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  1. Hey guys, Would like to show you what we have. In a case of a leak from your AVCS/VVTi cam-gear you can use theese oil-seals instead of buying a new cam-gear. Also, if you want to simply clean your AVCS/VVTi cam-gear, you can disassemble your stock cam-gear and replace worn oil-seal with our new one. All of our oil-seals are made of quality, oil-resistive rubber. Got any question or offer - please drop me a message! ☺️
  2. My 54 reg silver WRX hatchback engine has blown and as I have 2 other Subarus I am going to scrap it. Up until the point it blew yesterday all was well and much of it is in quite good condition for its age so would be good for parts or as a project for a recon engine. If anyone would like to make me an offer for the whole vehicle before I phone the scrap traders then please feel free.
  3. I've got an unused Forester load carrier for sale if anyone is interested. The box from Subaru lists the part as: E3610SC500. The manual lists the part numbers as: E3617SC500 / E3610SC500 / E3610SC550. Price would be £40 plus whatever it costs to ship it. Cheers.
  4. Hi I'm looking for a rear panel for a 1994-95 GC8, we're currently working through a nut and bolt restore on a Prodrive car and the only missing piece is this panel. I anybody has one for sale or can point me in the direction of one please let me know. cheers Steven
  5. Hey guys, im struggling at the moment, been having some issues locating part numbers, basically, had some idle issues and general lack of power, removed and tested my coils, one is breaking down, and the other ones are looking like there gonna go soon aswell so im going to replace the lot, the problem - the part numbers on there are so old (guessing original) that most of the information is illegible or no longer visible, i phoned a main dealer (Woodford green) to help me find the parts, but they are unable to help as they cant search on imports on there system, its a ej255 engine, sg9 chassis preface any help would be helpful, or even a photo of the part number from another members coil FK0186 is what i suspect but am in no way certain thanks in advance
  6. Hey, Got a few bits available from recently scrapping my Bugeye wagon and/or swapping out bits on my Hawkeye... - Equal length stock headers for EJ205 engine (taken off my 07 2.0 R Sport). Some surface rust/rusty bolts on heat shield. Cat working fine/no EML - £ offers - 00-07 WRX Wagon rear roof spoiler with primer finish/needs painting. Both mount covers have broken tabs (can be replaced or glued down after mounting) - £30 - 00-07 Non Turbo rear roof spoiler in silver 01G - £30 - Bugeye wagon rear clusters both sides available (offside has small crack on outside edge of lens) - £18 each side - 00-07 Wagon rear centre brake unit with bulbs - £10 Prices include UK shipping. PayPal preferred. Message me for more info or pics
  7. Hi, just wondering where people tend to get the oem part numbers from, to match up buying new parts? Ive needed a few things recently, and im struggling to find the part numbers, since different sites list different part numbers. Is there a concise catalog anywhere that accurately lists part numbers by model?
  8. Hello My Legacy head gasket on the left hand bank hhas given up less then a mile from home. at just over 200,000 miles I'm half wondering whether it's worth repairing so i'm offering her for spares or repair. She does have an MOT until June and went through the last one with no issues. apart from the exhaust and slight rust beginning on the rear arches she is doing well. It's the goldish colour they did. I'm located in Northampton and I'm open to offers, I'd rather it went to an enthusiast rather then a scrap yard but either way I think it's going. Thanks for reading Ed
  9. Hi Can anyone help a new member? I am desparately trying to find a speedo/rev counter assembly for my wife's 1999 Impreza non-turbo saloon with automatic transmission. The part number is 850 14FA 50 0 pictures attached Many thanks speedo pod 1.pdf speedo pod part number.pdf speedo pod rearview.pdf
  10. Hello folks, just purchased a standard sti saloon 2010 320bhp with 39k and looking to do some mods, starting with a dump valve and boost gauge and some louder back boxes. I'm having no luck when looking online for these particularly the dump valve and exhausts. please help cheers
  11. So as the title states, I'm debating on selling my Mitsubo cat back exhaust so I can do a full decat 3". It's currently on the car (2006 STi), and it's in very, very, good condition. It sounds very nice I think as well if I'm honest, and I wouldn't be selling it if I wasn't planning on going for 3" all the way through. It's got resonators on it as well so it's not ridiculously loud, but still gives a nice growl. I believe it's all one long piece and it tapers down from 3" to 2.5" at the flange for the cat, so it'll connect up nicely to the stock cat. Tailpipe measures at 4.5", and I'll grab a few more photos of it tomorrow during the daylight. Collection from Newcastle area preferable, but can post at buyers expense (£40 or so at a guess?) £175 OBO
  12. Hello, Maybe someone are interested in and need some part https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uQPG87xEenMxBcU4ne3p5w4bjMIHtFiuXpW9zQeLQdQ/edit#gid=0
  13. I thought I would see what people are getting as I need to no what to get
  14. So, this might sound a bit odd, but I thought there was a headlight adjustment wheel with the 2006 STI or did they switch to self levelling ones for this year? I noticed the other night they were a bit "low" when driving at a nice speed.
