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Jap Subaru Forester Vin Number??


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I'm new to the forum i've done some searching and have found some information on what forester I have but I cant find a few things on it..

It's a Japanese import and I basically want to know which model it is, engine etc and whether it has been registered in the UK.

Now I can only find that on the Vin it is SF5A53P S-Forester F-Wagon 5-? A-93? 5-5 door wagon/hatch 3-? P-4 speed automatic AWD

Don't have a clue what the 5 and 3 mean and if it's right it's a 93? if there are any jap enthusiasts who could help me?

Here's the VIN

Jap Vin.jpg

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Hello &welcome !

The vin no is on the top right, can't make out the pic too well looks like sf5028608 ?

Don't bother trying to call anyone to order parts with it as most people will look at you oddly,

Engine in an ej20g and can't see the transmission code, forester production started in 97, what reg is it ?

If you could pop a pic of the exterior and engine they we'll be able to give you a few more details

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Thanks for the reply mate! 

Yes that's right it's hard to make it out when your stood in front of it never mind on a picture.

I'm not too sure what reg it is I have bought it without any documents the guy I got it from said it was imported then has been stood ever since, I'm guessing someone wanted to get it registered then lost interest or something like that.

Are there any sites that can tell you any information on the car from the vin..if it's been registered in the UK bit of history etc?

I'll get some pictures on tonight 

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You'll need to ring the dvla at a guess to see if it's been registered, will probibally need some bits doing rear fog wiring in etc to make legal & speedo conversion, www.importcarparts.co.uk is your best place for parts as they'll be able to get info off the jap vin,

Where abouts are you located ? Can't see on tt app

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