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  1. Thank you very much for the detailed replies! I mainly want to replace the top mounts due to piece of mind/ I want to learn / slightly terrified of trying to take them off the old springs! I do need to measure again when I get a chance. I've begun spraying WD40 on the bolts that I'll be taking off, trying to make sure nothing snaps or really resists me. I plan on jacking the car up from the rear diff so both side should be off the ground. As I understand it that should mean all I have to remove are the two strut bolts into the hub carrier and the 3 in the cabin, am I missing anything else
  2. Apologies if these have been answered before but I seem to be getting conflicting answers during my searches! I have a 2005 XT, I want to use it for towing a single axle trailer with a Cooper S/Punto race car, however when I hooked the trailer up to the car, it was far too low, the lowest point of the trailer was about cm off the road (the jockey wheel), when we tried to tow it began hitting the road! I looked under the car and the SLS has been replaced with Monroes suspension The rear suspension is lower than the front, from reading on here, the rear should be level if not higher th
  3. Just want to introduce myself. I have a 2005 Forester XT. My first Subaru, I had an Alfa 147 before hand, quite liking the Forester so far, love the power and love the grip, four wheel drive is great! Also, it snowed last weekend so for the first time in my driving life I got to go drifting and doing donuts! Was great fun power sliding the car, though I scared myself a few times! Car has a few issues to sort though which I need to get on top of. I've been lurking on here for the last few weeks, I believe my rear suspension has fallen/collapsed, as it is a lot lower than t
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