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  1. I have had 4 customers with issues on speed rating, hence why I advised contacting insurer before buying . Main issue is insurers clueless to technicality of it . I can understand T being more debatable but H seems more than fine for UK road use as never going exceed 130mph lol and load rating far more critical aspect . I would also ask your insurers if they happy for you to be doing over 130mph on UK public roads if they want you have V rating Most important factors is tyre match to your regional conditions and quality and load rating and your nokians better than OEM tyres by a long shot . Reality is they more than suitable winter and summer use . Do need be careful as having insurance invalidated after an accident has potential for wiping you clean financially . First case I heard of was this scenario and legal costs went over 70 grand over several years . Your best bet is keep working with your current insurer and get it in writing underwriter accepts it .. You just going need ring a few companies and see how they respond . Is a ridiculous scenario and mainly derived from ignorance from insurers on what good tyre choices and wanting easy escape clauses . You always best telling them as you buying car insurance that you can't use in a more serious accident scenario by overlooking it . Ignoring the issue doesn't fix the issue and insurance companies need a massive kick in the bo11ocks; over this one .. Churchill accepted one of my customers on all season same scenario as you . I'm on traders policy and only got one company cover modifications and grey import cars .
  2. Yeh they use quality aramid cord and quality rubbers . weatherproof Is a particularly nice tire and complete value for money ... Is a great tyre for british weather and proper B-road AWD . I do know some insurers can be awkard on the tyre speed rating not matching factory spec . H more than suitable but if want belt and braces it always best communicate these details before a claim situation . I know of more than 1 case where insururers refused pay out due to tyre speed rating not to oem tyre criteria . Keep enjoying the Fozzy, best wishes ...
  3. Not many issues have on that model . If you not lifting both sides of rear to do work you would need unbolt a rear anti roll bar drop link at one fixing point for hub and lateral link move freely . My top tip is remiove rear anti rool bar at one of fixing nut points on one side anyway as the extra movement make pulling and fitting strut back under arch tub and get the pinch bolts aligned far easier/quicker but if all the drop link nuts rusted mess you rather avoid you can skip that if both sides of rear off the ground while doing the work . I would suggest spraying drop link bolt and the 2 big strut mounting pinch bolts and the C-clip for the brake hose with some wd40 day or 2 in advance of doing the job . You can get to the top mount 3 12mm nuts via the plastic trim on top of the strut tub in the the boot, plastic pry tool with care will release the plastic prongs retaining it . You will need a spring compressor to compress old unit and remove top hat and strut spring lower rubber insulator and bump stop and protective boot if reusing it . the bump stops are usually split and mashed on failed sls struts as been bottoming out and the £20 kyb protection kit has these parts for 2 struts . you need the spring compressor compress new spring onto new strut too, lot of reports this amazingly dangerous, no it isn't lol, just position clamps with bit of thought and only compress spring down just enough get the oem 17mm nut caught a few threads on the strut rod . I have impact gun so removing the nut and tightening nut on strut is never any bother, you may have some issues stopping strut rod rotating while loosening or tightening, on old strut you can use grips hold shaft, on new one you don't want damage the chrome rod, you can grind 2 flats on the top sides of a old socket so can use a wrench/adjustable wrench turn the socket and have access to the strut allen key socket through the socket drive hole or you may find a german style offset ring wrench fits down into recess of strut top mount onto the bolt (you understand this more when doing job) This strut nut is 17mm external size (japan fixing DIN), the new ones supplied with new strut be 19mm so reuse originals as 17mm gives easier tool access and the quality is 2 grades better . If you don't have a spring compressor you can get them on ebay for £10 Springs only go one way round (has a top and bottom which hard get wrong 🙂 ) and try orientate them so sit in old rubber seating points neatly Top mount has inner outer orientation so be sure fit these right, put a dab of paint/marker pen on top end of outer stud prior removal if you feel better doing so, All becomes clear when you start doing the job and I may well be telling you how suck an egg as it pretty easy task once get stuck in, if you got half decent tools it be walk in the park as nothing technical or overly challenging . other recommended procedure is measure rear ride height before and after work and consider wheel alignment check. 430mm to 455mm about normal, generally higher side of measure for brand new just fitted and low level of fuel and no other weight in car
  4. ^ exactly this don't think i ever done a outback or forester rear wiper motor but that wiring takes a right beating if boot used a lot and we done lot of repairs to that issue over the years ...
  5. ^ Because I thinking of your wallet and getting you best prices Currently can use the 15% ebaay coupon POLAR15 works with car parts in motion so that make shocks dirt cheap and springs about same as other cheaper option. (coupon ends 31st, you be mad not make most of this by adding all items to basket and using the code) If do use carpartinmotion DO NOT supply them with vehicle reg or chassis number as they probably (99% likely) cancel order as your SLS model obviously not match to non SLS and they then assume wrongly it wrong parts . I actually stock parts via them at times using ebay coupons as it really is that dirt cheap, cheaper than best trade price I can get locally . KYB springs and shocks about best after market option you got and at these prices it almost free . Handling stability in corners and smoothness to rear is massive improvement over faulty sagging rear struts . Is a massive safety upgrade but amazingly if you sagging original sls struts not leaking oil they still pass a uk MOT 😕 labour time between 1 to 2hrs . I normally fit these at fixed all in price and base on 1.5hrs
  6. What brand pump part number ? How close is specifics of current fault with new pumps vs the original one ? Sat stationary f you rev engine to around 2.5-3K does steering get lighter, if does check pump pressure high side at idle . We had 3 bad pumps in a row via our autofactors to point pump manufacturers and factors staff assuming I at fault, wasted hours of my time and had parts factor manager at my shop for almost 2 hours showing him pressure difference of the new aftermarket junk vs real oem . Get someone who knows how actually do some test not and at very least test pump pressure and flow . Power steering parts is a ballache aftermarket much like aircon pumps too lol .
