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  1. Hello everyone!, This is my first time posting to a forum!, I'm wondering if anybody has any knowledge/ advice about what I can do with my Subaru. I have a Subaru WRX-S 2.5 hatchback. I believe this car is semi rare apparently and I am really struggling to find any original accessories. I know its small, but I would like to keep my car as original as I can. I believe that car was made by Prodrive?. I am looking for any Subaru WRX-S stickers and floormats to be specific. I know they exist as my car has some now but they are in really bad condition. stickers are torn and floor matts are almost ruined. if anyone knows where I can get some accessories for my Subaru WRX-S. that would be amazing. iv contacted Subaru directly. sadly no reply. and I am waiting for a reply back from Prodrive. no matter what i type into the internet, wrxs accessories just cannot be found. Thanks! Reece
  2. FOR SALE: 2013 SUBARU BRZ SE LUX (£12,200) MANUAL 64,000 MILES PARTIAL HISTORY (MISSING 2018 & 2021) LAST SERVICED 30/07/2022 LOGBOOK, OWNERS MANUAL, WHEEL NUT & 2 KEYS HEATED SEATS, AIR CONDITIONING, CRUISE CONTROL, CENTRAL LOCKING, ELECTRIC MIRRORS LEATHER/ALACANTRA BUCKET SEATS, LEATHER STEERING WHEEL. USB / AUX INPUT FULL V5C NEVER SMOKED IN, RACED OR MODIFIED Small amount of scratching inside the door handles as expected, minor scuff on drivers side of the front bumper. Minor scratching to the drivers side seat, but repairable. Overall an amazing little car, works absolutely amazingly. Only selling due to family and needing something a lot bigger. Feel free to leave any questions. Viewings and test drives can be arranged. £12,200 ono
  3. I'm looking to purchase a 2nd or 3rd gen Impreza and I'm wondering what I should look out for? What engine and transmission option I should go for? What I should avoid? Sedan, Wagon or Hatch? I'm looking to spend no more than $7-8k AUD though I'd like to spend a little less than this to budget for maintenance and on road costs...
  4. Hi, just after some advice before I spend any money. I have a 2002 bugeye wrx wagon and it has a strange noise when braking. It only happens on gentle braking but it clicks and feels as though its coming through the pedal. Don't think it's Abs related as there's no lights and it stops fine if you brake hard. Any ideas what it is before I start charging discs & pads etc? Thank you!
  5. Hey, got drunk and lost my keys to my 98-gt awd, and having trouble to find any company that can help due to the cars age, any tips?
  6. I saw this video comparing most Subaru Impreza exhaust but still cannot decide. Any tips on the best Subaru Impreza exhaust? hp? sound? I would appreciate hearing from those that already upgraded their exhaust.
  7. Subaru Impreza WRX STI is one of the best drivers' cars in the world. No arguments about that. But, can you publish a 'Scenic Drive' video recorded in a Subaru? Is it the best car to start a Scenic Drive YouTube channel? What do you think? https://youtu.be/8PEn_iqvpyA
  8. Hey guys, My local dealer (Helensburgh Subaru) lent me their new Subaru Outback 2.5l SE Premium. I like the Forester E-boxer powertrain, I would love that put into the Outback. I thought I would share this video with you fellow Subaru fans to let you see the latest Outback. Enjoy, Thomas 🙂
  9. Hi all, Wondering if anyone else has had key fob problems Had the batteries changed in both keys when i bought the car and they have lasted about 8 months not sure if this is normal or something else is up?? key type Denso 14ACA Also has anyone got the procedure to change the battery Thanks for everyones help in Advance 🙂
  10. I am reluctantly selling my cherished classic blue and gold 54plate STI with dealer fitted PPP due to family commitments. Owned from 6 months old. Regularly serviced at Roger Clarkes. No expense spared. Bundles of paperwork. Everything on this car is original except K&N air filter and Alpine stereo. Car has been kept off road for a few years. Just been mot'd July 21st. New engine fitted July 2020 so good for at least another 100k 😊Receipts to prove. Car has done a honest 98k. Very good condition. Brand new tyres all round fitted on the original gold 17inch wheels. Still have original subaru stereo. Original STI bucket seats. Fantastic interior. No signs of wear. Tinted rear windows which are sundamaged. I may or may not get replaced. New owner may prefer to leave or remove? I have had many years of fun in this car and it means a lot to me and my family. I want it to go to a new forever home and be enjoyed as much as I have. I am open to offers but do have a figure in mind I need so keep it real.. Especially after spending thousands getting it back on the road for another lucky person to enjoy and experience. I am gauging interest for now. Pictures to follow.
  11. Hey everyone, i was just wondering if i could get some advice, im looking at getting a Subaru Impreza 2009 2.0 D RC 5d 150 BHP 5-Door, I currently have a mk8 Civic 2.2 icdti, now is £3,500 a fair price with 128k miles, and whats the engine like and any issues to be aware of?
