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Replacing Timing Chain Tensioners on Forester 2.4 L


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We have a Forester that we brought to the UK from South Africa, fitted with a 2011 2.4 litre FB25 motor. I need to replace the timing chain tensioners (it sounds like they are not working, the chain making some noise).


I have seen a few Utube videos and the job looks relatively straight forward although the videos have not been for my make and model. The mechanic from the local repair shop turned the job down because he believed that one requires a set of locking pins made particularly for the car, which he maintains would be expensive to purchase. The videos I have seen make no mention of these locking pins.


Has anyone done this job and if so:


1.   Are the locking pins required?

2.   Is there anything I should be wary of / be aware of to do this job


I would appreciate any help that I can get

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