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  1. Hey all so a couple of questions I would like some advice on if you would all be so kind about my classic Impreza. 1. Exhaust. When I purchased the car all it had in the ways of performance mods was a remap to 258bhp and your typical 3" exhaust system with a 4" through silencer which had pretty much no sound deadening at all the o.d. of the silencer box was 5" so it was never going to be quiet, it was good to begin with, sounded nice but it was extremely loud, after I stripped out the interior and left nothing but the two front seats and the dashboard behind it was a wee bit too much sat inside, and then my neighbours started to complain about me leaving for work at 6:45am and coming home past midnight. So with there bitching and my ears bleeding everyday I decided to try and quiet it down a bit, I just brought a standard rear box and cobbled it on. It was great being able to drive in comfort again and come home at what ever time I wanted with no hassle but my partners standard 1.1 3 cylinder Mitsubishi colt makes more noise than my Subaru now and I would love that rumble back, and i have lost a few ponies along the way too. My plan was to keep the back box for the sound deadening to keep noise levels down but cut the baffle, exhaust tip and inlet pipe off/out and replace it all with a 3" baffle , tip and inlet. Do you reckon this would still sound Quiet enough to keep my neighbours at bay, give me that infamous rumble again and give me a pony or two back? At a guess I think it's a 1.75" system in the back box. 2. Boot control solenoids. i had a few bits kicking round from a previous build I had going (ca18det powered mx5) and like all unknowledgeable people I though to myself to chuck my gizmo electronic boost control solenoid on it thinking more boost would be a good idea, I have come to realise after a bit of carful reading of the internet that i in actual fact am putting my engine in danger so how much can the stock solenoid actually handle if I were to get it plugged into a computer and put on the rollers? I was looking at better solenoids available to work with the ECU but is it worth spending £125 on one if the stock one will achieve what I want? The gizmo controller I added made a massive difference on power but I don't want to have to rebuild my engine if I can avoid it. 3. Turbos so I have a garret t28 sat in my house doing nothing, I know I would have to have a flange adapter to fit it to the manifold and cut the down pipe flange off and spin it 90 degree but a bit of mechanical work wouldn't faze me, I have been fixing things since I was nee high to a grass hopper, spent a few years of my younger life as a HGV fitter so I can spin nuts and bolts and weld stuff up no problem. Just after a few more bhp and if I can do it for next to nothing myself then bonus thanks in advance
  2. Windscreen trim

    Hey right so soon i will be removing both front and rear windscreens, theres a couple reasons why, one being theres a bit of rust developing along where the roof meets the windscreens and more importantly the front windscreen is actually coming away from the bonding agent (I believe just a cheap crap job done on a previous replacement) so before it decides to fall out im going to attend to it. The issue is i cant find the rubber trims that are at the top of both front and back windows. Im sure this might be a part you can only get if you buy a windscreen too. I reckon with a bit of delicacy and taking it slowly i could cut out the glass without cutting through the exposed rubber so i could just stuff a load of the new glass bonding agent at the top and maybe bond it back into place that way as i would of cut through it at the lower points were it will sit on top/around the glass. I don't particularly want to do a bodge job on it but if it will work fine doing it that way then i will have to bight the bullet and do it or if any of you friendly lot know where to get these that would be great, my closest Subaru dealer is 1.5 hour drive each way so if i could avoid 3 hours of driving for 2 bits of rubber that would be ideal and im not sure they would do it. This wont be my first time fitting a windscreen, done a large number of truck windscreens back a few years ago when i was an apprentice H.G.V. mechanic but you never had to salvage the rubber trims, just remove and replace. cheers Rory (I don't often buy cars but when i do, i make sure there rust buckets)
  3. Hi guys

    There's 1 reason why im not going down the reshell rout, i like to tinker and fix things, i prefer to sweat profusely, give myself headaches, let countless cups of tea and coffee go cold and bust my knuckles open fixing things and when its all done take a step back and appreciate what i have just done, i have the space for a doner car but its just not how im wired up, however this is my daily so i will have to choose the time i start the repairs in accordance with work as i also have to work in the yard when im back in the uk and drive there so its going to be tricky. Also having a missis who lives in London when im based in cornwall makes things a little harder too but nether the less it will be done as soon as i can. I have a mountain of parts i wish to purchase on the interweb so i may well start a build tread pretty soon
  4. Hi guys

    So yer high 👋🏻 there Im new to this Subaru way of life, been three weeks so far and a very blurry fast 3 weeks they have been, not to mention !Removed! expensive as well, who would of thought it was possible to use that much fuel in 3 weeks... i have fallen for that Subaru bug and i can foresee where my hard earned money will go in the not to distant future. It did cost me a new radiator after 8 days of owning it... I have a 2000 2.0lt turbo gc8, so its been mechanically really well looked after, i have a massive collection of receipts/invoices and MOT certificates, every fluid and filter has been more than regularly changed, from what i can decipher from it all it has had a prodrive gearbox and diff swap a few years back, STI suspension, different calipers all round, rear spoiler, front bumper and bonnet change and a really really loud exhaust system which cost a lot of wonga... however its not all sunshine and glory, the body work lets it down, there's only one small dent in all the body, your typical supermarket shopping ding but the rust has got it in places, where the roof meets the windscreen and rear window is very bubbly under the paintwork, one small bubbly patch on the rear arch and the worst bit is in the boot area, it was just rusty looking and i noticed it was leaking and i did the worst possible you could, i poked it 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️.... so now i have a rather large section of the corner of my boot where the seal sits on missing, and to make matters worse its on the topside of the boot so the rear window will have to be cut out to sort it or that will just shatter with the heat transfer when welding, this is something i am going to undertake as soon as i can but due to working in the offshore industry my time at home is very limited and what time i do have in the motherland i spend seeing friends and family, maybe those !Removed! can be put on hold for a while next time i come back so i can sort it out before i end up having to patch up the floor of the boot as well. Im one of these people who who don't do the show but make it go go so i can see it being rust free soon but a full respray after will not be a must so it will be a bit patchy here and there in the paintwork. I stripped it all out last weekend, i was left with the dashboard, steering wheel and two front seats, everything and i mean everything has been binned, all the interior was showing its 17 years of age, bit loose fitting and generally not to my liking plus i had plans for the inside and interior was not part of those plans. Now that really really loud exhaust is really really really !Removed! loud on the inside.. roll cage is on the cards, 4 point harnesses are in and some new seats to follow very soon. It has a really tacky and chavy set of head and tail lamps which are being replaced next month as they are just **** poor, there's no other way to describe them without having my mum wash my mouth out with soap. power wise it was 258bhp when i took ownership of it, i have fitted a gizmo digital boost controller i had on my old van and it made a very noticeable difference on pickup and power, im looking to get it up to or just over 300bhp to keep it from munching its self to death. so yer that's my story so far and a few plans for the not to distant future, if you fancy watching the work and build im sure i will chuck it up on here as and when I remember or if your on Instagram come follow me "". oh and one more thing before i go, when replacing the radiator i noticed all the tyres were on backwards!!! Yer you read that right, backwards.. ✌🏻