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Found 21 results

  1. Hi, I've had my XV coming up to 2 years now and decided to put some life back into it and add the same time upgrade. Aiming to give the car more off road capability, look badass but at the same time use as a daily and eventually road trips. first aim is to get new rims but someone mentioned to me, if I was to get a smaller rim it could throw off my speedometer when driving daily. I'm looking at 15" BLACK RHINO ARCHES (15x7, 15 positive offset & 5X100 bolt pattern) and adding 225/70R15 tyres. Not only cheaper but allows for more tire in the wheel arch. I'm not looking to lift it just yet. Stock rims and tyres are 17" XV Rims (17x7, 35 positive offset & 5x100 bolt pattern) with 225/55R17 tyres. Please could someone confirm where this would throw out my speedometer, if so any recommendations and anything else I might need to know? Also know any good places to buy the Rims I want? Cheapest I've found is £884 from LK Performance. Thank you!
  2. Hi all, new member here; Looking around for new tyres for my XV 2.0i Premium. I have had Vredestein’s in the past and wanted to see if anyone else had a view on the new Quatrac Pro’s. Probably looking to change mid summer, nearly 20,000 miles on my December 2018 XV. Any and all comments are welcome. Cheers Darren
  3. Just had to change the front tyres because they were worn down on the inside shoulder - I don't think they've done badly having been on for just under 32,000 miles. There was obviously some feathering of the tread blocks as they were getting noisier. Yes I don't drive like I stole it, but the roads round here are rough, mostly potholed unclassified and 'B' roads so they don't get an easy life. The rear tyres have still got life left at about 4mm (they were originally fitted at the same time as the fronts). I went for the same again - Falken Ziex ZE-914 205/50 R17W and the new tyres were noticeably quieter. I would rate these as reasonably good for grip, noise & comfort and mid-range for price.
  4. Hi there, Has anyone run their Tribeca on a different tyre size to the standard 255/55/18? I was considering running 255/45/18 on my Tribeca when I change all 4 tyres shortly, to achieve a more 'planted' ride, as the car seems to 'wallow' to a degree, but I guess that's due to the size and weight of the car, and the 55 profile tyres. PS; does anyone know what size the tyre is on the space saver wheel for the Tribeca? Any suggestions or useful comments are appreciated
  5. Hi all, Thanks for looking at my post. I'm looking for some help and advice with a question regarding tyre options for my newly purchased 2007 Tribeca. I'm on my 9th Subaru in 15yrs, after selling my 2006 Legacy 3.0R Spec B on Saturday, and the Tribeca tyres are all approx the same depth of 5/6 mm,but 3 are Goodyear & the other one is a Nankang (not sure what model tyres), but I don't really like running odd tyres in any combination, so thought of spending the dosh and getting 4 new tyres as soon as I can and starting with fresh rubber. Before I spend the money on stock tyres, I thought of fitting a slightly different size ie - maybe 255/45/18 or 245/50/18 or open to any other suggestions based on Tribeca owners own experiences. Any advice or suggestions on this subject appreciated. Cheers all.
  6. SELLING OR WILL SWAP FOR 5x100 Subaru Impreza STI Rims and tyres All rims in great condition, few scuffs and slight curbing on one (pictured) 2 front tyres are great condition and Firestone 2 Back slightly worn on inside but still completely legal 225/45/17R 91W 17” Rims, 5x112 PCD Only selling as they don’t fit my car £160 ono
  7. Here I am selling my pro drive rims. They are lovely rims but have a bit of wear and tear. Will still look good on any Subaru but could do with a refurb to restore them to their prime. I’m looking for 400 Ono as who ever buys them may want to refurbish them. If you are interested please message and we can see if we can come to some sort of arrangement. Thank you
  8. I've always used Michelins on my non turbo Subaru Imprezas, changing to Vredestein Quatrac in winter, but my latest came with Yokohamas (C.drive 2 on front, Advan A10 on rear) which are in need of replacement. How do people rate the Michelin Pilot 4 against the seemingly numerous Yokohamas available - Advan A10E, C-drive 2, Advan Fleva, BluEarth (AE-50, AE-01 or ES-32). Looking for decent wet performance on back roads as never use it for long distance.
  9. Can anyone recommend a good tyre place in or close to wolverhampton please? new to the area so unsure. Looking to replace all 4 tyres, for as little as poss, budget tyres are fine.