  12. Hey team, I have just signed up, seen similar posts regarding this but I have done some extra things unlike others. I have recently converted to a front mount intercooler and upgraded to a Td05 20g turbo, I have also put in a DW200 fuel pump and still have STI Pink injectors to go in..I have put these in and I am now having what seems to be a misfire issue. I believe it is from a vaccum leak but I am stumped on where it could be coming from. I have it at a shop but it is there on a pay first basis and it is there to get other work carried out too so I am doing most of the work myself as much as I can. The list is as follows as to everything I have replaced and what I have done to try find this issue: TD05 20G - New gaskets, studs, nuts etc. All secure and tight. Oil feed is tight, oil return is on but needs clamped. Water feed is tight, water return needs tightend (Wastegate actuator is in the way, cant get anything in there till I put my external on.) K&N Pod filter connecting to a silicone Induction pipe - Revirculating bov hose has been blocked off with a plug and the PCV hose has been replaced and fitted with clamps. (I am also running a boost tap, I know slap me now but it is locked on 8psi and only temporary.) So the front to hoses are blocked off. Front mount intercooler - All the joiners are if anything extra tight and have all been clamped down with think boy clamps. Blow off valve is mounted on the pipin and has an adapter and has been clamped on with hose clamps and a circlip. Breather hoses on the metal rail running across the top of the intake manifold - friend of mine snapped one so I replaced them both with silicone 10mm hose and they are clamped with zip ties and fit fine. Spark plugs - These are a fit the vehicle standard and the car starts up fine (The motor was flooded so replacement was necessary.) They unflooded the car real quick but as stated there is a misfire/rough idle. Coils were all fine when I looked at them. Oil change and oil filter - Using oem parts and I believe 5/30 is what i put in it, fully synthetic stuff. Oem fuel filter - Just standard fuel filter change with the fuel pump fit in snug and the hoses are all fine. Oil pressure gauge - I have installed a 60mm boost gauge, AFR gauge and Oil Pressure gauge, the oil pressure sensor sits behind the alternator nice and snug but it sill isn't reading any pressure (Probably my dumb **** not soldering the wires to the sensor) the boot gauge is fine that was easy as and the AFR hasn't been wired in yet. As far as I can remember that is all I have done motor wise etc. Now we get to the juicy part. I start the car and for a second it is fine it goes up to about 1500 to 1800 rpm as it is a cold start but it drops down to about 800 to 500 and the motor shakes, actually makes a horrible noise from the intercooler piping rubbing on the guard from its little fit. I feather the throttle and I get up to 2k rpm and it sounds normal but it instantly drops down every time I lift off and continues to throw a tantrum. The car was running fine before I did all the work. Now I have not checked the fault codes, I am assuming the shop will do that if the smoke machine doesn't show a vacuum leak. I have squeezed, pulled and twisted every vacuum line but there are no splits, holes, brittleness or anything on any of them. I can only think the worst at this point and I would rather not think it if I can help it. Hence why I am reaching out. I am absolutely stumped. Feel free to ask any questions and provide any ideas, I will probably try most of your ideas on Monday when I can get the keys back to open the car. I have had the battery out for more than long enough for the ecu to reset and still the same issue.
  13. Hi I am new to this group. I want to buy a set of wheels and wanted to know if anybody has any advice on how the offset and width would sit I’d really appreciate it
  14. Hi, i am looking to buy a 2009 or 2010 Subaru Legacy, and i want to know wich of those diesels still has the crankshaft problem
  15. Is there anywhere i could buy actual tail lights that look like that and not the overlay thing?
  16. Any subaru meets in the kings lynn area this year
  17. Hey I am planning on buying a 2009 Impreza hatch but i wanna make it look wider like an WRX or even an STI, but i have no idea if there is anywhere i could buy those OEM style wide fenders and bumpers.
  18. been driving a good old Subaru 2009 with something like 140 000 km in the counter... i loved that car ! manual ride ! very responsive and sporty boxer engine but i had discovered my brake pedal was kinda unresponsive made it to the dealer as sonn as i discovered brake problems it was kind of the visible part of the iceberg but i have a plan to repair that car Now i bought an Impreza 2016 Hatchback Touring trim ! im very satisfied as always with Subaru product. Excellent comfort and habitability. i can discern a concern for detail very admirable. love those boxer engine and AWD Subaru is my ride
  19. I’m collecting a late 2005 model WRX Wagon next week, and the steering wheel is seriously tired - first picture (looks worse close up) I’d like to change it to the earlier version, also pictured, is this possible or will there be airbag issues? If not this one are there any other options I have? Any help much appreciated. James
  20. Hi all, I’m the owner of The Shine Guys, a mobile detailing company in Wales I’ve just bought a 2003 legacy Gl that I’d like to operate from so I will be converting it into a van. I will be posting the build thread here! Any detailing services required drop me a message on 07715328072, a discount will be added for customers gained from this forum. I would like to do a free paint correction and protection, to someone local! to be considered feel free to message me on what’s app with a pic of your wildest scooby and your location. Thanks Chris
  21. I am the proud owner of a Subaru Outback 2.5 2007 SE. and love it. But I do have a few gripes about it. I cannot seem to be able to Buy OEM splash guards / mud flaps / gravel guards you choose. I've seen some for sale at S Pecht subaru stealership £65 plus VAT and delivery for the front set and the same for the rear totaling £171. It seems a little steep considering the choice for every model after mine on Ebay / Amazon etc any one know if there are any reasonably priced ones anywhere els?
  22. Hello everyone, new here 😎. Owner of Forester XT 2006 2.5L, Looking forward to be a part of the community 😁.
  23. From the album: Brz

  24. Can anyone help. I have a Subaru forester 05 and water is leaking from one of the front headlight washer spray nozzles. It opens correctly but when it sprays water just pours out from under the car. The other side is working perfectly. Both open and pop out correctly but there is obviously a leak somewhere. Any ideas what I have to do to fix it?
  25. Hi all, the mrs is looking at a 16 XV, petrol and CVT. I know my ‘12 diesel/manual in and out, but am a bit in the dark about the newer models and the CVT. Does it for instance also have a timing chain? Any things to keep an eye out for when test driving this Saturday? thx
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