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  1. Child Lock Stuck on

    Hey all, As the title suggests. One of the Child locks for the rear doors is stuck on, I didn't notice it until recently... as I typically sit up front like a big boy. The toggle to switch it on and off seems jammed in the on position, and I don't want to force it for fear of breaking it further. Anyone had this issue before and have an easy fix or am I going to have to pull the doorcard off and see whats happening? Cheers!
  2. Oil & Oil change

    Good luck with AF Noble, make sure and check they have tightened everything back up! Unfortunately us East coasters don't have much other choice to keep the service book happy.
  3. What did you do to your XV today???

    Not today, but I just have been shown the picture of my partner's XV from last weekend. Looks like she was being a snowplough for the day! Edit: that's not abandoned, that's just where she decided to stop to take the dog for a walk.
  4. Any recommendations for rear parking sensors

    Get her into the habit of giving the camera a wipe with her finger when she shuts the boot/walks round to her door. I agree that in the rain it is just a big blurry mess. Other than that I'd just say get a set from Halfords/euro car parts, I don't think it's a part many here have considered what with having the reversing camera.
  5. XV Safety Recall

    I'm considering starting an independent Subaru garage, I've had too many questionable experiences with main dealers. I'm sure with a Haynes manual and a set of spanners I could be as competent. After my wiring harness I was hearing a strange intake noise when over half throttle. Opened the bonnet and went digging around to find the clamp on the intake to the intercooler completely undone! Lucky it's been so snowy here I've hardly needed to put my foot down.
  6. Blacking out rear diffuser

    I've been looking at the back of the XV and wondering if the bottom diffuser(?) Under the boot would look good in black to match the rear quarter trims? Anyone done this? High quality artist impression below:
  7. New winter wheels and tyres.

    We've had some good snow here the last few days, unfortunately my XV is on Kumo Crugen HP91 and they are typical as far as generic tyres go in the snow. The car gets going in a straight line no bother and handles inclines better than most, but slowing down an turning is obviously no better than a fwd or rwd car. My partner's XV however is on Pirelli Sottozero 3 winter tyres and wow! What a difference, it feels unstoppable (in the good way) turning and breaking are confident affairs compared to the summer tyres on mine. I can highly recommend them, I think they maybe will suffer a bit more on fuel consumption than the cross climate, and may become a bit soft in the height of summer, but if it's a winter tyres for snow and ice they are excellent. Saying that I would like to try a set of crossclimates , maybe I'll get them for my car... Although I think they come in around £20(?) More a tyre at my last check.
  8. What did you do to your XV today???

    Well not today, but Saturday and Sunday, *Started painting the rear badges, *Repainted the front grill in normal paint as half the plastidip had been peeled off during the harness change. *Fitted front wind deflectors *Found the beginnings of some rust where the morons at Evans Halshaw have tech screwed the rear numberplate on! *Kurusted rusty paint holes *Fitted front grill and newly painted chrome parts in what felt like 100mph winds and sideways rain, discovered the standard bonnet prop is surprisingly good. *Today* *Spoke with Subaru who have said about £115 to fix boot, but i'd probably be OK to Kurust fill and paint *Questioned my life choices and why I decided to go to Evans Halshaw to buy a car
  9. Tow Ball placement

    We have a towbar on one and it is a detachable, I think I remember them saying it had to be detachable because of this reason. Section 1.3 of the MOT inspection manual, point 2C could cause an issue. although from your picture it does look like more than 50% of the light can be seen... It does look like you can unbolt that one if you wanted to be sure before an MOT, but ideally i'd ask a friendly MOT man if he would fail it, and if so go back to the dealer and see if they will replace it for a detachable one. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/611019/mot-inspection-manual-classes-3-4-5-and-7.pdf
  10. XV Safety Recall

    Hey Joe, When I picked my car up yesterday (Orange 2012) I asked if there was any paperwork that went with it to prove that the work has been done (the wiring loom change) they said no paperwork but that it would be logged with Subaru. When I went with my partner's car (Grey 2013) and got the harness checked and the little foam bit done it was the same story, no paperwork, just a bit to sign which they send off to Subaru to say it's been done. It might be worth asking if they can check again, there is always a chance that missed something. Also in another post id spoken about dodgy oil warning lights, I think the oil sensors are very sensitive, especially to short cycles. Although since our last service I've not noticed any odd oil lights, maybe there is a software update that helps to ease it. @Tidgy August 2017 is the end of the recall according to Steeplechasing above, so probably right around your dad's car?
  11. Ice on inside of windscreen!

    Mine comes and goes, i think its less a fault with the car but more the UK weather, and us as owners. Taking a broad brush to Subaru drivers and probably Most XV owners. I'd hazard a guess that we typically live outside of the city and possibly own a dog, or at least participate in one or two activities that often cause you to get back in the car wet/damp. With the weather being so crap and cold at the moment, any time you get in the car with wet boots/dog/equipment, then crank up the heat and keep the windows shut then the moisture levels in the air are going to rise. Then as Stuartie said condensation forming on the windscreen as it cools, then freezing over night. I certainly notice that midweek when all i'm doing is commuting to work I very rarely get any on the inside, but after a weekend of dog walks and outdoor pursuits its more likely. Short of making sure your dry before getting in the car or getting a moisture trap I don't know what else can be done.
  12. XV Safety Recall

    I'd Hope not as they have known about this for over a year now, but might be worth getting him to ask next time he is in for a service. If he is the first owner and his address with the DVLA is correct then he should get a letter regarding any recalls.
  13. XV Safety Recall

    Update on the wiring loom replacement - book is a 7 hour job apparently. Car went in at 7:30am on Monday. Had a call Monday night saying they were still working on it. Tuesday I Called at around 4pm, to be told that they had to order a 2nd wiring part in, expected it to arrive Wednesday am. Wednesday lunchtime no news :( Hopefully its not another commute home in a Nissan Note 5,000 miles on the clocks and more rattles and shakes than a skeleton on pills.
  14. What did you do to your XV today???

    That's my next step, just struggling to find a day where it's neither windy nor wet! Hopefully Saturday will be nice!
  15. What did you do to your XV today???

    @Dogconker got my stickers on today! Thanks for the details. Think they look good.