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  1. What's a sniff test ? Is that for the turbo seals or the HG? What am I looking / smelling for ? Also where you say expansion tank filled, do you mean where it builds up with pressure?
  2. Hi all I have entered back to the world of imprezas after owning a classic a while back. I have picked up a Impreza GR Hatchback 2.5 WRX 2008 with 118,000 miles. Car runs really well and pulls well etc etc. Only thing i have noticed is that is it quite smokey (white smoke) on idle cold and engine warm. Once warm and on the road whilst driving it doesn't smoke. Now the obvious is head gasket but why would it only do it on idle? and I have heard that these aren't that prone to head gasket issues. I have also heard that another possible is turbo seals letting small a
  3. I have a classic shape uk2000 with a Bailey BOV bolted with a flange onto the intercooler. I have bought a hks ssqv hoping to bolt this onto the intercooler also but it is impossible to fit it into the same space as used by the bailey. What other fitting options do I have? I have considered using a pipe to locate ssqv away from the intercooler but cant find an adaptor online to bolt directly to the intercooler. If I used a t-piece adaptor where could I locate this? Induction air pipe?
  4. Hi is anyone breaking or got any panels for a classic shape impreza in Royal Silver Code 792? Looking for a drivers door and driver side front wing.
  5. ok I think I will have to individually isolate each door to find the problem
  6. I don't think so, I will check later. I will say no for now?
  7. I have physically changed all the doors. Some were the wrong shade or had damage so used a donor vehicle to replace 4 panels
  8. Yes all doors lock individually. What is baffling me why it bounces on the remote but not when you use the key in the lock
  9. Hi I have a uk 2000 classic shape Subaru Impreza Turbo Saloon on a V Reg I've have changed all the door panels on my Subaru, like for like off similar model age and spec. Before changing the panels the remote central locking worked absolutely fine. The car has the standard factory alarm/immobiliser remote central locking system (blue remote fob with one button for lock/unlock) Now the when using the remote the car will attempt to lock but then the locks bounce and the car remains unlocked. The alarm/immobiliser however will be set. However if the key is used in the door lo
  10. Hi all, just bought my first Scooby a UK Classic 2000 Turbo with Prodrive Performance Package in Royal Silver, waited a long time for this, I have owned 2 Nissan 200SX previously years ago (S13 and S14a) but always fancied a Scooby for the looks and the 4wd car needs a little tlc body wise but generally a good honest car. Currently off road for improvements, a couple of upgrades & generally getting the car looking how I want it too. Current mods are nur spec exhaust decatted with race tubular manifolds, apexi high flow air filter and the Pro-Drive Performance re-map. I won't be modifying t
  11. Hi there, ive just bought my first Scooby, a UK Classic 2000 Turbo Saloon on a V Reg, it has a race manifold fitted that makes it sound raspy on high boost, has anyone got a standard manifold in good condition kicking around for sale? Does anyone know if the WRX models of this shape would fit also? Cheers Jon
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