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  1. Pair of headlights and spot lights for a classic impreza £80 Collection from cheshire
  2. Paint correction on my classic

    Cheers, sold the car now as j needed the space but it's really easy to do with some patience
  3. 1997 Turbo 2000

  4. As the title says, set of 4 16 inch turbo 2000 wheels - £165 Set of clear crystal lights and spot lamps - £100 Both collected from Cheshire
  5. 1997 Turbo 2000

    I have taken the wheels off the car so it's back to standard as a friend wanted them. I have also reduced the car to £2000 exactly to see if sells
  6. 1997 Turbo 2000

    Reduced to £2300 in a last effort to move it on...
  7. 1997 Turbo 2000

    The link to ebay is above, it's still for sale but I'm not actively pushing it anymore of that makes sense. Had loads of time wasters over it so it's currently sat covered up to be left for a while, I think ebay just attracts a lot idiots. The problem with ebay is that people can almost anonymously make stupid offers and waste your time and you almost have to go along with it before you realise actually they are yet another time waster. That said, if he's interested let me know
  8. 1997 Turbo 2000

    Cheers Stants, I have sent him a message.
  9. 1997 Turbo 2000

    Cool, let me know... Getting a serious amount of time wasters on eBay at the moment to the point where I might just pull it off and cover it up, I think people have a drink in the evening and then start making stupid offers on cars. Here's the ebay number anyway 171771230228 Milage is 111k
  10. 1997 Turbo 2000

    Took the crystal lights off and selling with just the one set of wheels for £2550
  11. Sorry about the confusing title, the reason I write is because I have recently placed my standard ( except exhaust) impreza classic turbo 2000 for sale and I have had 4 people ring me now with the intention of putting the car away in the hope that it will go the same way ( although I expect not the the same extent ) as the delta intergrale, Sierra cosworths and audi quattros. The reason I found this interesting is because although I can't see them ever being worth a lot I am now wondering if they have a point?? I purchased my Bmw e30 just before they started rocketing up in value for some un known reason and a quick search online reveals a few articles that are predicting them as possible future investment cars. I know ltd editions are the first to go up, and anything slightly exotic so I'm not suggesting my old turbo 2000 is going to be a money spinner but do you think it's worth just covering up and leaving in the corner? It may well be one of those cars that in the future people wish they never sold.... For example, I wish I hadn't sold an escort, a 205gti and a 325i sport but I did when I should of just covered them up and left them.. Thoughts anyone??
  12. 1997 Turbo 2000

    Thanks, that's very kind
  13. 1997 Turbo 2000

    Stuck it on ebay, looks like it's going to be gone sooner than expected
  14. 1997 Turbo 2000

    Thinking around £2650 for it, is it worth that? Fresh service, exhaust and Cambelt + two sets of wheels