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Gearbox mount help

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On 7/30/2021 at 2:53 PM, Jay762 said:

Looks like you are missing the plate


Thanks Jay. 
Turns out the garage that did my clutch + flywheel decided they'd lose half the bush, and then put the plate on in the wrong place! 
Won't be going there again...

After getting it ACTUALLY fixed, drives like a dream!

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Since this has been sorted I have discovered an oil leak from the gearbox, I'm presuming that some damage has been done when the car was driven with the gearbox essentially bouncing around without the mount connected.

I'll be looking for a garage with some experience with the EJ20 5-speed gearboxes in Norfolk if anyone has any suggestions?

It's hard to tell by the picture as I forgot to take one when it was on the ramp - the best way to describe where it's coming from is the front of the box where the main input shaft goes in. Has anyone else had a leak like this or have any idea on what it could be? Hoping that it's a fairly simple fix.


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It is a straight forward fix if you have some tools and a jack to take the gearbox load you could do it yourself, just need to take your time putting the new seal in, not to push too far. My concern would also be clutch contamination, maybe factor in cost of a replacement just in case.

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