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  1. Hi, I've had my XV coming up to 2 years now and decided to put some life back into it and add the same time upgrade. Aiming to give the car more off road capability, look badass but at the same time use as a daily and eventually road trips. first aim is to get new rims but someone mentioned to me, if I was to get a smaller rim it could throw off my speedometer when driving daily. I'm looking at 15" BLACK RHINO ARCHES (15x7, 15 positive offset & 5X100 bolt pattern) and adding 225/70R15 tyres. Not only cheaper but allows for more tire in the wheel arch. I'm not looking to lift it just yet. Stock rims and tyres are 17" XV Rims (17x7, 35 positive offset & 5x100 bolt pattern) with 225/55R17 tyres. Please could someone confirm where this would throw out my speedometer, if so any recommendations and anything else I might need to know? Also know any good places to buy the Rims I want? Cheapest I've found is £884 from LK Performance. Thank you!
  2. Selling our 2013 Subaru XV as we now have a company car and no longer need. Car has 91,950 miles on the clocks. We have two XVs as they really are excellent. This car has been a great car, and we have had very little issue with it, you'll find all my issues in the XV forums 🙂, and the car has been maintained as per the handbook as well as intermittent oil changes. Like most the car has done relatively low mileage this year, but had all MOT issues resolved during its last MOT. The car will need new tyres soon as they are getting low. The paintwork is in good condition, with a few typical stone chips, there is a scratch on the front bumper shown in the picture, this is the worst of the damage. Great MPG for a subaru, which is very capable in the snow and rain. For some reason my pictures are not uploading at the moment, so here is a link to FB Market Place where you can see them until I work out what's wrong: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3878333122205620/
  3. Hi everyone, Just getting back into the forums for Subaru and thought I would join this on as well. I'm now running a 2012 XV after my 2001 Forester decided it did not like regular long journeys any more. And also not having a dog anymore, then the XV boot is big enough. And I'm based in Essex in the UK. ubdai
  4. Hi all, the mrs is looking at a 16 XV, petrol and CVT. I know my ‘12 diesel/manual in and out, but am a bit in the dark about the newer models and the CVT. Does it for instance also have a timing chain? Any things to keep an eye out for when test driving this Saturday? thx
  5. Well, I’ve been driving my car now for 60k and the last week or so I’ve noticed that there’s a slight knock coming from the engine, only dies it under light load so gentle accelerating up to about 2200rpm is quite noticeable but not at when off the throttle or when at full or heavy throttle. Not feeling too comfortable about the outcome of this, knocking noises from a modern diesel can’t be a good thing!! car is in tomorrow to get checked out.
  6. Hi, noticed something new today. When I pull away or stuck in a jam and drive really slow in 1st gear, I hear a somewhat pitching sound. It’s not the brakes, I checked and it disappears when increasing speed. Don’t hear it when in neutral either. Best guess is the transmission? Any thoughts? probably take it to the dealer tomorrow just to check before a holiday drive...
  7. Have been advised by Subaru yesterday that my car (which is a 2014 model) has a safety recal against it for the steering column wiring loom. They weren't clear which models are affected but if you have an XV it might be worth enquiring. There's a free modification being offered.
  8. I've been looking at the back of the XV and wondering if the bottom diffuser(?) Under the boot would look good in black to match the rear quarter trims? Anyone done this? High quality artist impression below:
  9. Hi everybody, one of my ‘12 XVs daytime running lights just died and I thought before I replace them with stock bulbs, why not search for some more advanced ones. My stocks give a yellowish light and I was thinking about more white/blueish lights. Thoughts and ideas are welcome. Oh and did anybody ever replace his/hers already? Looks like a fairly simple job after looking into the manual. thx
  10. So my Forester has died, I've rebuilt the engine and still having problems, and now at the point where I can't be without a car any longer. I've not got a lot of budget so would be looking for a second hand number, up to around £10k is a sensible amount i can afford to loan. So the question is, what to go for? The current garage is a 2013 2.0D XV - which my partner drives daily and I drive when she is not. Plus a 2004 2.0 Turbo Forester XT. The forester was LPG'd so returned the equivalent of 44mpg making it a great daily, but having 190,000 miles on it makes me question the logic behind repairing it. I commute 35 miles each way on fast A-roads into Edinburgh (A70/A702 depending on which one they are digging up at the time), so 30 miles is at 50-70mph and the last 5 are at 0-7mph. I've seen a nice 2013 legacy with the 2.0 Diesel for £10,300, with 45,000 miles, apparently it has the Bilstein suspension on it, so a firmer ride, which doesn't bother me too much as the Forester is on lowered pedders units and didn't cause me any problems. Might go and look at it on Saturday if i get the chance. I suppose my options are: 2011-2013 Forester 2011-2013 Legacy Another 2011-2013 XV I'd probably go for a diesel again in any of the above as none are really offered as a turbo petrol, and the N/A engines seem like they will be a bit gutless. What would you go for? I'd be half tempted to do this if I got another XV... is that blasphemy?
