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  1. Mr B

    Gearbox swarf in Oil

    Looks normal wear debris to me (see it every day on boxes and diffs), on drain plugs with magnets attached you get what on your rag when wipe them clean or stick finger in around casing at drain point . If oil totally full of metal and got a shiny metal marble streak when stirred then yeh you may got issue. Very very rare have huge amount metal particle without noise or some usability issue . Keep an eye on it and if got doubts get advise from trustworthy mechanic and do quality photos of drained oil and filtered debris .
  2. Mr B

    Gearbox swarf in Oil

    Can tell nothing from that, pretty normal have a grey powdery paste unless all the oil was that way Would have see the whole drained oil in person to give you a real worthwhile opinion. Have they sieved or run magnet through oil and found any bigger metal fragments rather than that pretty normal surface wear paste in the photo ? If box making no noise and working A1 I wouldn't go jumping the gun but rather drain and check oil again after few thousand miles ...
  3. Mr B

    K&N vs Cosworth Air Filter (which to choose)

    If you after performance you not really going be type of guy trying achieve million miles from a air filter or even 10% of that lol . Just buy quality dry panel filter suitable for the maf and has half decent filtration and cosworth or ramair both are great products and sensible prices. k&n milk the marketing and hike the price in quite a vulgar way .
  4. Mr B

    K&N vs Cosworth Air Filter (which to choose)

    cosworth and ramair both quality panel filters . not biggest fan of k&n
  5. Yes any M30 will do BUT be sure have one working remote or pin code supplied with used unit or it useless unless got sigma software program it . With one working fob you be able program your key fobs and set the 4 pin code any decent breaker always sells them with a fob, expect pay more than £30 for workable option .
  6. Mr B

    Error Code P0409 & P0403

    Seen them fail in various ways, sometimes motor runs but drive failed, sometimes seized, sometimes carbon build up stops it seating fully or opening full range. All of which can be detected by the ecu monitoring and can flag the money light if code criteria match to ecu received sensor/conditions data . Generally new egr only way go, sometimes you can clean them but we only tend do that as a quick fix during diagnosis so owner can carry on like normal until job booked in or part delivered . egr is a consumable product due to harsh job it does, It's true value in emission and environment impact is somewhat overestimated as it has negative effect engine lifespan, mpg and service parts waste during a vehicles life, much like the dpf while making nice numbers at tail pipe under test conditions if review exactly how it achieves that and the negatives it has on reducing mpg/power and increasing parts/service waste over vehicle lifespan it a long way from environment marvel .
  7. Mr B

    Considering a newer forester

    The 2.0 n/a Forester normally pretty cheap with only rear struts and front window motors being the normal issues. Newer handle fine but not always cheaper maintain . If you fancy better acceleration you maybe better going back a year to the 2.0 XT SG model and make effort find proper tidy example with impeccable servicing . Plenty about and normaly easier find the XT clean and tidy over naturally asperated models that get used like baby landrovers . I can normally find tidy XT in 2 or 3 months while a SG could be half a year for proper nice one . Reason going 2005 or early 2006 is purely road tax class ...
  8. Mr B

    Error Code P0409 & P0403

    The egr has inbuilt position reference that part of the logic of how ecu knows it failed, unless parts guy examined a egr or read the fault logic criteria he ain't going know that, pinout and code criteria data will show you exactly how it controlled and monitored by ecu .
  9. Mr B

    Forester 2005 power steering pump

    2003 to 2007 be donors will find same pump on legacy outback etc . I would want be fairly sure it is pump not just winging part at it on a hunch . check belt tension and check fluid and check rack movement with front end lifted Pumps do go on these so not uncommon one . You'll find a pump easy enough either eBay or contacting couple breakers .
  10. Mr B

    Rear wheel bearings word of warning

    ^ you can send a damages claim into your local council . i've supplied paper work for couple customers over the years, if do your homework and got the time it gives the useless councils some agro and some of you money back 😄
  11. force the wheels out and cut/bend anything needed to get glass up and out . Have wasted fair bit of time on window mechanisms either due to corrosion or damage, can be a ballache due to restricted access .
  12. you going swap over the mechanism . worth the hassle if door straight and clean . used part assemblies always tend have some hangups, even more so if had courier handling as well .
  13. the rear windows meant tilt to some extent near end of travel as do it due to door shape for arch .
  14. Rear right on a SG is probably blue and blue with red trace for the window motor . polarity reversed for up/down Any doubts and simply pull door card and power it right at short 2 pin pigtail connector from the motor ...
  15. Would be better pulling door card and visual inspection on window mechanism and check voltage supply to motor right at the motor pig tail connector if you think it not getting power, a headlight bulb would be a 5amp load and makes a good circuit integrity test light . Sometimes tapping the motor gets them working if got a dead spot on commutator .