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  1. I must still have the original sls springs in there as I didn't buy any others. I went for a quick fix at the time as I had a lot on. The garage who did the work just swapped the shocks but kept the old springs in. This would explain the sag of course. Unfortunately I disposed of the old sls shocks as I didn’t realise they have recondition value. So I will try the RA6028 springs with Ridex shocks and see how I get on. Will post some before and after pics for future ref. Thanks again for your advice 👍
  2. Thanks for getting back to me. I retraced my steps online and found the parts I used!!! They are these Ridex shocks; Any idea if they will work with RA6028 springs? Thanks again for your patience in answering all things shock related 🙂
  3. Embarrassed to say I have lost all records of the shocks I used! I suppose it would be worth trying the RA6028 springs with the shocks I have and if not satisfactory then order the kyb parts.
  4. I have a similar problem with rear suspension on my 2006 2.5XT. After MOT fail last year I got original rear SLS replaced with cheap aftermarket parts (I did not know about SLS then). Now I have the low rear ride height problem. Looking at resolving this with parts from either subaru4you or pedders. Is there anything to choose between the two? Pedders are quite a bit more expensive but I might not mind paying extra if they are better quality/more reliable.
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