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  1. Thanks guys! I'm really happy with it. Mod plans are pending, just going to drive it around for a while and figure out what I want to do with it, currently just restoring the headlights etc. to make it look a little nicer! And nice @savage bulldogs! I'm sure I'll find an excuse to drive that way at some point 😜
  2. Got home on Sunday, taking every opportunity to get out and drive now!
  3. Hi all, Looking for an STI spoiler that will fit a 2003 Blobeye if anyone knows of any. Cheers!
  4. Deposit has been paid! Silver Blobeye, 77k miles, great service history, all standard apart from a de-cat and a light tune 😁 Picking it up on the weekend, buzzing!
  5. Hey, thank you! I have been mainly looking for cars with a decent service history as I've never owned a Subie before, figured it was best to go for a looked after one! I think I may have bagged a decent 2003 WRX, so fingers crossed it all goes through!
  6. Oh really? Damn, I just found a good condition 2006 for 5 with only 56k miles on. Worth waiting longer to find a 2 litre?
  7. Hi guys, I have to admit I'm not a Subaru owner (yet!!) but I have come here for advice and general information as real owners tend to know a lot more than random websites! I have got the money together and I'm looking to buy an Impreza WRX around the 2005 era, as they've always been my favourite. I see a couple of Subaru's driving around Norfolk and was wondering if anyone is near me? And what is a reasonable price for a clean, low milage WRX of that age? Around £7k? Cheers, Chris.
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