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  1. Mr B

    Throwing P1137 on brand new O2 sensor

    Needs a power and ground check at the connector point and also consider new not always good/correct If a cheap sensor you can get these issues . jap made sensors are best ones to use .
  2. Mr B

    After market Coolant rad hoses

    Gates do decent upper and lower hoses, we had some before but hard find stockists .
  3. Mr B

    EJ25 Build Help

    Compression will be more effected by head and block facing and HG used, this all can be calculated and compression/ cylinder cc can be set/balanced to desired range and all part of component preparation . Waste of time commenting without seeing them in hand but if not decent/new pistons start with they not worth working with, amount you would remove in that area be minimal concern to piston strength, the edge chip more concern to whether salvageable . head and block surfaces and timing belt being reused gives me idea your extra money kitty won't be that great on this one ...
  4. Mr B

    EJ25 Build Help

    ^ If is only crown pitting of a few thou and ringlands and skirt A1 and they brand new and quality then we likely get the set crown dressed and weight matched at the machine shop, from pictures hard to say but it common practice on light pitting and something you review on individual basis . Looks like was a rough build and underlying issue not addressed and must be pretty severe lean/timing condition , valve seating wants be checked and the cam journals as they can be scored real bad on these with poor oil and contaminated oil, don't look like it been skimmed or hot tanked either .
  5. Mr B

    EJ25 Build Help

    Piston looks to be salvageable and if it new more so . You need get that on rollers once built up and fueling/mapping checked as the det is what probably caused HG issue first time round . Block will need good surface clean or skim. Head surface certainly needs a proper smooth finish skim but check cam bearing surfaces as if they are badly scored you best sourcing new heads . Do a fair few of these and if left running with water in oil for long time cam journals and main bearings suffer .
  6. Blueprint glowplug wil be ADS71802, all same from 2010 to 2012, ashuki p/n is S785-02 eBay not cheapest for these . Some underseal and wax protection not a bad thing on these, shultz done proper in rear wheel well/turret good and a light spray of waxoil or similar on underbody every 2-3yrs can make huge difference when car aged another 10yrs+
  7. Blueprint service parts are fine, we use them a lot . For glowplugs we use ashika at about £22 a plug. You can also find the Blueprint plugs around 75-95 pounds a set if hunt around. No need change annually , fit them with high temp ceramic based anti-seize or similar and schedule a removal, inspection and refit 1 to 2yrs and replace 4 to 5yrs . We get them out engine hot and use a gentle low power impact for several minutes as vibrations help remove the carbon jamming up the tip threads .
  8. Try get triple 5 (555) for the BJ's and meyle HD for drop links . Meyle been or best links
  9. Tripple 5 ball joints and meyle HD drop links about best we found ADL also good Moog not bad . Most stuff is monkey metal these days .
  10. Mr B

    Newb with a problem

    ecu would be my last choice with those symptoms .
  11. Mr B

    Newb with a problem

    Ideally want a scanner on it looking at live data while it happening . coolant sensor might be worth a look as could be heat effected lambda values while on start/stall and after 10 minutes could be useful data idle valve certainly worth a clean, possibly it gets sticky and trouble moving freely after first hot start but 10 minutes cools it off enough !
  12. Mr B

    Passenger rear camber fault??

    bushing on the chromed rod, as these wear it can cause a bit of neg camber but they normally leak if getting bad . Could be just way that one is, possible could be improved to some extent by loosening strut to hub bolts and pulling hub upright as much as slop allows . Even with no parts fault if want perfect camber then camber bolts a must .
  13. Mr B

    Passenger rear camber fault??

    No camber adjustment on rear from factory . trailing arm won't effect it but badly worn/ damaged lateral links would as does worn strut rod bearing and top mount issue . all easy check, camber bolts easy solution for fine adjustment once suspension accessed good.
  14. Mr B


    comp tests can read fine too . sometimes only way have available evidence for 100% diagnosis is give it little time .
  15. Mr B


    early stage minimal HG issues that play up rarely at certain temps and cylinder stresses on the 2.5 many times test fine via gas probe sniff, liquid colour test and pressure test . If want 100% confirmation sometimes you got carefully wait and monitor and retest .