  11. Hi got and XV 2012 with minor body damage, now fully repaired only one issue left - front wiper motor not working fuses ok lever checked and 12v coming out follow the switch wiper motor removed and works when 12v applied direct any idea what I should do next help appreciated Silver500
  12. I complimented the driver with her nice car (the white one).
  13. Swayze88

    XV MPG

    Hey everyone, I've just picked up my new XV, 2013 Diesel SE. its done 29,000 miles and has just had its 3rd year service Drove it home from the dealers in Falkirk, ~ 35miles, some motorway, mostly A roads, and was only able to get about 39mpg out of it. Took it to Edinburgh (A-roads) and coasted the whole way and managed 51mpg. Girlfriend drove it to work and back and managed about 43mpg. Overall we are sitting about 41/42mpg. which to me doesn't seem quite right. What with the declared average ~50mpg and Extra Urban ~56mpg What are other diesel owners getting? I'm taking it back to the garage on Thursday to get a dodgy paint repair fixed and the aircon re-gassed. wondering if i should bring it up with them. Does the old italian tune up work with an XV - should I race it around for a few miles to burn everything out the exhaust / Clear out the DPF? Other than the Mpg i'm very happy with the car.
  14. This is the new Subaru Crosstrek, XV may not exist soon. Due to be announced at the Geneva motor show 2017. Ignoring the colour, what are your thoughts?
  15. Hi, My car alarm went off the other day (I opened the door with the key vs remote unlock, to test it) and I didn't know how to shut off the alarm. I have the code, know where to enter the code but that's it. The supplied manual (looks like a subaru stock alarm system was build into my XV) isn't much help as it doesn't describe how to shut off the alarm in case it goes off (really silly). I managed to turn off the alarm by exiting the car, closing it using the remote and reopen it with the remote. There has to be more sophisticated way not? Anybody ideas?
  16. Hi, I found this video on youtube and yep, my XV lacks a cover too. I can't find this part for RHD XVs online however, only for LHD. I assume the LHD won't fit right? Anybody ideas? THX
  17. Hey everyone, I'm looking to replace the oil and Filter on the Diesel XV, Just wanted to double check a few things: Oil - 5.9 litres Petronas Fully Synthetic 0W30 (For Diesel Engines) Oil - 4.8 litres Petronas Fully Synthetic 0W20 (For Petrol Engines) Oil Filter - 15208AA110 (For Diesel Engine) Oil Filter - 15208AA160 - This was the Wrong filter for my Diesel (Might be the right one for the petrol? Sump Plug Washer - 807020070 (10 for £8.80 on Ebay) Sump/Drain Plug - 807020010 Does that list look ok? or am I missing anything/have the wrong part numbers? If anyone wants to make a list for the Petrol we could use it as a quick lookup for anyone wanting to do an oil change.
  18. Hey Everyone, I'm Just wondering if anyone is able to tell me what the most recent ECU Software Version Number would be. Its a 2013 Diesel I have, not sure if all Diesel XVs would have the same ECU(?) Software. I've got an OBD2 Cable and the FreeSSM software so I should be able to plug in and check against what mine is, it would be good if we could get a list of the latest software for our cars, so we can check that the dealers are updating them as they should be. :)
  19. I'm toying with the best idea of getting some window deflectors for my XV because I often drive with the window open. anyone suggest any decent ones without me resorting to original Subaru ones at over £100, got to look smart though don't want them to look stuck on.
  20. Hi everybody, I have my eye on an XV with almost 50K miles (diesel, 2012 model). I was wondering which repairs might become necessary in due time (say 1-2 years, I drive about 20K p year). Any help is appreciated!
  21. Hi, i had a bad experience with my XV, just bought it and after 1 month the clutch was gone. Didn't notice any slip when test driving. Fortunately, the dealer was very, very embarrassed and fixed in in 48h. Now, I am new to subaru's but clutches shouldn't die after 45K miles??? I just hope no further problems...
  22. In 2013 a bridge collapsed while several vehicles were driving over it, they all fell quite a way into a river. One of those was an XV. So if you ever wondered what you XV might look like after a catastrophic bridge collapse, your wish has been granted. Worth knowing no one was killed or I think seriously injured.
  23. Hi everybody, Just saying hi and hope I can learn a lot about Subaru's. I am seriously looking to buy a used Subaru XV diesel, all tips and tricks are welcome btw. Cheers, Marco
  24. Hello from Ayshire, I was unaware of this forum until the weekend when looking for information on the Subaru XV. I am a long term Subaru owner from an Outback 3.0Rn then Legacy estate diesel followed by a petrol/lpg Forester then my current car a 2.5i Legacy estate. However, I have just ordered a new XV 2.0D SE in dark grey that is due for delivery in the next 7-10 days. Happy motoring! ft
  25. Picked up my new Pearl White Subaru XV D SE today from Carstins in Coventry. Very pleased with it so far although still bedding it all in, returned 60mpg on way back home so looking pretty efficient too. As promised the other week here's a couple of photos from when I took the dog for a walk If anyone wants to know anything about the XV let me know, I couldn't necessarily say i'll do a review but I'll give you my opinions. Thanks Dog
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