  10. Here are the results from the Survey http://www.drivn.co.uk/tyre-brand-survey/
  11. I have a full set of 18 inch OZ Superturismo Alloy Wheels and Tyres on sale through ebay: The tyres are nearly new Michelin PS3. The wheels are 5x100 ET48. The wheels weigh approximately 9.5kg each. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4X18-inch-alloy-wheels-OZ-Superturismo-LM-with-nearly-new-Michelin-PS3-Tyres-/282527220438?hash=item41c7ef42d6:g:NucAAOSwvflZQpIQ
  12. I've noticed that they make them in 225/45/17 that will go onto my Impreza OEM wheels. Is anybody using these yet and if so, how are they performing? Thanks folks
  13. What tyres work well? new owner of 55 plate 2.5xt 252 would like tyres which perform well in all conditions thanks
  14. ive got a set of 17" wheels with virtually new tyres that took me from derby to southend on sea, 225x45 17 5x100 as ive just had an op, dragged them from my shed to the front door and really dont want to take them back out, he was going to pay me £100 for them but asking £80, im in southend on sea
  15. Selling my original 16" Alloy rims with new tyres. These do NOT need a refurb but could do with a clean. There is a fifth is someone wants it. £180 for 4 or £210 for all 5. PM, email or text (timvolans@me.com/07800975688) Thanks Tim
  16. Looking to put my old wheels on for winter with some winter tyres. My car is MY99 classic that is running 215 40 17 on OZ's but I think the original OEM 16" wheels run 205 50 16 but looks like a some good offers on 205 55 16 and wanted to check if these would be suitable. Thanks
  17. Alloy wheels and tyres came from Subaru Classic but will fit other cars. Tyres are Accelera Alpha 205 / 55ZR16 94W XL. £220
  18. 4 x Vredestein Ultrac Vortis 225/40 R18 only done approx 1000 miles. Good condition, one minor scuff, £80 odd each new. Selling as I've switched to a semi-slick as planning on using the car as more of a track toy this year. £200 for all 4 pickup from Camberley or arrange your own courier. PM me if interested. http://i292.photobucket.com/albums/mm17/gileshinton/11007526_10152604633227343_1193300336_n_zpsakobqwdn.jpg~original http://i292.photobucket.com/albums/mm17/gileshinton/11004013_10152604632857343_1716430022_n_zpsklshj4te.jpg~originalhttp://i292.photobucket.com/albums/mm17/gileshinton/11003918_10152604633502343_2092252572_n_zpsroh6kr0h.jpg~original http://i292.photobucket.com/albums/mm17/gileshinton/10928769_10152604633692343_418105498_n_zpsfgnhdsf2.jpg~original http://i292.photobucket.com/albums/mm17/gileshinton/78CFA894-3234-4DEB-B4E6-2C3A2107379A_zpsrwaqxmrg.jpg~original http://i292.photobucket.com/albums/mm17/gileshinton/BCD645FB-A569-4CFB-BB81-8522C3EFF4CB_zpsehj7e0xp.jpg~original
  19. hi, i'm a relatively new subaru convert, having had only 2 foresters over the last couple of years, and so need a little advice. i damaged a tyre, beyond repair, and as the rest are at about 50%-60% wore, i was looking for advice, about this. this is where i feel like its a stupid question, but i've heard that uneven tyres can be a problem with AWD's, and wanted to know if replacing one, or even two was ok, or is it a 4 tyre at once situation? i have one other tyre, with a bit of wear, on the rear nearside, that i could change , but as i say, trying to avoid changing all four if possible, unless necessary. appreciate your help, ed
  20. Hi All, I'm a newbie on here, and have just bought a 2005 Forester 2.0XT. Lovely car, but there is an odd thing with it .... the front offside tyre squeels when turning right (especially at lower speeds!) Tyre pressure is okay (28PSI), the tyres are nearly new Yokhama Geolandars, and it's just flown through an MOT. Should I suspect tracking & toe-in, or has anybody had similar. Thanks, and looking forward to getting involved with the Forum.
  21. I've had a standard 2.0 GX since new which is fitted with Michelin Energy 195/60 R15s but have moved to a rural location and would like something with a little more front-end grip in the wet and on muddy roads. True performance tyres don't come in this size and I don't want to buy a new set of wheels so does anyone have any recommendations for better tyres that fit this model.
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