they use image recognition to capture three-dimensional colour images with clinical precisions. The technology can distinguish vehicles, motorbikes, bicycles, pedestrians, lane markings and road furniture and can differentiate between these and determine the general traffic conditions. With an emphasis on real-world tests and evaluations, EyeSight has been developed to correspond exclusively to the individual country’s traffic conditions. In total EyeSight uses six technologies to maximise safety including Adaptive Cruise Control, Pre-Collision Braking, Pre-Collision Throttle Management, Lane Departure and Sway Warning, Lane Keep Assist and Lead Vehicle Start Alert. The Institute for Traffic Accident Research and Data Analysis in Japan produced a study of Subaru vehicles involved in accidents between 2010 and 2014. It found that there were 61% fewer accidents involving EyeSight equipped cars compared to those without. Globally, the milestone of one million EyeSight-equipped vehicles on the road was hit back in 2016. In the UK, Forester is the third model in the range to be fitted with EyeSight. Subaru vehicles are already among the safest on the road today; with all three vehicles in the SUV range receiving the maximum 5*Euro NCAP rating. EyeSight will be standard equipment on all Forester XE Lineartronic and XE Premium Lineartronic models from October and will also be equipped with a black shark fin antenna and DAB radio. Prices start from £28,995.00 on the road.
  12. Hello people I took my car impreza classic out today and was giving it a fair bit of acceleration. However upon doing this the car hesitated to accelerate and appeared to have more of a lag/juddering feeling not a major judder no sounds of grinding from under or back or the front of the car just abit of lag then acceleration then lag again and i stress it was hesitant. Has this happened to anyone before and does anyone know what it can potentially be? Cheers
  13. Hello people I took my car impreza classic out today and was giving it a fair bit of acceleration. However upon doing this the car hesitated to accelerate and appeared to have more of a lag/juddering feeling not a major judder no sounds of grinding from under or back or the front of the car just abit of lag then acceleration then lag again and i stress it was hesitant. Has this happened to anyone before and does anyone know what it can potentially be? Cheers
  14. Super Unleaded for my BRZ?

    Hi, Sorry if this has already been asked but does my Subaru BRZ need super unleaded? The dealership basically said "I would if it was mine" and no one can seem to give me a straight answer. I know it's ideal, but is it totally necessary? Mine is a facelift 2017 model if that is relevant. Thanks, Corey.
  15. I'm a retired lady who has had a Subaru WRX 2001 since 2004. Unfortunately, through no fault of its own it has got to go. The car is a 4 door in great condition with 98000 on the clock, never been raced or thrashed about and originally bought from SGT in Taplow. Is there anyone out there who would be interested. Thank you. Jackie
  17. SUBARU WRX TURBO This beast of a car is like none other on the road and is a clean well-modified example of the iconic WRX Impreza in the awesome world rally blue/gold colour combo. This has to be one of the best looked after Subaru’s out there from a genuine car enthusiast! Washed and waxed 1-2 times a week! I got this car because I fancied a change from my previous VW however I’m just a VW guy at heart therefore reverting back. MOT until 07/01/2018 – All previous MOTS included Service History with a heap of paperwork and original books Runs fantastic, had no issues with her during my ownership. Paintwork is in very good condition for age although it is a 14 year old car so please don’t expect it to be perfect – there is stone chips etc as you’d expect THE SPECS: Engine: · Full engine rebuild at 82,704 with full, detailed receipt · Brand new clutch at 115,633 miles · HKS Dump Valve · Various Silicone Hoses · Afterburner 3’’ Centre Pipe · Afterburner Raptor Performance 3’’ Back Box · Stage 2 remap by Avon Tuning · Turbo Timer Chassis: · XXR 527 alloys in Gold brand new January this year · 4 x Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres with tonnes of tread · STI Brembo front brakes · Grooved front discs, drilled rear discs Cosmetic: · STI Rear Spoiler · STI Bonnet Scoop Viewings welcomed but test drives only with proof of fully comprehensive insurance – otherwise, I’m more than happy to take you out for an extended test drive to show you what she can do! £5750 or very near offers considered! Call Harry on 07816 220 278 or 01453 860 928 (please leave a message if no answer and I will get back to you asap!)
  18. New Car!!!

