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4wd system


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So I have have been driving my 04 Impreza wrx sti type uk and I have noticed that.. let's just say I was reversing onto a drive which obv goes up the kurb and isnt a flat surface it kind of Judders and it stiff to drive similar to like a proper 4wd like when the diff locks are on or something. Anyway I haven't driven any others for a long time so I was just wondering if this is normal or?

sorry for the bad explanation it's hard to describe what it's doing lol. 

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Ye like turning into the drive and going up the kurb onto the drive, the chassis just feels really stiff and like the tyres are scrubbing on the road almost lol you can feel it through the steering wheel, it's very hard to explain. I will see if I can describe it any better when I next drive it. It feels like when you are driving say a proper off road 4x4 and it has the diff locks on and it doesn't like turning on Tarmac.

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