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  1. Selling our 2013 Subaru XV as we now have a company car and no longer need. Car has 91,950 miles on the clocks. We have two XVs as they really are excellent. This car has been a great car, and we have had very little issue with it, you'll find all my issues in the XV forums 🙂, and the car has been maintained as per the handbook as well as intermittent oil changes. Like most the car has done relatively low mileage this year, but had all MOT issues resolved during its last MOT. The car will need new tyres soon as they are getting low. The paintwork is in good condition, with a
  2. So I can't remember how I fixed this (Doh!) That does however mean it can't have been too difficult. I expect I would have done a lot of spraying with WD40 and probably a lot of locking unlocking while wiggling the child lock and pulling the handle. I might have pulled the door card off, but honestly I don't remember. You'll probably just have to do the wiggling with a screwdriver as the stalk has broken. Good luck I hope you get it fixed.
  3. Howdy, and welcome! I'm not sure about repair manuals i'm afraid, i think your right that Haynes does not offer one for the diesel XV 😞 if there are any specific questions feel free to ask them here, there are enough of us who have done some tinkering that hopefully we can help with any questions! As for fuel consumption, was this the result from one journey or the lifelong fuel consumption? I'd expect to see low to mid 40s regularly, depending on driving style and conditions. Also i've noted that mine is always bad for consumption in the first 10 or 15 mins while the engine i
  4. I think it's an aftermarket badge on the boot and the stone guard on the bonnet. Even American Crosstreks don't have the branding on the centre of the boot if I remember correctly. Sent from my COR-L29 using Tapatalk
  5. They are the same thing, the XV is the European name for the American Crosstrek. [emoji106] Sent from my COR-L29 using Tapatalk
  6. Hey, and welcome. Is this a diesel or a petrol model you are looking? We have a 2013 diesel xv and it is just approaching that kind of mileage. So far outwith usual discs, pads, filters and fluids, all we have had to do is change wheel bearings, and the boot release switch. Bearings can be expensive using a subaru main dealer, but reasonable with an independent garage. I think soon we will need some general wear and tear items like bushings etc, but probably nothing out of the ordinary for that kind of mileage. As for a spare wheel, you will have to raise the boo
  7. Oh, that's strange, not heard of that one before I'm afraid. Hopefully some one can help out. Best of luck. Sent from my COR-L29 using Tapatalk
  8. When you say fail, do you mean all the warning lights coming on the dash, but steering still working? We have had this problem on our 11 plate and 13 plate XVs. As you state, it appears to be most common when you start the car then immediately turn the wheel, certainly I seem to think that starting the car then waiting until all the warning lights (the 3 orange ones) on the dash clear before making any steering input helps. Hopefully taking an extra 3-5 seconds after starting the car will help solve the issue. Sent from my COR-L29 using Tapatalk
  9. Had to do the front right wheel bearing over the weekend and was dreading it! It actually ended up being not too bad. Still had to do a fair bit of deconstruction to get access, but managed to chap it out using the 4 bolts. Maybe the fronts just get less rust? Was about 4 hours on the driveway with a bit of tea drinking while waiting for the hammerite to dry on the brake dust shield. Fingers crossed if I have to do one again it's this painless.
  10. Ours are out of warranty now, so no chance of a replacement that way. I ended up going with an NRF easy fix unit. I expect it will go the same way as the original in 2 or 3 years, but fingers crossed. It was about £200 cheaper than the Subaru unit. Garage that fitted it seemed to suggest it was an easy fit, and it seems to be blowing cold air for the first time in its life, so that's good. Sent from my COR-L29 using Tapatalk
  11. We've got 2 Diesels. Ones up near 90K (13 plate) the other at 55k(61 plate). So far problems I've had are wheel bearings on the 90k I've done both rears, and need to do a front now. The 55k has not has any wheel bearing problems. Both have crap AC, I've just yesterday replaced the Condenser on the 55k car, haven't really tested to see if it's working yet, it uses the new r1234yf gas so it's expensive. So if your getting one from a garage get them to top it up for you. This is going to be a problem with any newer car, but just a warning. The 90k car scrubbed a set of tyres really quickly (10/
  12. Looking forward to seeing what you do. I also used the carbon wrap on the roof bars as I thought the black silver looked a bit odd. It's still on, but didn't stick too well, luckily my cross bars mostly hold it in place! Sent from my COR-L29 using Tapatalk
  13. Close up of the carbon wrap and the orange overlay. Sent from my COR-L29 using Tapatalk
  14. Can confirm, orange with black looks better than orange with chrome. I actually ended up doing mine first with halfords plasti dip (it looked OK, then chipped badly) , then again with carbon wrap, it's held up much better and looks good imo. Sent from my COR-L29 using Tapatalk
  15. Thanks Ian, Sent you a PM. Cheers Euan
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