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JDM 2005 "Hawkeye" Impreza Catalogue For Sale


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I have this 2005 JDM Impreza catalogue for sale. I’ve recently bought a 2005 Hawkeye WRX Wagon, so bought this to go with that. However, in my over-excitement, I bought two of the same catalogue, thinking that they were different, so am offering one up on here. I’ve attached plenty of pics but it's basically a glossy, 43-page, colour brochure. It’s in Japanese but there’s still some good info plus plenty of pics and articles including a couple of motorsport (rallying and racing) features. Anyway, it’s cool piece for any Hawkeye owners/lovers, which is why I bought it.

Am asking £15 plus the shipping which should be about £5, so that’s £20 all in! Please lmk if you’re in another country and I’ll get some prices for you. However, please note that the Japan Post Office has reduced its overseas shipping services due to COVID-19. Normal shipping times have also gone out the window, so if you’re in a hurry, this is not the purchase for you. I would estimate that this will take a few weeks to arrive, hopefully less but possibly more, so please be patient.

Payment is by PayPal, with no gift payment accepted. Due to the international shipping and COVID-delays, the catalogue is sold as seen, so please look at the pictures carefully and ask all and any questions before agreeing to purchase. I have and can also take more photos if required. Finally, please also note that I am on Tokyo time, so there may be a delay in getting back to you. Thanks for looking, and Happy New Year from the Land of the Rising Sun (and Subaru)!

Brochure 01.jpg

Brochure 04.jpg

Brochure 05.jpg

Brochure 06.jpg

Brochure 07.jpg

Brochure 08.jpg

Brochure 09.jpg

Brochure 10.jpg

Brochure 11.jpg

Brochure 12.jpg

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