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  1. Feedback from the trip, it was amazing. Both the car and the tires performed so good in snow and rain. Especially rain, when going through Germany it was raining and there was only few cars going through with 100m/h, don’t swagger just the fact. Then snow. Very good in fresh snow, no problems at all. The problem was, when the snow lay is up to and above the reg plate is building up as you go through and that’s making it difficult for the engine. But then I discovered the real use of the dual range. OMG. As we were traveling with a friend and he got CRV when the snow build up at the front of his car and stopped it, he would revers and go forward through the pile but I would just plough, so much torque. There was a little problem with the black snow where a proper winter tyre would be a better suit but this worked fine. So far I’ve done 30k miles with the tires and overall they are excellent, very happy.
  2. Hi guys, hope you’re all enjoying the weather. I got a little concern here. Parked the car this morning at work, 2010 Forester 2.0 L petrol. Just got there to grab my bag when I saw a liquid underneath it. It’s coming from a little pipe, see on the pictures attached. What would that be, anyone experienced this before. Cheers
  3. Been a few weeks since I changed them and there is definitely a difference from all before. I will say better then all I used before
  4. What tyre pressure you inflating to, I mean you go to the car on the tank lid or the tyre recommended
  5. Thanks for the advice, used that link and got 4 of these weatherproof. They are also XL, perfect 👌
  6. Thanks I will consider, looks good. Actually I don’t think I can buy these assurance WeatherReady in uk at all...
  7. Hi all, just wondering if anyone tried Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady yet. I am planning to make a trip to Europe around this Christmas and done a lots of research online. I know the best for winter is winter tyres but don’t want to buy them just for the sake of 2 weeks and these looks like really good alternative as I can drive them all year around but performing good in moderate snow condition.