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  1. things to look out for are sagging rear ends from failing sls struts and rear end corrosion . Still can have lot of life at 130K but you need be checking repair history and car thoroughly conclude it sensible buy . 105 to 115K nice range, very low mileage not as desirable as people would think, lot of good auto models around if willing travel a bit and not rush purchase. Main thing is learn the car and get idea of good/bad and car characteristics by viewing several, if you not a mechanic and got no proper knowledge with this model you not going know much from vieing 1 or 2, 5 to 10 and you
  2. Most modern cars tend be this way . partly due to neater styling/symmetry but also partly cost as obviously slightly cheaper . I must say if do a lot of reversing in the dark then 2 reverse lights is a god send vs one . Like I say many time old is gold, lot of practical common sense and durability is lost the more new you go unfortunately .
  3. adjust drive belt tension and test .
  4. Crank failure very common and 2009 even more so . Was it a down shift wrong gear change that finished it off . Engine replacement will be expensive and same underlying weakness to crank will be present . You would need an early 2011 engine for slight revisions in crank & block or buy new crank which about £450 if your engine likely rebuildable . Diesel Subarus are all heading to early scrap as simply expensive repair and design fault still present plus diesels of this era suffer from lot of CEL warnings and less than amazing mpg figures all down to stupid principles of
  5. It depends if rust concentrated in same area on ease and cost . I assume due to MOT comments it the seatbelt anchor plate that in the lower arch sill end closure area, if most the rust in this area it would take less time than say if also need strut turret repairs or front sill work . Main labour consuming issue with sill end closures and inner sill area is trailing link body mount as that area fiddly repair well and bit more time strip and assemble brake cables,abs sensors and trailing links and body mount can be pain remove . I wouldn't worry about rusted bolts too much, bolts are hig
  6. Because so many people want one . crank failure on these is massive problem, I could fill my yard with dead 2008 to 2011 subaru diesels just in my county . New crank is 450 roughly but how cheap that works out depends on block halves and any damage to bore and valves . Really is awkward position be in, we can pick up proper tidy diesel engine failure cars for £300 but cost of repair high and actual market value real low plus other issues with diesel dpf and fuelling software means they never perfect for long . Lots of scrap, great for the environment lol, my 2 decade plus old forester
  7. Loads of exhaust fabricators around wales, 2 that spring to mind are pro-speed exhausts and cardiff exhausts who a longlife bespoke exhaust builders . Your system is twin rear boxes and Y pipe which more work and if box gone in centre pipe which doubt it has but if has will add cost . I would estimate 400 to £550 all in sensible price pending how much centre pipe needs replacing (normally it just flanges on Y to back boxes that gone and if that case then centre silencer and suitable length of that pipe can remain keeping price very sensible . You can choose sound level and tailpipe finis
  8. what engine model ? there might be other choices and lower cost but exact model details are needed ... One obvious option is custom exhaust from a local powerflow or similar exhaust fabricating centre which be cheaper than just your parts price and it be durable stainless system .
  9. I shouldn't really tell you this as it trade secrets 🙂 Drivers and passengers window an easy fix and common failure due to water ingress in front motor due to clocked housing position caused by introduction of crash bars in the front doors, never buy a new motor as original crazy money and aftermarket useless junk, buy a used passenger side rear as they same front drivers side and rear drivers same as front passenger side besides a water drain fittings needs clocking position changed and original harness tails swapped over ideally but rear tails will work and worth using if connectors or h
  10. You could take a live from interior fusebox and add a fuse and feed that to radio and lighters. I would add a small push button switch with status light in centre console so you can isolate it and have visual reference when it on ....
  11. Hopefully better subaru and dealer end result than the EE diesels, as a back street specialist garage we the ones working with owners past the warranty stage trying make the most of those engineering flaws and I don't look forward to similar with the hybrid system ...
  12. The wake up and current draw on these models in parked sleep mode is well known by subaru internally . It well known to me too as we done 3 day current logging on 2 customers who had these new models with no resolution from dealers to date ... Owner doesn't need take online criticism as he having his own issues For sure he best speak to the service team due to warranty but doubt he get it fully resolved but hopeful something get done improve the issues some users get .
  13. Unfortunately the parasitic drain on them is from module monitoring wake ups mainly that not faults in the raw term but system design issues. Issue was well known before lockdown but that highlighted it further . Most people have issue in 2 to 3 weeks and it was airport park overs that first brought issue into public forums .
  14. thought of this thread this morning while in a local Subaru dealers picking up overnight order parts. The service desk was dealing with customer with same issue of dead battery, service stating it not used enough, owner said how can use it when left at airport or away for work , same scenario 2 weeks and it dead . Is a big Issue, not just Subaru (BMW worse) although they state about 2weeks no use manual charging in the handbook . Issue is mainly from modules waking up at intervals for checks such as handbrake state and so forth all causing unreasonable parasitic draw . Personally I
  15. your best bet is getting your money back and buying a super clean model from early 2000 . Is well documented issue on battery drain on these . Absolute nothing environmentally friendly or better in most new car concepts unfortunately . They have short lifespan, consume huge amount of parts and service materials causing lot of waste including your hard earned money . I'm a mechanical engineer with my own business and all my personal cars are 15 to 20 years old and trouble free and due to minimal part and service material and actual vehicle lifspan they more environmentally friendly base
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