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  1. Been a few weeks since I changed them and there is definitely a difference from all before. I will say better then all I used before
  2. What tyre pressure you inflating to, I mean you go to the car on the tank lid or the tyre recommended
  3. Thanks for the advice, used that link and got 4 of these weatherproof. They are also XL, perfect 👌
  4. Thanks I will consider, looks good. Actually I don’t think I can buy these assurance WeatherReady in uk at all...
  5. Hi all, just wondering if anyone tried Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady yet. I am planning to make a trip to Europe around this Christmas and done a lots of research online. I know the best for winter is winter tyres but don’t want to buy them just for the sake of 2 weeks and these looks like really good alternative as I can drive them all year around but performing good in moderate snow condition.