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Lift Kit


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I know Farmpug needed more hight then the springs he had on and was fine just changing it and heard of lots of people doing it state side to great effects and keeping the BHP around the 300 mark. So depends on height, and what sort of off roading you want it for but just a list of one of the chaps lifted fozzie here. Sorry I know it's in dollars but give you an idea of an extreme lift :)



1: Alloy sump guard (easy DIY bolt-on, $350)

2: Transmission cooler (for autos only) (advanced DIY or minor workshop install, $150)

3: breather extensions for gearbox/diff (DIY, cheap)

4: All-terrain tyres (wide price range)

5: Centre diff lock and fan cut-of switches (intermediate DIY, <$10)

6: Strut lift ($500-$800?, int. workshop install)

7: Spring lift ($300, minor workshop install)

8: spotlights

9: Front bar ($2300)

10: Rear bar ($3500)

11: Off-road rims

12: Snorkel

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thanks for that, very helpful.
Not sure about the 300BHP as it will be for getting through rutted fields, so just really need more ground clearance. might start out with springs
i did find this site if anybody has used them? http://www.pedders.co.uk/files_subaru_forester

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