    New Car! bought last week enjoying it very much! 330s
  19. The problem I have posted this problem before but trying again now as I've had it for months now and can't seem to find any help. It's getting really annoying such a simple thing not working. So I have a classic GC8 shape 1994 JDM WRX and the problem is that when I press the lock button on my key fob the car chirps and lights flash which makes it look like its locked when actually only the driver's door locks. It is the same problem if I lock it manually with the key. What I have done so far to try and fix the problem Many people suggested that the central locking control box located under the passenger footwell could be faulty so I went ahead and had a look at it and inside the box around the connectors had corrosion and on the connectors of the wiring. So I got a working replacement box and replaced the connectors on the wiring and still no luck however when i plugged this in it did make a locking noise happen but the doors didn't actually lock. I have checked all the fuses both under the drivers footwell and under the bonnet. As far as I have looked I cant seem any obvious damage to anything within the door. Any help would be much appreciated I will post pictures below of what I am seeing but I'm not to sure what most of it is. If anyone has any advice on what to do next or if there is another group on here anyone could suggest to help me out that would be great.
  20. Hi Names Dom, with great passion for subies and most jap cars and most tbh if it catches my eye. If I need help with general questions, problems, situations etc. I'm confident to ask you guys because where better else to go.
  21. Im currently returning my 97 Turbo 2000 complately back to stock (bit of a purist), I recieved the stock exhaust backbox the other day and I'm having second thoughts on replacing it. This is my first turbo scooby so I've never noticed any difference exhausts can make. I'm not interested in the noise, just if there will be any noticable power loss. I've attached a picture of the backbox that came with the car, I don't know if it is genuine STI or not, the box itself looks identical to the stock one but the tip is wider and single exit. Will I notice a difference? Cheers
  22. Hey! Just bought myself a nice Scooby! WRX, 300bhp, stage2 with lots of mods! Just thought i'd meet fellow Suabru owners/get ideas! Only things iv done to her so far is side lights..healthcheck..mudflap stickers.. small things make big difference ;)
  23. Hi there guys, im posting on behalf of my cousin, hes got a 1993 subaru impreza wrx jdm import for sale. It was imported around 2007 and it is completely original and stock and no modifications have been done to it probably except the stereo lol. This is a version 1 impreza which means it has the more robust closed deck block. it has only 145,000km which translates into approximately 90,000 miles! the car is in excellent condition and is rust free!!! it has a few tiny age related marks which are to be expected seeing its 24 years old it is but very very little dents or scratches are present. it is absolutely mint inside with very little sag. as far as i remember it has original subaru mats as well! i will double check! Just had £500 spent on radiator water heater and heater matrix pipes it is restricted to 115mph He is currently the 4th owner There are some extras he is going to include with the car such as the drivers side lights. Offers around £2900 from genuine interests and please NO TIME WASTERS or TEST PILOTS!!! it is a classic and will only go up in value!!! any questions please ask. this is his number 07772016356 If you want you can inbox me as well!

    THE WRX STI WILL BE AVAILABLE WITH MOBILE WIFI FROM EE UNTIL THE END OF JUNE The mobile in-car system allows multiple devices to be connected to WiFi on the move with 30GB download allowance and a large enough battery for 24 hours of streaming, perfect for keeping road trip passengers entertained. WRX STI – the performance flagship of the Subaru range, is fitted with a 300 PS turbocharged Boxer engine and Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and is priced at £31,995. In addition, WRX STI is even more affordable with a new PCP deal at £3,999 deposit and a monthly payment of £399 over 48 months at 6.6% APR. Following the VED changes introduced on the 1st April; yearly costs for WRX STI have decreased from £520 to £140 annually due to WRX STI’s favourable price point.