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    2006 Impreza WRX STI Spec D
  1. Engine Rebuild

  2. Engine Rebuild

    So I have this list together, the A/C pump and CV joint aren't for the actual engine obviously. Anything I've missed? Not doing the forged pistons unless they have visible issues.
  3. 2006 Impreza Sti Spec D

    Well looking through all the previous owners documents (he bought it new) everything says it's a spec d in obsidian black. Well confusing.. I'm happy if it's a 1 of 1 though haha
  4. 2006 Impreza Sti Spec D

    Doesn't have the nav or the button but has everything else that has been mentioned, just funny how its been registered as a spec D? Will double check the purchase paperwork tonight and let you guys know.
  5. 2006 Impreza Sti Spec D

    The original rims were silver, I just bought some gold ones for it
  6. 2006 Impreza Sti Spec D

    Nah not that one. It's registered as a spec d and the guy had it from the factory. Has everything like the full leather seats etc too. I've got the original paperwork so I'll have to have a dig through it
  7. 2006 Impreza Sti Spec D

    I have a 2006 Subaru Impreza Sti Spec D which is all fine, but the part that's confusing me is that its black from new. According to all articles etc i've read about the Spec D, 300 were made and they are all silver? The paint code on the ID plate under the bonnet matches to the black colour too. Anyone have any insight to this?
  8. Engine Rebuild

    Head gasket issues have started happening on my 2006 Impreza STI Spec D so going to rebuild it. Planning to do it at home taking the engine out and replacing the gaskets and studs with ARP ones. Thinking of using the cosworth gaskets but dont know the OEM thickness as there's three options, 0.78mm, 1.1mm and 1.5mm. Also any other recommendations to change out parts while the engine is out? Already have the clutch on the list.
  9. Overheating Engine

    Just when driving as oil temp doesn't get hot enough when idling. Last night after spending an hour or so trying to bleed all the air out i took it out and hit the right hand side of the speedo a few times and it was fine, until the oil temp got up to 95'c ish when it rapidly overheated. As for the engine rebuild I can't remember, would have to look through the service history again to check.
  10. Overheating Engine

    75000 roughly but it already had a head gasket change at 35k with the previous owner. Update is that it only overheats when the oil temp gets to around 96'C according to my defi's
  11. Thermostat orientation

    Fitting a new thermostat to my car, removed the old one for a week as it was faulty. Where should the little hole be, I can't refer to the old one as it fell out before I saw?
  12. Overheating Engine

    My hawkeye wrx sti spec D has been overheating the past week. It did it once about a year ago, then a few months ago and now a couple times a week. At the weekend I decided to investigate and removed the thermostat completely as it seemed to be sticking. The car ran fine other than warming up slowly so determined that to be the issue. New thermostat in last night and the car overheated again on the way to work this morning, although not as bad as before. Could it be the orientation of the thermostat? Or incorrect fitting? I didn't see what orientation it was when it came out. Put it in with the little hole at the top so spring at the bottom.