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  1. I read this today and thought of your post https://www.subaruoutback.org/threads/check-engine-light-eyesight-lane-departure-rab-collision-avoidance-failures.537365/ so it's a very very long shot but maybe.. just maybe... fingers crossed it's that simple - fuel cap?
  2. Great to hear you're enjoying the car Richard. How is the cvt different from other autos to drive ? I ask as I've only driven a cvt auto (well, apart from a 15 min test drive of a Mitsubishi Shogun Sport auto around a ring-road so too brief to really notice).
  3. Brilliantly clear instructions - thanks. I'm tempted to change my pin to a new, easier for me to remember one, but as I have butter-fingers and a knack for technological mayhem, I'm leaving well alone (for now!!). 😂
  4. Seems so... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJgUiZgX5rE
  5. I've not had that happen yet, but at the w/e I had my first in-car warning symbol that eyesight wasn't functioning. I was 'wild' car camping (sleeping in the back) in the Lakes and when I started to drive away on a fresh, dew soaked, cold morning, even though the condensation cleared on the top of the windscreen inside (from my breath), obviously it hadn't cleared sufficiently on the eyesight camera lenses. It only took a couple of miles driving with the a/c on before eyesight started to function. While on this trip, I also used the 'carabiner trick' to fool the car into thinking that the rear hatch was closed (when in truth it was wide open) and so stop the battery drain which can happen when leaving the hatch open ( only needed on auto open/close boot hatches) for long periods, as often required when car camping.
  6. At risk of asking a daft question, as you'd think the dealership would know if this is an option or not, but.....Is using your home wi-fi to update maps possible on a 2019 XV? I'm not sure when Subaru equipped/updated their info system in the UK, but it is possible on the late Gen5 Outback and I believe the Forester too. Sorry if it's not.
  7. Srotty., I can't answer your q re why a cvt is any better (or worse) than other forms of auto gear box. I just love mine (but am also glad its got a 100,000 mile warranty attached!). But tyres, now then! Cheekily changing your q a bit, I've been using winter tyres (not all season) for over 20 years now, ever since i moved to the NE of England (God's own country) and had a few early commuting scary moments in my old ford escort, on long drives home in the dark and snow/ice. Now I know better, and I can't understand why anyone who lives north of Birmingham, and away from the milder coast, doesn't change from their usual summer tyres to winter tyres (or maybe all-season), November to April-ish, especially if they drive their kids/family around and care about their well-being. Best current advice is from: winter tyres and All Season tyres It's a no-brainer, especially if you live in a rural spot. Down-sides? If you have one set of wheels and you have the tyres changed twice a year (winters on then off) there's a cost, and you need somewhere to store them, unless you use a 'tyre-hotel' but that costs too. If you have two sets of wheels (say alloys for summer and steelies for winter), there's the cost of the extra set of wheels, and TPMS valves, but you can switch the wheels at your own convenience at home, at no cost, until the tyres wear out. Again, you need space to store them at home. Yes, there's also a cost of investing in a second set of tyres, but then the other set aren't wearing out when they're 'resting'. People often mistake having a 4x4 with better winter traction - they're wrong if they have summer tyres on. A 2x4 with winters on is better than a 4x4 with summers on. If you've no, or little tyre traction then it doesn't matter if you've 4x4, 6x6....etc - you ain't going anywhere (safely).
  8. There's loads I love about my Outback, but one of my early grips was with the DAB radio reception which is far worse than the DAB in my old (2016) Skoda. I think the culprit is probably the awful antenna printed on the rear hatch. The new Gen 6 OBs have a sharkfin antenna, so I guess when I next buy one of them (likely no time soon ) I'll be sorted. In the meantime, does anyone have any advice on how I can improve the present reception, aside from bent wire coat-hanger suggestions ?
  9. The shift from 5 years warranty to 3 years took place on 1st January 2021. Subaru warranty
  10. My last car, a Skoda, also had no service booklet as Skoda started to do all there's electronically as digital records. But what if, like me, you used an independent Skoda garage? No problem. Just keep your service print out invoices and, IMPORTANTLY, staple the payment/debit card receipts to the copy so as to verify payment and authenticity. When I had a warranty issue with the Skoda, I simply photocopied the service invoice sheets, with receipts of payment attached, and gave them to the Skoda dealership as proof I'd kept my end of the service/warranty bargain. I used copies, not the originals, as I didn't trust the main dealership not to lose them! I eventually, this year, traded in the Skoda for my current Outback and the service records (sheets and receipts) were all seen as authentic proof - no problems. My current Outback does have a booklet. But remember, booklets and service stamps can be mocked up easily. I'm still going to keep the service sheets and receipts as they're much more difficult to fake. Re your question. Do your records have the names, addresses and contact details of the VAT registered garages you took the car to? Mileage authentication for each service? Details of what the service entailed? Ideally, do you have proof of payment also, which match the invoices from the garages? For an older car (say 2015) that looks in good really nick, it probably isn't a deal breaker if you haven't, but it will most likely reduce the trade in valve.
  11. Just back from another overnight 'wild' car camp in the Outback. One of the reasons I bought the car was that, with the rear seats down flat, it allows me to stretch my full 6 feet easily (take the rear seats headrests out, reverse them and put them back in again to make a platform for a pillow). Sleeping bag and bedroll - sorted. Also, as most car campers will know, having the rear hatch open for extended periods is often necessary, if only to lounge in the back, with the nose of the car pointing into the wind, and take in the landscape while quaffing a brew. As I'm often stealth camping in areas with no phone signal, I don't want to get stranded with a flat battery. So I tried this Rear Hatch OB Battery Drain Fix and it works! To be fair, I've no idea if my car has had a fix for this known issue (it's still a reported problem on the Gen6 OB so maybe not). So....I'd be grateful if someone could see if it's still an issue with the late Gen5 OB and save me the hassle of being stranded/needing a jump start... 🙂
  12. I've recently had the same issue through the Subaru website trying to get a price quote for an accessory (sump guard) from Ullswater Subaru. That's 3 weeks ago and not even an automatic acknowledgement email. I wonder if it's the Subaru website - the one that forces you to use the online contact form? I've found phoning the dealerships directly better. Regarding servicing, I telephoned half a dozen or so a few months ago, just out of interest for the cost of the first service (1 yr 12,000 miles). Most were asking (for the Outback) around £250, with the exception of the dealership in Alnwick which was £150 (I double checked that too). More recently, I was speaking to a member of staff at the Dales Subaru stand at the Westmorland Show the other week. Seemed very pleasant. Skipton (Barnoldswick) would be a couple of hours for you? About the same for me. The two more locally based Subaru dealerships (Darlington and Penrith) are new franchises and I wonder about lack of Subaru servicing experience. Mine's due a service in December. I usually use an independent garage I trust, but I think I might go Subaru dealership first this time and see what's what. Let us know how you get on Andy.
  13. It might be worth posting your question on here https://www.subaruforester.org/ as the Forester is a very popular car in the US, certainly compared to the UK.
  14. I can only answer part of your question (i think) , but according to my Subaru warranties and servicing booklet, all turbo engines Subarus have a 12 month or 10,000 mile (which ever is sooner) interval, while the naturally aspirated ones have a 12 month or 12,000 miles interval. So that would suggest the XT is more expensive to service than the XE, if you do 10,000 or plus miles a year? Other factors might come into play too, but I'll let the forum experts provide those.
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