  15. My 2005 Subaru Impreza 2.0 GX Sport N/A has had a misfire for the last couple of months, it is worse when under load and if you put your foot down it splutters and it very juddery, worse at lower rpm. I have taken it to be looked at by a garage and he plugged his computer and he told me it is the throttle body, and that it needs replacing. I am trying to source one, but i am going by the code on the one currently on (RT60 3-70) but i cant find one either new or used with the same code. Will any throttle body from an EJ20 engine fit and work or does it need to have the same code as the one currently on? I assume my engine is the EJ20 anyway, i am fairly new to subaru's, so if you could also clarify this for me also.. Reg - GK55 XVJ Model - Impreza 2.0 N/A GX Sport Problem - Misfire at low RPM, sometimes a very rough idle & worse under load & the more you put your foot down.. Told throttle body at fault It is a WRX STI REPLICA by the way. I have included images of the car and code on the TB. Thanks guys all help/advice/information VERY appreciated
  16. Hello everyone! Me and my subaru just moved to UK, and I know almost nothing about where to buy parts, what is the best way to get them e.t.c. So, could you guys, give me some guidelines with cheap websites where to order parts by part numbers? (I check them at opposedforces.com) for example, now I'm looking for exedy clutch. Oh, and I own subaru legacy sedan, 2.5l, 2001.
  17. Please, somebody help! My Baby Grumblewagon is shaking about like a toddlers head being force-fed cabbage... A genuine Subaru part is going to cost me £590!! So I'm looking for OEM but all the parts lists for places I've found only list the 2.0 S Turbo and the 2.5 XT. No mention of a 2.0 XT. The driveshafts for those models have a different number of teeth so I don't know which I need. My Google searches lead me to believe that the 2.0 XT has the same running gear as the 2.5 XT but I'm not certain. Can anyone confirm this or, even better, supply me with the correct Subaru part number or indeed a link to the correct OEM part...? Appreciate it
  18. Hi We have a 58 plate old shape Forester, low mileage and in good condition Had the cambelt and a rear wheel bearing changed by a dealer recently, no problems really but while taking it there the exhaust broke. I was advised it couldn't be repaired. The dealer then disposed of the exhaust (without asking) I'm was quoted a price of around £1,600 for a Subaru replacement, dealer advised me to find an alternative via a local garage or specialist who may possibly make one up for less than the cost of the Subaru part? Any suggestions please, are compatible exhausts available at all? in the Wrexham Shrewsbury area Regards Rob
  19. hi lads im living in ireland where parts are hard to come by, i need a timing belt and water pump for my 2005 subaru forester, can anyone point me in the right direction, cheers.
  20. Hi everyone, hope you can help me locate a rear subframe/cross member for our 1999 UK scooby turbo. Ideally a kit of all parts needed to replace the subframe would be good. Needed to sort out an otherwise very sound car and get it through its next MoT.
  21. Hi All, looking for these parts for my Impreza hatch: WRX/STI Spoiler. WRX Scooped Bonnet. Preferably in silver but any colour would be appreciated. thanks,
  22. Dear Sir/Mam, We are looking for parts for a Subaru Impreza 4WD standard of WRX, preference goes out to a WRX (NO STI !!). Construction year must be from 2002 untill 2007. We are also capable to buy complete damaged cars. We would like to have information (construction year, type, miles etc.) and pricing of the parts that are listed below (if you have them) • Front spindles with full brakes and front lower control arms • Rear spindles with brakes and e-brake handle/cables • Steering rack, tie rod ends, and upper steering column assembly • Pedal box and throttle pedal • Master cylinder and brake booster, and clutch master cylinder • Engine with turbo and intercooler (if WRX model) • Exhaust manifolds, O2 sensors, and down tube • Transmission • Rear lower control arms, toe links, and CV joints • Front seats, front seat belts, and gauge pod • Fuel pump • Radiator • Wheels and tires • Door hinges, rear w/ latches,strikers, and inside door handles • Side view mirrors, left and right • Rear view mirror • Rear seat belts • Rear Sway Bar Thanks in advance, Hammink Performance
  23. Just a quick one if anybody is interested. We have a workshop full of Brand New Genuine Subaru Parts that we need to clear out. These include the original packaging and have been sourced from Subaru Dealers. Due to us needing the space we are offering our vast selection of parts via our ebay shop for bargain prices. Remember, these are exactly the same parts you'd be buying from Subaru Dealers except we're selling them much cheaper. More are being added all the time as we have a full workshop of parts to upload so feel free to make requests and to keep checking our ebay shop. All these parts are Brand New and were acquired from a Subaru/Isuzu Dealer who has ceased trading in Blackburn. Visit our shop here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/alanpriceautos007/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= or Tel: 01254 679937 with any questions you may have. Regards Alan Price Auto Services
  24. Alloy wheels and tyres came from Subaru Classic but will fit other cars. Tyres are Accelera Alpha 205 / 55ZR16 94W XL. £220
  25. Hi all, I have the following which I am looking to sell: UK Subaru Impreza Turbo 2000 in Mica Blue (paint code 95H). All parts for sale including the following: Full running engine (videos available), ECU, wiring loom, ABS, Radiator (with twin fans), K&N air filter, Baileys dump valve, intercooler, coolant header tank, brakes inc discs, pads, pins etc, Diffs, Full interior inc Dashboard, gauges, Seats (front and rear), lining, carpets, centre consoles, steering wheel. All body panels, inc 4 doors, side sills, bonnet, rear bumper, wings and arches. Full de-cat stainless steel exhaust and many other parts, too many to list. If you require any parts call us on either 07900 683850 or 07891 931131 or reply to the thread. NB. we also have a UK 95' Classic Turbo 2000 breaking
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