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  1. What about that studded rubber stuff? It comes in rolls I think? Your gonna have some kind of joints depending on how wide a roll is. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Any one know where I can get a boot release cable for a 04 Impreza sti. I have seen a few on eBay but they are all for classic Impreza 2000 reg? Would that cable fit on a 2004 model does anyone know? Cheers 🤙 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Anyone got a spare one ? cheers :)
  4. Just wondering what people thought was the best stuff to protect the underside of your motor with? what about wax oil? Or thay bitchumen stuff? Any ideas?
  5. Would this cause the car to lose power when the light is on? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I see well that would seem the case at the moment I guess
  7. Not really had the car long enough to know what oil was in it previously but oil was changed about a week ago and the light has been on and off before the oil was changed and after.. it's currently off at the moment and hasn't been on for a couple of days
  8. Ok thanks. What would you recommend cleaning it with? Hopefully I can gain access to it lol. If only my engine was as clean as that 😍
  9. It does a bit ye and just before the light comes on the engine will hunt a bit and before the light goes off. I think it's intermittent so that would suggest it's on its way out or like you said it might need cleaning? Where abouts are they located lol.
  10. Oil control valve 1 circuit malfunction open. Means nothing to me haha. Can anyway put that in simple terms and is it a costly job? The engine light is coming on and off with drives and start ups. Intermittently
  11. I managed to get hold of Gary at Keith Michaels. Got it for £850 which I was pleased with! i also had a claim in 2015 because someone decided to plough into my old car and write it off when I was in bed 😡
  12. ye tried that lol. Who are you with? You pay 1600? How old are you if you don't mind me asking?
  13. Well I was paying 600 for my sti until they decided to mess me around and cancel it on me lol. My other wheels at the moment is a van for work. The car that my no claims overlapped on was an BMW 320D. i have accepted that I won't get a price close to 600 again and a part of me is just thinking they realised it's too cheap and have come up with an excuse to cancel it on me. I just thought that maybe there is an insurance company that specialised in Subaru like Adrian flux do with old minis. I tried Adrian flux and they came back with £1490 and a limit of 1500 miles :/
  14. Hey! So basically I got my Impreza just under a month ago, I searched round for quotes and the cheapest I could find was with a company called Hastings direct essential cover which was around £600 with 3 years no claims and I'm 26 years old. Since insuring the car they have messed me around asking for no claims proof which I know is common practise and didn't mind them asking, so I sent them my proofs and they replied saying they couldn't validate it because my no claims overlaped on 2 cars by more than 14 days. Now they asked me to get a new quote of them which they couldn't give me because none of the underwriters would quote me. (Don't know why). So they are giving me 7 days to find new insurance before they cancel the current policy. i have looked around on comparison sites and can't find any prices anywhere near what I was originally quoted. Do you guys know of any specialist insurers that might be worth trying? My car is a 2nd car and is rarely used in the week and is sat on the drive most of the time, be lucky if I do 4000 miles a year. Thanks for the help.
  15. Not sure why it's upside down lol