  7. Don't rule out the new pump, is it oem new/used or reman unit . Reman or used pumps a tricky game Is the fault like before or very different, you going need deal with your current mechanic on this one and ask him how sure he was on original pump being bad or was he just throwing expensive parts at you expense for guess work . Also tell him just because it a new/different pump not assume it a good pump lol . Amount of reman pumps we had faulty out the box is ridiculous to the point we barely use that route unless options/cost force our hand and it either 100% new or known good low mileage used we source ourselves
  8. Based on your part numbers KYB rear left 334344 KYB rear right 334345 KYB rear springs RA6028 (pair) You get 5% off buying the pair of struts so that about $95 The springs are £73 the pair So that £168 all in You probably need bump stops and rubber boots but KYB do that as a axle set for under £20 (KYB 910046) I been working on Subarus over 20yrs and we fit a lot of these KYB excel G shocks and springs and quality/fit/performance is perfect . Cost great too, they cheaper online than via my local motorfactors on trade account . We use partsinmotion a lot as have offices in Exeter so some locality to us .
  9. KYB japan excel G and matching KYB springs (can get custom springs via for special requirements. Struts are £50 each , and pair of springs £80-90 when use non SLS struts you MUST use non SLS spring or ride height still be low as spring rates differ between SLS and non SLS If want KYB part numbers/links give me year of forester/image of vehicle . Parts are cheap and fitting very simple .
  10. yeah front always cleaner as engine heat keeps it more dry . More you do better methods you get on dealing with it, backs can get so bad very hard deal with at home with minimal tool options . Best thing can do is spray all bolts/joints with a spray can of waxoyl or similar as makes night and day difference to corrosion level and lubes the threads .
  11. Doesn't take long, either use hydraulic press or bush forcing screw tool set . With bush forcing screw tool set and air hammer we can do some bush replacement without removing suspension arms fully thus saving time and parts needed . If can't get them out in one, push rubber out first, then cut wall of metal sleeve with air hacksaw or recip sawsaw and tap it out, decent air hammer super useful here . It takes me about 2hrs max remove rebuild and fit front pair lower arms, cheapest option is the pattern arms around £66 and just bolt on but quality not good enough for my liking on cheaper whole arms want use that route . It a must for safety, end result drive feel and long life thus better long term value use better quality only for suspension repair . Those horizontal mounted rear bushes don't last long, awful design when used on rovers decades ago and euro trash used it too, older design subaru front arms rear bush way better but not as cheap make 😕 too many accountants and not enough engineers in modern manufacture 😞
  12. Heres some part numbers (use numbers and google and you find online and alternative brands via likes of or even eBay Bushes front control arm front bush: Febest SAB-018 rear bush: Febest SAB-017 or Febi Bilstein 42787 ball joint: 555 japan SB-6642 Both bushes and a ball joint cost under £50 per arm for decent branded (555 BJ's top quality) control arms complete (would not recomend aftermarket arms unless corrosion or accident damage and don't want pay oem price) front right: Spidan 58191 front left: Spidan 58190
  13. Yeh the turbo a joy unless do mpg calcs 🙂 Coming up to time of year you really start loving a Forester . I'll post links to front arm bushes and balljoint, know which ones they are as common failure due to crappy design on later models (earlier design of rear bush way better) pic just so we 110% .
  14. yeh don't scrap the oem arms, worth keeping or selling . If you need bush part numbers PM ne pic of arm as a rule of thumb just about all arm bushes, lower ball joint and drop links front and rear are around £20 mark each . japanpart and NTY do patern arms (I don't use them unless oem arms damaged , choice of bushes is huge from firstline, adl, febi bilstein, delphi, febest, japanparts, fai, moog, 555, etc etc .
  15. No doesn't sound right to me. You can get pattern arms (about 60 to 100quid) Best always keeping quality original arm if clean and fit new bushes (front and rear bush press fitment) Febi Bilstein do the bushes at around £22 for front control arm rear bush With bushes got be fussy on brands, Febi Bilstein, Febest pretty good products with good lifespan . Bushes be around £50 per arm and I could fit bushes to both arms in hour and a half so that around £220 , if needed drop link or ball joints as extras that pretty cheap . I would need see car be specific or at least pics to confirm part numbers but doubt you need spend much more than £420 do all that work Subaru suspension parts are cheap as most bushes cross at least 3 models and quite a few good brands do the parts . Main issue is many mechanics don't know the cars or part options well thus you pay for their lack of experience .